How does this work ?


Book a ticket through the Employer tab

Employees can book their trips using the payment option "Employer" on the payment page. Clicking on the "Employer" tab under the payment information component opens up two sections: "Employee Information" and "Employer Information." Employees should fill in both sections with the required identity and contact details.


Payment by your employer

The employer will receive an email as and when the employee books an itinerary through the "Employer" tab by submitting the employer details on the payment page. The email contains the employee's details and booking information along with a link to the secure payment page to submit the payment details.

Clicking on the link opens up the payment page with trip information, traveler information and payment information for the employee's booked itinerary. The page will display the payment options through which the employer can make the payment, and the time left to confirm the booked trip.


Travel confirmation

Once the payment details, submitted by the employer, are successfully processed and verified, the booked trip will be confirmed. The employer will receive a payment confirmation email and the employee will receive a trip confirmation email.