Etihad Airways Economy Class Offers Best Inflight Services

Etihad Airways’ Economy Class challenges the norms of the aviation industry and defies the usual conception that economy flights have little to do with comfort and sophistication. To say in Etihad’s words, the Economy Class is “simply smarter.” Let’s justify it.

Economy Class seats on Etihad Airways’ long-haul flights let you sit back and relax on adjustable headrests. The cradle seats are wide and accessorized with comfy pillows. The reclining feature of the seats facilitates the natural posture that your back rests in. Even very small things from blankets to amenity kits are meticulously taken care of to offer high-level inflight comfort that the airline promises.

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On longer Economic flights by Etihad Airways, passengers are provided full-sized fleece blankets and unique pillows which can be converted into neck pillows. Passengers are also given blanket bags which can double up in size to let them store their personal belongings. Adding oodles of warm hospitality to the Economy Class experience is provision of amenity kits containing a pair of socks, toothbrush, a pair of earplugs, a cotton drawstring bag, and a reversible “Do not disturb/Wake me for meals” eye mask.

Onboard hospitality is extended to Etihad Airways’ Economy Class food served in a more personal style. Passengers are served hot meals of their choice from three main courses. Onboard café serving light snacks, coffee, tea and hot chocolates is an add-on to long-haul travel experience in the Economy cabin of the airline’s select aircraft. Etihad is one of the few airlines that treat Economy passengers as premium customers by offering complimentary bar service to them on select long-haul routes.

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Etihad Airways’ Economy Class food menu is designed by the airline’s award-winning chefs from world-class restaurants. They are extensively trained to blend different flavors to create fulfilling meals in keeping with the airline’s brand hospitality. – Indian Eagle

Etihad Airways’ Economy Class offers signature inflight entertainment that consists of 750 hours of on-demand content on long-haul international flights. The Economy seats are equipped with 10.6-inch touch-screen TV monitors which passengers can tune to their personal entertainment needs. 11-inch touch-screen TV monitors are installed on Economy Smart seats. Etihad’s inflight entertainment programs include over 100 movies, 300 popular TV shows and 60 interactive games.

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The inflight entertainment system on Economy flights comprises 7 live news and sports channels, and 16 radio channels. Passengers are provided noise-canceling headsets to enjoy their preferred programs contentedly. On Etihad’s Economy flights, inflight entertainment programs include both timeless classics and latest blockbusters from Hollywood, Bollywood, European, Arabic and Asian cinemas.

Travelers with kids can get access to Etihad’s special Kids Club movies and cool cartoons. Etihad’s inflight entertainment systems integrate a parental lock feature that lets travelers block unsuitable content to their kids. – Indian Eagle

Etihad Airways’ Flying Nanny is one of the best inflight services, which no other airline has yet come up with. Introduced by the end of 2013 and unique to Etihad’s onboard hospitality, Flying Nannies help travelers with children on long-haul flights so that travelers can have some “me time” with books or movies of their choice or the inflight magazine.

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One of our customers had a pleasant experience of Etihad’s Flying Nanny service while flying from Chicago to Delhi with the cheapest economy flight ticket from us in June 2015. She traveled with two kids including one 2-year old infant. The Flying Nanny was a great support to her. – Indian Eagle

To conclude, Etihad Airways’ Economy Class is synonymous with comfort that ensues from the airline’s best inflight services on Economy flights, surpassing passengers’ expectations and giving them a memorable travel experience at the lowest airfare from Indian Eagle.

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12 thoughts on “Etihad Airways Economy Class Offers Best Inflight Services


    I am United Airline Retiree, my wife was coming on 6 th February Mumbai to Newark being standby retirees old wife did not get the ticket,they told her you won’t get on for few days you better go home,I was in not with her,I was in US due to my heath.I told her to go to Lufthansa they sad even you are in transit in Frankfurt you need visa,Finaly she called me at 2am Midnight Indian time I told her to go and ask Etihad airways they took her with open arms yes Mam we will take you to Abu Dhabi and than to Washington DC,I booked her on that flight because they are our partners and my wife was so happy there service was Five stars,she said when you enter the plane you are in different world,seats where so comfortable,food was great,and they served drinks too,French and Italian wine,she really enjoyed the flight.from now on we are going to fly Etihad. Many thanks to Etihad Managers,and customer service agents,because them she is with me today, Thanks AVINASH KAVLE. USA

  2. Ashwani Verma

    My Mother is travelling first time to USA from Delhi-AbuDhabi-Washington. How can i get complete airport assistance with Wheelchair, and guidance on checkin, immigration, baggage, transfer during the stops. Thanks in advance.


