Indian Eagle Terms & Conditions

Agreement between Customers and Indian Eagle, LLC

Welcome to (the "Website")! The Website functions to provide you with travel related information, flight-booking services, and to assist you in booking flight tickets as well as making secure payments online. The Website is operated for no other purposes. The terms "we", "us", "our", "Indian Eagle", "Indian Eagle", and "Indian Eagle, LLC" refer to Indian Eagle, LLC and its partners, affiliates, stakeholders and employees. The terms "you" and "your" refer to the prospects, customers, and users visiting the Website to check and avail of our flight booking services online or through our travel specialists over the phone, chat or email. The terms "third party company", "vendor", "supplier" and "suppliers" refer to airlines, consolidators, Global Distribution Systems, insurance companies, and other companies that Indian Eagle works with to provide the travel related products and services. The Website along with its content is available to you upon your acceptance of all the terms and conditions (collectively referred to as the "Terms of Service" or "Agreement"), without any condition or modification.

Please go through the following Terms of Service with keen attention to details. Your use of the Website to access its travel product information or customer-centric service content or avail of its flight booking services or contacting our travel specialists confirms that you agree to the Terms of Service. If you do not agree to comply with the Terms of Service, you should not access the Website or make any reservations using the Website or by contacting our travel specialists. We amend the Terms of Service from time to time without any prior notice and your continued use of the Website means that you accept the changes to the Terms of Service.

Please go through our Privacy Policy regarding the user behavior on the Website and its security.

Use of the Website

The use of the Website requires you to warrant the following:

  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • You have the legal authority to make legal obligations
  • You agree to and comply with our Terms of Service
  • You will make only legitimate bookings
  • You have the legal authority to make reservations for other persons on their behalf
  • You have informed other persons about the Terms applicable to the bookings that you have made for them
  • The information provided by you on this Website is accurate and authentic
  • You are liable to supervise and protect your account information if you have a user account on this Website
  • You are responsible for your use of the account and access to it by any third person other than you

Prohibited Activities

Downloading, display and copying of any part of the content on the Website is strictly prohibited. You are forbidden to republish, transmit, sell and translate the Content into any language. You are forbidden to replicate and reframe any portion or page of the Website.

Indian Eagle services and the products of the suppliers that we have partnered with are collectively defined as the "Content". You can avail the Content for yourself and your acquaintances. However, you are required to comply with the following Don'ts:

  • Making fake reservations or fraudulent bookings
  • Monitoring the Content in some manual process or by using any robotic / automatic device
  • Spreading fake or misleading information about our services
  • Posting any unlawful, defamatory, obscene, inflammatory or profane material on our website and associated profiles on Web as well as social media
  • Accessing the website in such a way that may adversely impact the functioning of the website or slow down the performance
  • Using any software or computer programming to damage the website by transmitting viruses or worms
  • Running external application to disrupt the normal operation of the website

We reserve the right to deny you access to the Website and use of our services, without any notification, if any of these Terms of Service is violated.


Indian Eagle strives to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. If you have any concern, we will try to resolve it.

You agree to cooperate with us to settle any dispute or claim pertaining to the Website, its content or services, dealings with our travel specialists or suppliers, and the Privacy Policy by contacting us at 1-800-615-3969.

Controlling Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Service, and any action relating thereto will be governed and interpreted by the laws of the State of Texas, without regard to any conflict of laws and your actual state or country of residence. You agree to the jurisdiction and venue of action with respect to any dispute over any of the Terms of Service at the state and federal courts in Austin, Texas. In case you fail to adhere to the jurisdiction and the venue of action in Austin, Texas, Indian Eagle LLC reserves the right to choose to bring an order or action against you in any other jurisdiction. And, you irreversibly agree to waive any objection to this and any rights to bring a class action hereto. If for any reason, a court of jurisdiction finds any provision in or part of the Terms of Service invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable, the remainder of the Terms of Service will continue to be in effect, valid and enforceable. Your continued use of Indian Eagle Website is deemed unlawful in the jurisdiction that does not give validity to all provisions of the Terms of Service, including this one. The failure of Indian Eagle to enforce any provision of the Terms of Service will not be deemed a waiver of the provision. Any additional provision in the Terms of Service will apply to your use of Indian Eagle Website and its content, without a prior notice to you.

Advice to International Passengers

In view of the pandemic, most airlines require passengers to submit a self-health declaration form, carry a negative COVID-19 test certificate, and obey the mask mandate and other guidelines aboard aircraft and on the ground. Passengers are also required to comply with the origin country's travel advisory and the destination country's entry requirements, health protocols as well as quarantine norms. You may be denied boarding at the origin airport, transit at the connecting airport, or entry to the destination country on failure to follow the guidelines related to precaution, eligibility, travel, visa, health and quarantine. In case your travel plans are affected or travel is disrupted en route to the destination, Indian Eagle shall not be liable for a refund. Airlines, airports and destination countries may revise their guidelines for travellers at any time, without notification. It is recommended that you check with the operating airline and the embassy of the destination country the day before your scheduled flight.

The airlines may require passengers to present a copy of both sides of the credit card (with CVV blacked out) that has been used to book their travel, if the actual credit card owner is not traveling with them. A written statement from the cardholder attesting to the authenticity of the purchase and the passengers name as well as travel details may also be required during the airport check-in. The passenger (s), if not accompanied by the credit card holder, may be denied boarding on failure to present these documents.

