Indian American Billionaire Doctor Couple to Transform Healthcare in Rural India with $200M Project

On the eve of Navaratri 2019, another Indian American billionaire family refuted the prevailing notion that Indian Americans – one of the highest-earning ethnic communities in the US – donate only about $1 billion a year, which gives a poor impression of their charitable giving, despite their potential of being more generous in giving habits.

Florida-based Indian American billionaire couple – Dr. Kiran Patel and Dr. Pallavi Patel – who are best known for their social entrepreneurship in health care, have partnered with Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale to elevate healthcare standards in rural India with quality medical education from USA.

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As part of their initial investment of $200 million, the entrepreneur-cum-philanthropist duo who has transformed healthcare all over Florida has acquired 50 hectares of land in their native place, Gujarat. The land will be utilized to set up a world-class medical college hospital under the collaborative supervision of the Dr. Patels and Nova Southeastern University.

Under the leadership of Dr. Kiran Patel and Dr. Pallavi Patel from Tampa Bay Area, Nova Southeastern University will expand its operations to India following the construction of the proposed medical college hospital near Baruch in Gujarat. If things go as expected, the hospital will be ready in three years.

There is more to their multimillion-dollar healthcare mission in India. The Patels are mulling over several plans to set up three medical colleges in rural backwaters of India. Two of the medical colleges will enroll students for Indian degree programs, and the third will possibly be affiliated to Nova Southeastern University for US degree courses. Students will be trained in rural healthcare operations.

Whether the acquired agricultural land can be used for non-agricultural projects, is still subject to approval from the Medical Council of India. In October 2019, Dr. Kiran Patel may travel to India from Miami or Tampa in order to pitch his healthcare projects for India to PM Narendra Modi and expedite the process of seeking approval for the use of agriculture land.

“In case the approval to open medical colleges in rural India is denied, there are alternate plans to improve healthcare operations standards and medical education in rural areas of India,” Dr. Kiran Patel said. Lectures from Nova Southeastern University’s Tampa Bay Regional Campus in Clearwater will be digitally transmitted to India through interactive sessions with professors in real time.

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It may be followed by an exchange program between American professors and professors from India, who will work towards producing academically competent healthcare professionals. Through the exchange program, Indian physicians will get to experience the nitty-gritty of modern healthcare at the NSU Tampa Bay Regional Campus that is home to Dr. Kiran Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine and Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences.

Dr. Kiran Patel, an ‘Outstanding American by Choice’ award winner, and Dr. Pallavi Patel born in Ahmadabad broke ground for a free 60,000-square-foot charter school in Hillsborough County, Florida in December 2018 and pledged the single largest donation to Nova Southeastern University for healthcare research and development.

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    Congrats and best wishes for ur kind support to help our indians
    For sure our rural sectors are in need of medical health care needs
    Dr madhusudhan ramadas
    radiation oncologist
    Victoria hospital bengaluru

  2. Kripal Singh

    Sir… Great step to eradicate poverty from India through efforts of medical sector
    I am personally as Indian thanks for vision n mission….
    With regards
    Kripal Singh
    Delhi India

  3. Ashish Satav

    Please request him to start Tribal medical college in Maharashtra Melghat. It will save thousands of poor tribal of India.

  4. Prem Nidhi Sharma

    Great Initiative taken .It’s nice vision and thought regarding spreading medical education.Keep up the Good Work.

  5. Mohinder Singh Khangura

    Thanks Dr. Kiran & Dr. Pallavi for this act of kindness towards your fellow Indians & remembering your Indian roots. It is a huge help from a single family. May God bless you with happy & healthy long life to see your flourishing wonderful donation to Rural India for future to come.

  6. Mohinder Khangura

    If I am not wrong, I think the couple have donated similar amount or more to upkeep the health & medical education for their fellow Americans also in Tampa, Florida state inspite of their own physical dedication to American people. They are God sent people. May God bless them to keep on going .


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