  3. Vamshi Battini

    Well I do not agree that Etihad is that good as its potrayed in the article. I recently travelled on April 20th,2019 from Hyderabad-AbuDhabi-LAX and i do not share the same opinion.
    To start with the , the flights were outdated on both the legs and seats weren’t great as talked about in the article. There were no amenity kits provided on either of the legs.The flight from AUH-LAX was 16 hours and amenity kits…that’s cheap…
    The pillows that the article is talking about ..don’t know about them we didn’t have them.. ours were the regular cheap airline pillows…
    The food is also cheap quality and really small portions… and it only comes with a meal, bread, butter and that’s it. Etihad is not match to Qatar or Emirates..It’s not even a competition… There wasn’t even any extra food on-board for hungry kids.. Ii was asked to buy food and I had to do as my kid wanted some ore food.
    I do agree that the airline staff is awesome .. but airlines and its policies suck.

    • Merneatha Bazilio

      I agree completely having flown 12/7 and returned 1/7. I found the amenity kit in the headset pkg.. The pillow, as stated was cheap and only useful in blocking the cold air coming thru the window.

      The food was horrid. The vegetarian option consisted a small portion of thick pasta with minimal sauce, a hard roll and non fat spread, a small mango/date bar (I’m allergic to mangos) and packaged water. I have flown business class and the food was great and service excellent. As it stands the cabin was understaffed in economy.

      I would suggest that you pack a bit of food should you choose to fly economy. I flew Etihad many years ago and was so please that I decided to try them again. Big mistake…back to Qatar

  4. John Brown

    I have just booked 2 flights from London Heathrow to Manila via Abu Dhabi, I was pleased with the price but absolutely shocked when after accpting the flights when it came to booking seats it was an additional cost of around £26 per person per flight for the seats i.e 4 flights x 2 people totalling £208 or seats. One not very happy traveller

  5. george kurian

    Qatar is best. Etihad seems like in a cost cutting spree. Emirates and Etihad now charges for seat selection. Hope both of them don’t end up like American based airlines.

  6. arfan qasim

    We the customers,have to suffer and pay ,for bad investments made by etihad board in investing in sick airlines of europe.There was a time,when travelling on etihad was a pleasure .That was before etihad became a no frills airline of middle east.

  7. John williams

    I have travelled on thirty plus airliners and this would have been the Worst standard of food ever- got a tray of pasta bread roll, cake and plastic knives and forks .

    Similar standard for second meal

    I was in row 30 was the first meal for a 13 hour flight to Australia and they had no ice – no sweets ,no cheese, no salad – disgusting service never again

    The seat would not re line properly.

    The remove fir audio was stuck and choice of enteratinment was rubbish.

  8. Sarah Zaid

    I recently booked from New York to Karachi, and while the price for tickets was very reasonable booking seats required an additional USD 100 for each long leg (NY to Abu Dhabi) and $25 for the short leg (Abu Dhabi to Karachi). At the end, with reserving seats the price of the tickets was more than Qatar. Next time, I would stick to reliable choices rather than hidden costs that are not shared at the time of purchasing a ticket. I was very shocked and disappointed. Can’t say I’m looking forward to traveling on this airline.


    hello to all . may I say what a great service I experienced whilst on your plane . I WAS ON THE EY424 FLIGHTINTO MANILA on the 03-12-2021,
    I was in economy ,However the plane was empty ,, the Service I received from DANIELLE PEPPERELL employee number 45795 was absolutely outstanding, What a pleasant polite and courteous lady she was , This lady is a credit to your airline and obviously demonstrated the training and culture form Etihad employment . I hope that the future passengers with Etihad could be met with the same lady for a truly impressive service . oh by the way the beef stew was restaurant quality. 10/10

    well done Danielle , you were a star .

  10. austin

    I lived in India and I had to travel a lot to India and other countries and etihad has been the best airlines I have not ever travelled with. I booked a ticket for the business class and it was a fantastic experience and the cabin crew was so helpful and the seats were so clean and spacious it was a lot of fun travelling with etihad airways. The flight was on time and the airport staff was helpful too the flight took off very soon and the food that was provided was of very good quality and I had completely privacy in my cabin and had enough entertainment on my airplane television and I even had a small refrigerator beside my seat which had beverages in it. The best airlines I have ever travelled with. Keep it up Etihad airways

  11. pat buckley cadburys

    im flying with ethiad in oct for my 65 th birthday with my wife going to kl via abudhabi cant wait big plane going to big city kuala luampar wow fantastic flying from dublin hope to get upgrade adios amigos pat and gg ireland


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