Supplier Rules and Restrictions

Suppliers including airlines, airports and any third party selling travel goods or offering travel services through us may be our partners or affiliates. Suppliers have their own terms and conditions, which apply to your reservations made using the Website or by contacting our travel specialists, and our travel booking services.

Please go through these additional terms of service carefully. If you purchase a flight ticket from us, make sure to read the Supplier's terms and conditions on the Supplier's website. You agree to accept the terms and conditions applicable to your purchase through Indian Eagle, in regard to seat availability, payment of fares, travel confirmation, booking Cancelation, flight Cancelation/schedule change, itinerary changes, refund, etc.

Completion of purchase and ticketing confirms reservation and guarantees the airfare you have chosen. However, airlines or other third-party travel suppliers may revise ticket prices without notice. We have the right to cancel your reservation at our sole discretion if the purchase is not completed in or on time.

At Indian Eagle, you may make a reservation for two one-way itineraries instead of a round-trip reservation. The combination of two one-way itineraries may be cheaper than a round-trip itinerary. It may offer a greater choice of flights too. The same airline or two different airlines may conduct the itineraries. Unlike tickets for a round trip, the ticket for each one-way trip has its own fee structure and rules. If either of the flights in case of a round trip is cancelled or rescheduled, the itinerary for the other flight may require changes at a cost. We and our partners or affiliates or suppliers or employees are not liable for any fee or additional expense that changes to the other flight may incur to you.

In some cases, you can choose to book either onward or return travel at Indian Eagle and the other with some other travel agency (OTA). If the airline reschedules or cancels the onward trip booked by us and it affects your return trip booked by some other OTA, we shall not be held liable for the losses that you may incur in such a scenario. If your domestic travel to an international airport in the US or post-arrival travel to the final destination in India booked by some other OTA is affected due to sudden Cancelation or rescheduling of the international flight booked by us, you shall not hold us responsible for a refund against losses that you might incur in such a scenario.

In case of a booking with certain low-cost airlines, the cost of flights is converted from a different currency to give you an estimate of the booking in your local currency, ensuring your convenience. By the time your flight is booked, currency fluctuations may make the amount billed on your credit card or bank account by the airline slightly different from the estimate given to you. Your card issuer may charge a fee to process the transaction, taxes apply to international purchases. As a result, the billing or statement may reflect both the fee and the taxes.

Federal Law strictly prohibits the carriage of hazardous materials during air travel. If you are found carrying any hazardous material in your check-in bag or handbag or cabin bag or in person, you can be sentenced to imprisonment for 5 years and penalized with a fine of USD 25,000 or more (49 U.S.C. 5124). Explosives, oxidizers, corrosives, compressed gases, radioactive materials, poisons, and flammable products (both liquid and solid) are forbidden on board. Hazardous materials include paints, fireworks, firecrackers, oxygen bottles, lighter fluid, tear gases, sharp-edged tools like knife, radio-pharmaceuticals, etc.

By accepting the supplier rules and restrictions you acknowledge that you may be required to sign a liability waiver in order to avail services offered by some third parties. At the same time, you agree that if any of the above-mentioned supplier rules and restrictions is violated, your reservation may be cancelled and you may be denied access to the travel service or product. Moreover, your payment for the reservation may not be refunded, and your bank account or credit card may be debited for any expenses incurred to us as a result of the violation.

Our Right to Booking Cancelation

You are required to provide us with correct and verifiable information while making flight reservation. No misrepresentation of facts is entertained at Indian Eagle. We reserve the right to cancel your booking in case of any default on your part. If your request for booking a trip is found to be unauthorized, or your information is found to be incorrect during or after our booking and ticketing process, Indian Eagle at its sole discretion can cancel the booking without notifying you and without any liability to recompense the loss caused to you or refund against Cancelation. You agree not to hold Indian Eagle liable for any loss in the event of Cancelation.

Most airlines do not accept unfair booking practices such as hidden-city ticketing and back-to-back ticketing. These are strictly forbidden practices which result in booking Cancelation, denial to boarding, or additional cost. Make sure to check the relevant airline' terms of service and comply with the same while booking an itinerary with India Eagle. If you are found to indulge in those forbidden practices, we too have the right to cancel your booking with the relevant airline. No request for refund is acceptable in this case.

Back-to-back ticketing - Booking more than one trip to the same destination, in the same name and with the same airline, on corresponding travel dates.

Hidden-city-ticketing - Booking a connecting flight with one stopover or more in between the departure and arrival points to get down at the connection point without completing the journey, instead of booking a direct flight.


If you neither turn up to catch a confirmed flight before its scheduled departure nor cancel your trip by calling the airline or our customer care department in time, your ticket will be considered a 'No-show' ticket which holds no value. No-show tickets are non-reusable and non-refundable. No-show tickets are automatically canceled by airlines.

A no-show ticket applies to one's entire reservation and results in Cancelation of the whole itinerary, as per airlines' terms and conditions which are out of our control. To be precise, if you do not show up for an outbound flight, the connecting flight (s) and the return flight (in case of a round trip) in your reservation will be automatically canceled as a result of no-show. And, no refund will be processed by airlines. If you book your outward trip and return trip in two different reservations, your no-show ticket for the outward flight will not affect the return flight.

