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Coconut palms and culture, Dutch churches and Jewish Cathedrals, spices and seafood, Kochi is so much more than just another city here in 'God's own country'. Right from the time of the great flood of 1340 AD, when the Periyar River destroyed the great trading port at Kodungallur to create a natural harbor a few kilometers away, there's been no looking back for Kochi. Chinese fishing nets, heritage homestays and backwater canoe rides have somehow kept pace with development in the mainland, Ernakulam. Spice trading remains a major contributor to Kochi's economy; a quick walk through Fort Kochi's spice market with its intoxicating aroma is proof enough. Sultry warm weather, with an average of 132 days of rainfall throughout the year, expects to get drenched at least once during your stay here. An amalgamation of the best of the old and the new, Kochi is truly the heart of Kerala. The more you know about us, the more you will know that we have the best services available. Check for similar offers on cheap flights to Hyderabad as well.


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