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Please keep the aisle clear and careful in beware
As we fly in the air.'


It's not easy to check itineraries and airfares with multiple airlines at different times. However, Indian Eagle makes it a lot easier to search, check and compare cheap flight deals from hundreds of airlines in real time. If you are looking for cheap air tickets to save on USA to India flights, find it using the search tool (on right) in no time. If you prefer to fly by a particular airline, follow the links to the airlines listed below and find the best flight at the lowest airfare. India, the country where the rivers meet the land with a hint of love and affection, where the lands are known to bear our burden with responsibility and care and where the skies shower you with their rains whenever you feel a bit low and dull. It is the land of emotions and it is the land of unity where you see diverse people, culture and languages united into a single nation. India is a strong bond and India is rich with its culture and traditions. So how would it feel like to travel from your place to India? Ever tried finding out? Ever tried visiting this place? Why not try coming here to this multi-cultural country and spend a few days of your life knowing how we live and how we love?

The deeper you dive in to the layers of histories of India, the more you seem to be sinking in. We are a web woven with love, affection, cultures, traditions, bonds, emotions and most importantly, belief. We are all about soothing and solace. We are all about bringing in positive vibes into your life. So with such greatness in our country, we welcome you to come visit us with our benefits through our flight services at Indian Eagle. Indian Eagle is a place where you can find the availability and cheap flights to India and this will help you get to your destination stress free.


Indian Eagle works with multiple international airlinesin its global network of travel partners. We provide a huge catalogue of itineraries with different routes, different connecting times and different fares from airlines so that you can compare as many as possible and book the best as per your travel plans. Our flight search tool (on right) gives smooth access to the catalogue of discount airline tickets and cheap airfares for US to India flights. Top reasons to choose Indian Eagle as your travel booking partner:

  • 24-hour access to our fare database
  • Cheap flight booking assurance
  • 24x7 personalized customer service
  • Cheap last minute flights booking
  • Best business class flights booking
  • Free email alerts for daily airfare deals
  • All information about confirmed flights
  • Attractive reward points on bookings


  • Be flexible with your travel dates, origin airports and destination airports
  • Be free to fly on weekdays rather than weekends to avoid surcharges
  • Be alert to daily rise and fall of airfares for your preferred route and destination
  • Be a registered member of Indian Eagle to receive cheap airfare email alerts
  • Be sure to book flights at least before 21 days of your planned travel dates