We have the right to cancel your reservation under such circumstances as fair errors, incorrect fair display, issues with the booking page, inefficient payment system, etc. We may accept your request for refund against Cancelation or offer you alternative options in this case if your ticket is refundable.

Flight Schedule Change / Flight Cancelation by Airlines

Indian Eagle has no role in airlines' decision regarding flight Cancelation and flight departure schedule change. Their decision is in line with their policies. Airlines, at times, change the flight departure schedule (time or date or both) following a change in their operations or operating hours. Scheduled flights are often cancelled under such circumstances as bad weather, natural disaster, bankruptcy, etc.

Our Policy on Flight Schedule Change and Cancelation

Indian Eagle is not liable for flight schedule change and flight Cancelation. You are required to check and follow the relevant airline's terms of service. However, we will notify you of flight Cancelation and flight schedule change at the earliest. At the same time, you are required to reconfirm the flight schedule and check updates with the relevant airline prior to the scheduled departure.

Indian Eagle is not liable for any waiver or refund in case of involuntary flight schedule change by operating airlines. Usually airlines grant waiver or refund in case of involuntary flight schedule change by more than 90 minutes. But, airlines may not give waiver or refund in case actual flight schedule is postponed or preponed by lesser than 90 minutes. Waiver or refund against involuntary flight schedule change is governed by airlines policy, which is out of our control.

Flight Schedule Change on the Day of Departure

If the airline changes the scheduled flight time on the departure day or cancels the flight 4 hours before the departure, we will update you by sending a notification alert to your email ID. You may be notified in some other way. However, the email is considered as the final alert in the event of failure of other mediums to reach you.

Some flight types and itinerary types are not refundable against flight Cancelation within 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure. We are not liable to accept your request for refund. It is recommended that you check the relevant airline's refund policy or contact the airline directly.

There may be a change in the flight schedule due to extreme weather on the day of departure. Flights are often delayed or cancelled due to extreme weather at the connection point or at the destination city airport. Airlines have the sole authority to decide on refund against Cancelation in this case.

Airlines may change flight schedules anytime. If the schedule of your confirmed flight is changed within 90 minutes before the departure, be advised to contact the airline for Cancelation and refund. Indian Eagle bears no responsibility for refund in this case.

If a connecting flight at the layover airport is delayed or cancelled due to any operational issue with the airline, Indian Eagle is not responsible for refund. Be advised to contact the airline directly. Make sure to contact the airline for updates on the flight service status.

Airfare Changes

A booked itinerary is not confirmed until it is ticketed. Sometimes, airlines revise the fare of ticketed itineraries. Indian Eagle is not liable for the fare revision. We make sure to notify customers about the revised fare of their confirmed itineraries. If the fare is increased after revision, you have the right to cancel the confirmed booking or you can agree to pay the additional amount. The relevant airline may accept your refund request in the event of Cancelation, depending on its policy.

Our 'Refund against Cancelation' Policy

If you cancel the reservation by calling our customer service team within 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure, we consider your refund request and process it with the relevant airline. The airline's 'refund against cancelation' policy is taken into account.

We strive to provide accurate display of the itinerary details of every trip on the booking page of our website Unfortunately, it may happen that there is some issue with the display of details and airfare when you book a trip. Your booking has been confirmed by the time we notice the error and fix it. If the fare increases in the meantime, you can either agree to pay the additional amount or choose to cancel the booking.

If the airline accepts your 'cancelation' application and 'refund' request, we will credit the refund to the account that you had used while making the purchase. Usually, the refund is processed anytime between 24-72 Business hours for cancelation made within the void window and 4-5 Business weeks for cancelation made after the void window. The refund against cancelation of reservations with a 0-hour void window is usually processed within 24 hours. It may take longer depending on the transaction system of your financial institution. Make sure to check the 'transaction' policy of the financial institution. Sometimes, the refund process takes longer than usual time for unprecedented reasons. Indian Eagle shall not be liable for inordinate refund-processing delays.

If a refund is made to you twice, you are liable to return Indian Eagle the excess amount credited to your account.

Exchange and Cancelation Policies & Fees

All confirmed airline trips are 100% non-refundable. In certain cases, your request for Cancelation and refund may be granted by the airline if you cancel the trip by calling our customer service department before 24 hours of the scheduled departure. However, partially used tickets (in case of one way, round trips and multi city trips) can neither be cancelled nor refunded. A non-refundable ticket may only be exchanged for a new one at the equal or higher fare, not at lower fare, for traveling with the same airline on some other date. Exchange of non-refundable tickets is subject to airlines service policy

Airlines levy a penalty, and a fare difference may arise during exchange of non-refundable tickets. Usually, the credit for such tickets is valid for a limited period of time. You are required to check and confirm the specific expiry date with the airline directly. You must book a trip with the same airline, using the credit and paying the airline's penalty as well as an additional amount (in case of fare increase) within the expiry date, to avoid the loss of the credit.

We cancel a confirmed trip only if it is permitted by the relevant airline. Usually, confirmed itineraries are not changeable. We can process your request for a change in the details of a confirmed trip (for example, change of travel dates or departure point or arrival point or entire route) with the airline, but it is subject to the airline's policy. If the requested change in your itinerary is permitted, then airline penalty, fare difference, and a change / exchange fee by us are applicable. Please contact our travel specialists to know the total cost of exchanging your trip for a new trip with the requested change in the itinerary details.

