What Free Services are Middle East Airlines Offering Post Electronic Device Ban for US-bound Flights?

Etihad, Emirates and Qatar Airways, three major Middle East airlines operating flights to USA from and via their respective hubs in the Gulf region, are up with customer-friendly solutions in response to the recent ban on electronic devises as carry-on items on US-bound flights.

The electronic device ban by the US and the UK is detrimental to the onboard productivity of business class travelers during long-haul international flights to USA and the UK via the Middle East. Concerns about the electronic device ban in aircraft cabins have been pouring in from the passengers of India to USA flights with stopovers at Middle East city airports.

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Qatar Airways, one of the best airlines for US to India travel, has announced to provide passengers with free laptops on business class flights to USA from and via its hub, Hamad International Airport in Doha, and other airports on the US electronic ban list. Titled ‘Laptop Loan,’ this complimentary service in the business class of US-bound Qatar Airways flights will be available from April 3, 2017.

Recently recognized as the ‘Airline of the Year’ at the Air Transport Awards 2017, Qatar Airways strives to render the world-class service to its customers as per and beyond its commitment. Often lauded as the ‘World’s Best Business Class’ airline, Qatar Airways caters to a major segment of business travel across its global network. The step to provide free laptops on business class flights to USA and the UK for uninterrupted productivity on board is another testimony to the excellence of Qatar Airways’ inflight service.

In order to mitigate the adverse impact of the electronic ban on its First and Business class guests, Etihad Airways has started offering iPads with free Wi-Fi on its flights to the UK and US-bound flights from Abu Dhabi as well as other cities on the ban list. The premium class passengers of Etihad Airways flights will be offered iPads with free Wi-Fi from April 2, 2017. While boarding Etihad Airways flights in premium travel classes, passengers will receive vouchers to access free Wi-Fi throughout the journey from departure till arrival.

Emirates Airlines too joined the bandwagon of Middle East careers in response to the inflight electronic ban on flights to USA and the UK. The airline announced to provide its customers with complimentary packing and handling service at the airports which are on the electronic device ban list for the UK-and-US-bound flights. The passengers of Emirates flights to USA and the UK can carry their laptops, tablets and iPads to the boarding area instead of packing those devices in their checked bags. They will be able to use the devices and stay productive until boarding. The devices will be collected from them at the time of boarding, and meticulously packed for loading on to planes. This free packing and handling service is extended to the passengers of Emirates flights to USA and the UK transiting through Dubai International Airport and other airports on the electronic device ban list.

Now you can stay productive and connected while sipping your favorite wine or champagne, with your back turned on the electronic device ban, on Etihad, Emirates and Qatar Airways flights to USA. Cheers!

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