Modification of reservation, for instance change of travel date (s), is a time-consuming process. It may take up to 72 hours for a modification request. You agree to waive any damage or loss that may occur to you due to the delay in modification. Confirmation of your requested change in the itinerary details of your confirmed trip by the airline is out of our control.

Be advised to contact Indian Eagle rather than calling the operating airline for itinerary modification or booking Cancelation. If you get your booking rescheduled or cancelled by the airline directly, we are not able to help you with the changes done in the booking or a refund against direct Cancelation as the control of your reservation goes to the airline. Also, the refund timeline may be longer than usual in such cases.

If you contact the airline for modification, for instance, change of date, you may receive an additional invoice from Indian Eagle stating the modification fee and the penalty that you are responsible to pay in accordance with our Terms of Service.

If you are unable to travel due to some medical condition after your reservation is confirmed, you can cancel the ticket by paying the airline penalty and our service fee if the ticket is refundable, or change the travel date (s) by paying the airline penalty, our service fee and fare difference if the ticket is changeable, or you can keep the ticket in the open status for traveling within a specific period of time if the airline allows you by paying airline penalty, our service fee and fare difference or the entire value of the ticket will be forfeited.

We reserve the right to levy a service fee per ticket for rendering our services towards cancelation of a booking, change of travel date in a booking, and exchange of non-refundable tickets. We offer 0 to 24-hour free cancelation for reservations depending on airlines, itineraries, travel class, fare types, etc. US$30 per ticket is our service fee towards cancelation of reservations within the void window of 24 hours from the time of booking. We levy a service fee up to USD 150 per ticket towards cancelation of a confirmed booking after expiration of the 24-hr void window. "There is no 24-hour free cancelation window for "India to USA" flight tickets purchased using a credit/debit card or net banking provided by an Indian financial institution. A certain airline fee is levied against cancelation of such reservations with a 0-hour void window." In case the booking is made in a currency other than USD, please note that the charges will be calculated based on the dollar exchange rate applicable at the time of booking.

You agree that your request for cancelation of a confirmed reservation, only in case of refundable fares, is subject to the payment of an airline fee towards cancelation, irrespective of your itinerary and travel class. An airline fee of up to US$500 per ticket is levied against cancelation of refundable economy/premium economy class travel. The airline levies a fee of up to US$1000 per ticket against cancelation of a confirmed Business/First Class reservation.

Neither Indian Eagle nor airlines are liable to provide any sort of waiver on the applicable cancelation/rescheduling fee in the event of your travel cancelation/rescheduling on account of medical emergency or death-like exigency in the family. Indian Eagle's service fee (which does not include airline penalty and fare difference) is subject to change at any time and without notice. Be advised to contact us to know the latest service fee. Airline penalty, fare difference, and our service fee vary depending on ticket types, travel classes and routes.

Our "Confidentiality" Policy

By our terms and conditions, you acknowledge not sharing the confidential details of your e-Ticket with any third party. Any third party may misuse the information for some illegal purpose or personal benefit if the confidentiality is breached. Indian Eagle must not be held liable for any claim or consequence. Only you are considered liable in this case.

If any third party uses your trip ID from the e-Ticket and cancels the flight reservation, you may not be entitled to refund. We don't guarantee the refund too.

Booking Process

Indian Eagle has the easiest and simplest air travel booking process that comprises a few clicks from accessing the booking page to buying a ticket or tickets. We may accept or reject your request to book an itinerary depending on availability of the itinerary with the relevant airline. We confirm the receipt of your 'booking' request via an email which does not imply by any means that the request is accepted. Your purchase of a flight ticket (s) is confirmed only on payment of the fare to the airline validating or operating your chosen itinerary. Once the payment is processed to the airline and the e-ticket is issued for the booked itinerary, your name, the destination and other details may not be changed.

The 'booking' confirmation is also subject to your acknowledgement to comply with our terms of service. We may, in our sole discretion, update or modify the booking process, without any liability to notify you of the same. Any change or update in the booking process is automatically effected once it is implemented.

You are required to book a trip using your own credit card if you plan to fly within a week following the booking. The name on the credit card must be identified with your name.

Nearby Airports

You may find lower airfare from or to a nearby airport in the origin or / and destination city on our website. The website will mention if it is the lowest or lower fare for your itinerary. Generally, we compare fares to and from the airports within 60 miles of the airport of your choice. You can save a percentage of the airfare by booking your trip to or from the nearby airport. Be advised that you need to review the itinerary details of your trip including the airport / airports you have booked.

Major Airline displays some of the itineraries without disclosing the exact departure time, arrival time, connecting airports and the airline marketing these itineraries.

  • The departure and arrival time is shown as 2 - hour time range and the exact time is disclosed upon confirmation of the booking.
  • The connecting airports are displayed as Layover and the connecting airport information is disclosed upon confirmation of the booking.
  • The marketing and operating airlines are displayed as Major Airline and the airlines considered as Major Airline are Aircanada, Air Franca, Air Mexico, Alitalia, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airline, Emirates, Etihad Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines, Austrian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Saudia Airlines, United Airlines.
  • The clickable component 'What is this Airline?' in the itinerary displays the airline marketing the itinerary along with two other major airlines.
  • Once the customer receives the booking confirmation email disclosing the airline, departure and arrival times and the connecting airports, the customer is responsible to check the baggage allowance, cancelation and change penalties, VISA restrictions for the itinerary and the airline policies within 12 hours of receipt of such email.
  • The itinerary can be cancelled for free within 12 hours from the time of booking.

Business Class Upgrade

  • This upgrade offer is valid only if the business class ticket is purchased by the time limit specified in the upgrade email.
  • The upgrade price is not guaranteed until the business class itinerary is ticketed.
  • The entire cost of the business class tickets for the itinerary is charged on the card and the cost of economy class tickets is refunded once the business class tickets are confirmed.

Reconfirmation, Check-in and Boarding

You are advised to reconfirm the schedule of your flights directly with the operating airlines at least 72 hours before departure. Make sure to check in at the origin airport at least 3 hours before scheduled departure and report at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before departure.

Human Error in Booking & Ticketing

"To err is human". However, any mistake in the booking or ticketing of reservations is inexcusable. If an agent unknowingly makes a mistake in the booking or ticketing of your flight, you are expected to contact us within 24 hours of receiving the booked itinerary details or e-Ticket so that we can do our best to correct the mistake at the earliest. We will not be able to correct the error post 24 hours. In case of immediate travel, you should report the mistake to us within 4 hours if there is any. If your booking is cancelled due to a human error, we will add reward points to your "My Eagle" account as a goodwill gesture and you can redeem those points on your next booking at Indian Eagle.

Customer Identity Verification

We have a precise customer identity and payment card verification process as part of our terms of service. It helps us establish credit card ownership, prevent misuse of the card, and ensure secure online transactions. By providing the card details, you agree that we verify the card ownership by debiting a temporary authorization amount less than $2 for an American Express card and less than $1 for other cards. The amount is credited back to the customer immediately.

You are required to fill in a UCCF form that you will receive from us and upload it to your "My Eagle" account on, along with a photocopy of your credit card (front and back sides) and a photocopy of your driving license or passport as a valid ID proof.

The booking will automatically be canceled if the customer identity and payment card verification process does not go through due to your failure to upload the above-mentioned documents online or comply with the process within 12 hours.

Itinerary Reconfirmation

You are responsible to review and reconfirm the itinerary details (including passenger name, travel dates, departure point, arrival destination, travel class, flight number, airline number, scheduled departure time, meal type, etc.) for the itinerary that you have booked on our website or through our customer service. If you find any difference in the details which you have provided during the booking, do contact us within 2 hours of the booking. If case of your failure to review and reconfirm the details within the stipulated time, the booking will be considered acceptable to you, without any liability on our part.

Booking Service Fee & Additional Processing Fee

We charge a service fee for all the online and offline booking of itineraries. The service fee is applicable to all passenger-type tickets (infant, child, adult) and all trip-type tickets (one way, round trip, multi-city trip) per traveler.

All airfares include the service fee. It is billed per traveler for value-added services like 24-hour customer support over toll free phone, ticketing support, technology support, etc. Airfares include service fee in the range from USD 0 to USD 100 depending on ticket type, fare type, travel class, destinations, routes, and seasonality. When you opt for payment in a different currency, the service fee charged will be converted as per the applicable currency exchange rate.

Last-minute booking for emergency travel entails an additional processing fee. We implement additional security measures to protect you from fraudulence in case of last minute bookings. These measures include customer identity verification, fraud prevention tool, alert on fraudulent billing, authentication of UCCCF form and others. Therefore, we charge an additional processing fee to recover the cost of secure last-minute booking to some extent.

We may revise the service fee for usual bookings and additional processing fee for last-minute bookings at any time. Service fee and additional processing fee are nonrefundable even if you change or cancel your booking directly with the airline. Please call us if you have any query regarding agency service fee while booking your tickets.

Multiple Airline Itineraries

If there are two airlines on the itinerary of your one-way trip, or more than two airlines on the itinerary of your multicity or round trip, a different set of fare rules, baggage allowance, and refund policy will apply to your trip with each of the airlines. Each airline has its own service policy in case of flight schedule change and Cancelation. If one of the airlines cancels the flight or changes the flight schedule, the other airline to operate the connecting flight or return flight is not bound to reschedule your itinerary or consider a refund. You must check and comply with the terms and conditions of each of the airlines involved in the itinerary of a connecting or multicity or return trip.

Union Fare

A union-fare itinerary may includes one or more flights; each with a different PNR. Each of the flights in a union-fare itinerary for a round-trip or a multi-city trip comes with individual ticket rules. The itinerary may be operated by the same or different airlines. If any of the flights is canceled by the operating airline, the other will not be affected in case of a union-fare itinerary. The modification and Cancelation charges for this type of itinerary may vary from ticket to ticket depending on airlines involved. Our Terms of Service equally apply as it does to your booking of a multi-city or round-trip or one-way itinerary on Indian Eagle Website.

E-Ticket Delivery

Once the e-Ticket for your booked itinerary is generated, the purchase is confirmed. Indian Eagle delivers the e-Ticket to the email address that you share with us. If email delivery of the e-Ticket fails due to some technical error, you are required to contact us immediately.

If you do not receive a travel confirmation email within stipulated time after successful payment verification, it means that we have not issued the ticket (s) yet. Sometimes, it takes up to 24 hours to issue an e-Ticket or e-Tickets. If you are in a hurry or your flight is in 24 hours, you can cancel the booking without any Cancelation fee. In this case, you agree that Indian Eagle is not liable for any damage or loss that may occur to you because of the delay in issuance of the e-Ticket.

Once the booking is confirmed, an electronic ticket (e-ticket) is sent to the email address provided at the time of booking. You may not have received the e-tickets if you provided an incorrect email address or due to a technical error beyond our control. You must contact us immediately if you have not received the e-tickets within 2 hours of your booking.

Overbooking of Flights

Sometimes, seats on a flight by an airline may be overbooked. Due to overbooking, you (if you are unlucky) may not get a seat available on the flight for which you have got a confirmed ticket from the airline through us. In this case, airlines manage seats for passengers by asking their volunteers to exchange their reserved seats for compensation. If seats are not managed due to the few reserved seats for volunteers, you may be denied boarding at the departure airport. In the event of involuntarily denied boarding, your reservation is cancelled and refunded by the airline. If you ever meet with such a situation, make sure to know the airline's boarding priorities and compensation rules at the airline's boarding counter or ticket counter. Indian Eagle must not be held liable for denied boarding.

Duplicate Bookings

If the same itinerary is booked twice on the name of the same traveler, Cancelation or refund against Cancelation is not guaranteed after confirmation (ticketing) for the second booking which is duplicate. We can process your 'Cancelation' request with the operating airline, but it is subject to the airline's policy, which is out of our control. Usually, neither Cancelation nor refund is entertained for non-refundable tickets.

Baggage Policy and Fee

The baggage allowance for an itinerary depends on the airline (s) operating or validating the itinerary, travel class, fare type, ticket type, and the airline's codeshare partnership. The number and weight of bags that you can check in for free or a fee is subject to the airline (s) policy for your itinerary - which is absolutely out of our control. Airlines charge for excess baggage if your bags, check-in or cabin, exceed the permissible limits. The fee is directly payable to airlines. You may be required to reclaim and recheck-in your bags at the connecting airport if your one-stop or two-stop itinerary involves more than one airline. It is recommended that you check the baggage allowance while reviewing an itinerary (s) on our website and call the airline (s) to check extra baggage fees.

Prohibited items and accepted items fall under the baggage policy of airlines. Make sure to check the list of these items on the website of the airline operating your flight, before you pack your check-in and carry-on bags.

Baggage loss, theft, misplacement, or damage is an unfortunate incident. IndianEagle shall not be liable for any loss, theft, misplacement or damage of your bags, or any valuables in your bags. Travelers' bags are handled by airline and airport crews. You must contact the airline (s), or the departure/connecting/entry/arrival airport.

Credit Card Transaction Fees

If you purchase an itinerary using a credit card, the credit card company may charge a fee to process the transaction. If the merchant of the card and the bank that issued the card are in different countries, a transaction fee is applicable. The bank or the company that processes transaction through the credit card determines the fee. The credit card transaction fee is excluded from the airfare of the trip. It will be listed separately on the credit card statement.

Credit or Debit Card Payment Acceptance Policies

We accept credit and debit cards issued by the US, Canadian and Indian financial institutions. You can also pay through net banking provided by an Indian financial institution. A convenience fee and GST apply to your purchase of flight tickets using an Indian credit/ debit card, or net banking provided by an Indian financial institution. The convenience fee and GST are non-refundable even in the event of booking cancelation. All amounts mentioned on the website are in US Dollars unless specified. Your financial institution may charge foreign transaction fees if you are using a card not issued by a US financial institution. Your card can be charged either by Indian Eagle, its partners, airlines, or third-party vendors. Your booking of a flight (s) is confirmed upon the successful processing of the fare to the airline and the ticketing of your selected itinerary. The payment is not supposed to be credited back to you once the booking is ticketed and confirmed. If you dispute the transaction despite the confirmed purchase and genuine ticketing, we have the authority to charge you a fee and cancel your booking fully or partly.

If payment does not go through due to incorrect details or inadequate funds, you will get a notice within 24 hours. We do not bear any liability for the payment decline. If the airline does not confirm your travel due to an increase in the booked airfare or non-availability of seats, your credit/debit card will be declined during the transaction. In such rare instances, you can either pay the increased fare or request for cancelation at no cost.

Your credit card or debit card billing address must be verifiable. Please note that the billing address with a P.O. Box is not acceptable. Our privacy policies and safety measures ensure secure transactions through credit cards and debit cards. Any fraudulent transaction from your account should be reported to the credit card verification company, the airline, and the bank.

If the payment for a booking using the credit/debit card details which you have shared with us is declined due to a valid reason, we will notify you about the payment failure at the earliest. In this case, you are required to contact your card company or bank and ask for an alternate credit card number. Or, you can choose to use any other mode of payment for the transaction. Feel free to contact our travel specialist for further assistance.

If the payment is declined by your Credit Card Company or bank after you have used the ticket, we reserve the right to call you back within 2 years of booking and you agree to provide us with your payment information.

Customer Requests for Meals, Seats, Bassinets & other Special Services

We respect your right to request for a specific meal, a seat of your choice, bassinet for your infant, and any other special service on board. Our travel specialists process your requests with the airline or airlines. The requested meal or seat or bassinet or any other onboard service can be confirmed only by the airline. Airlines reserve the right to confirm the requested special service, and revise the special inflight service policy at any time, without notification. Indian Eagle does not guarantee confirmation of your request for any special service by the airline. You are requested to check confirmation of your requested service (meal, seat, bassinet, etc.) with the airline directly.

Please Note: Most of the airlines require passengers to make their requests for any special inflight service prior to 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure. Usually, it takes 24 to 48 hours to respond to emails. Therefore, we wish customers to call us in emergency cases. Be advised to call at our toll free number 1-800-615-3969 for any urgent query or request.

Promo Codes / Discount Coupons

The coupons and promotions are valid only for a limited time and Indian Eagle reserves the right to modify or cancel the coupons at any time without any prior notice.

Certain coupons and promotions are only applicable to bookings done online at

The coupons are non-transferable and have no cash value.

Coupons are void if restricted or prohibited by law.

The coupons are not applicable for already discounted itineraries.

The coupon is valid only for new booking and is not applicable for other services including but not limited to Insurance, Cancelation and Changes to the booking.

The coupons cannot be combined with other coupons, discounts or Eagle Rewards.

The promotions and coupons is limited to one per customer.

If you cancel the booking purchased with a coupon, the coupon discount or value may be subtracted from the return credit.

If the system accepts a coupon which is later found to be applied incorrectly, the transaction may be declined.

Coupons provided by Indian Eagle are applicable to few of the itineraries only.

We market and promote our and our partners deals, discounts and coupons on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter), through our website and blog, and via emails to our registered customers and subscribers. We never authorize any third party or company to market our deals and coupons whenever available. Deals and coupons for Indian Eagle found on third party portals are neither valid nor authentic.

Cashback Offer

The cash back is a special / an exclusive offer for our customers. It applies to booking of itineraries on our website The cash back amount varies depending on airlines, routes, trip type, travel class, and number of travelers. It cannot be clubbed with any other discount offer or coupon and 'Eagle' reward points. The cash back can be availed once your booking is confirmed and ticketed. And, the cashback amount will be processed either in a cheque or through ACH after void window only. By accepting our terms of service, you agree that we reserve the right to debit the cash back amount from your card / account in case you cancel the booking or the airline cancels the flight. We may, in our sole discretion, update or modify or withdraw the cash back offer, without any prior notification to you.

Unaccompanied Minors

Some of the airlines do not allow unaccompanied minors under 18 to travel on direct or indirect or connecting flights with one stopover or more. Minors should be accompanied by at least one adult traveler of 18 years or above, in this case. We may issue tickets for unaccompanied minors on flights by those airlines.However, it is highly recommended that you directly check with airlines their policy for unaccompanied minors before or while booking flights for them and book another ticket for an adult traveler to accompany the minor if required.Every airline has its own regulations and requirements for minors traveling alone, depending on routes and flight types. Airline's policy regarding booking of flights for unaccompanied minors may change at any time and is beyond our control. Indian Eagle is not liable if airlines cancel reservations for unaccompanied minors or do not allow them to board flights at departure airports.

Airlines' Frequent Flier Reward Policy

Airlines offer reward mileage to passengers on the booking of flights as per their own frequent flyer reward programs. Airlines' policies are out of our terms and conditions. It is highly recommended to check the frequent flier reward policy with the airline or airlines that you have booked a trip with.

Travel Insurance Disclaimer

If you have purchased travel insurance to insure your life, baggage and medical needs while booking a trip through us, you are required to check, read and understand the terms of the insurance program and the details of coverage as offered by our travel insurance partner. Indian Eagle is not liable for the insurer's terms and conditions related to your claim to reimbursement under the travel insurance program.

Lounge Service Conditions

Access to Lounges by passengers shall be subject to the presentation of the Confirmation Voucher. The staff will check the valid date on the Confirmation Voucher and match the passenger's name with the boarding pass.

The Lounge operator or any authorized personnel of the Lounge shall reserve the right to refuse admission or to remove any Passenger(s), at its full and absolute discretion, if:-

(a) the Passenger(s) appear to Company to be under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs and are likely to disturb the peace and comfortable usage of the Lounge;

(b) the Passenger(s) have created and continued to create scandalous scenes or have exhibited and continued to exhibit unruly behavior that disturbs other Passengers in the Lounge;

(c) the Passenger(s) have been causing nuisances or disruptions which are dangerous to the Passenger(s) himself/herself/themselves and/or to any other persons and/or with the likelihood of causing damage to any property both within and outside the Lounge;

(d) for health and safety reasons;

(e) for environmental and security reasons; or

(f) for any other reasons of which the circumstances justify such refusal or removal.

Unless attributable to any gross negligence of the Lounge operator, Passenger(s) hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Indian Eagle and the Lounge operator against, and Indian Eagle and Lounge operator shall not be liable and responsible to the Passenger(s) and /or any other persons for, all or any claims, demands, loss, damages, compensations, liabilities, actions, lawsuits, charges, penalties, fines, costs and expenses of whatever nature arising out of or in connection with, directly or indirectly, the use of Lounge Facilities at the Lounge for,

(a) any loss, loss of use, theft, and damages of baggage or any property or valuable of any Passengers and/or any other persons in the Lounge;

(b) any illness, personal injuries, or death of any Passengers and/or any other persons occurring in the Lounge for whatever causes;

(c) any consequential loss, financial or otherwise, for any flight cancellation, delay, or missed flight for whatever reasons whilst the Passengers and/or any other persons are using the Lounge Facilities in the Lounge.

Airlines' Optional Services

At times, the booking of some trips with specific airlines on our Website comes with the option to purchase optional services offered by the airlines. The airline, not Indian Eagle, will provide the optional service if you purchase any in connection with your trip. The airfare does not include the cost of any optional service.

The cost and availability of the optional service is subject to the relevant airline's terms of service, which is out of our control. It is highly recommended that you do check the terms and conditions, applied by the airline operating your trip, regarding the optional service which you are looking to purchase at the time of booking the trip through us.

Cancelation of the optional service that you have purchased along with a trip with a specific airline is subject to the airline's service policy. You are required to contact the airline directly, in case any issue with the optional service arises or you need to cancel your purchase of the optional service. We just act as airlines' marketing agents. We can only process your request to cancel the optional service or resolve any issue with it with the airline.

Best Price Guarantee Policy

We offer cheaper air tickets than other travel agents in the USA. Lower airfare than the airfare which you have paid for booking a trip through us is unlikely on our Website and any other USA based website, within 24 hours of the booking. If you find it, we will either pay the fare difference to you or cancel and refund the current booking on a condition that we are provided with a complete documentation of the fare difference and other details such as travel dates, destinations, trip type, travel class, fare type and airline for the same itinerary. We reserve the right to verify the details, at our sole discretion.

Do email us at the document (in form of screenshots) of the fare difference between our offer and the offer for the same itinerary by any other website within 24 hours of the booking on our Website, to claim refund of the fare difference under our Best Price Guarantee. You can avail our Best Price Guarantee facility only if the details in your document match exactly the details of the itinerary that you have purchased from us. We don't consider the fare difference despite the same itinerary details, in case of the discounted airfare that you find on any other website.

We compare our offers with the offers available on USA based websites for general public. Comparison with the offers available on auction websites, coupon websites, membership program websites, and other websites with rewards program, corporate discounts, consolidator prices or promotional incentive is not considerable to us. We don't consider the fare difference between our itinerary and the same itinerary with hidden details or prices on other websites.

If you book the itinerary (on any other USA based website for general public) which is cheaper than ours even after booking the same itinerary on our website, the details of the itinerary and the receipts of the booking on the other website are subject to verification by us prior to receiving your 'refund against Cancelation' request. We do not accept or verify the receipt with a printing error.

The terms of our Best Price Guarantee are applicable to you the moment you book a trip on our Website. The terms are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. We reserve the right to discontinue availability of the Best Price Guarantee or modify its terms in effect, at any time.

Hazardous Materials

Carriage of hazardous materials in your checked baggage and cabin / handbag baggage during air travel is strictly prohibited by the Federal law. Carrying hazardous materials on board is a punishable offence. Violation of the prohibition imposed by the aviation law can incur a huge penalty or result in 5 years of imprisonment. Explosives, oxidizers, corrosives, fireworks, poisons, flammable liquids, radioactive elements, paints, sharp-edged instruments and compressed gases are hazardous materials. Liquid medicines and toilet articles belong to this category. Most of the airlines permit the carriage of medical oxygen, medicines, toilet articles and smoking materials in small quantities, depending on destinations and routes of the flights operated by them. It is highly recommended that you check the list of permitted items and prohibited items on the website of the airline operating your flight, or with the airline's representative.

ACH Payment Failure

If the ACH (Automated Clearing House, an electronic payment method) fails due to insufficient fund or incorrect bank account number or incorrect routing number, you are required to allow us to collect an additional USD 50(or amount equivalent to USD 50 for payments made in a different currency) for processing the ACH again.


Indian Eagle works as an air-ticketing agent for airlines and travelers. We are just a mediator between you and airlines. Therefore, we are not liable for flight delays, flight schedule change, flight cancelation, poor inflight service, poor inflight food, non-functional amenities on board, and non-availability of some or the other inflight service/amenity. You need to file a complaint only with the airline and contact the airline for a refund of your booking in such cases. We are also not responsible for any loss or damage you might have before, during and after the flight.

User Account Termination

There are benefits of signing up for 'user account' with Indian Eagle. Redeemable points on enrollment, booking confirmation checking, itinerary status checking, etc. are the benefits. Security of the user account is bound to our policy, which we apply to freeze or terminate the account temporarily or permanently in the event of infringement. If our website content or that of any of our partners is infringed by any Indian Eagle account user, we may, in our sole discretion, decide on termination of the account.

Fraudulent Booking

Many credit card users are victims of fraudulence. You are responsible to use your credit cards carefully. Any unauthorized person may use your credit card for shopping, flight booking, etc. Though we have implemented a fool-proof customer identity and credit card verification process to ensure genuine bookings, it is often difficult to identify customers as genuine owners of credit cards or frauds. If someone uses your card to book a trip or trips on our Website, we must not be held liable for any refund for the fraudulent booking.

Chargebacks and Credit Card Disputes

By accepting our Terms of Service, you agree not to dispute the airfare, service fees, airline penalty (in case of Cancelation), change / exchange fees (in case of change of date), and fare adjustment (in case of fare difference) debited from your credit card.

If you booked a trip on our Website, but you have not received any notification of the booking, do make sure to contact us at the earliest.

If you like to investigate any fees billed on your credit card, please do reach us via email or over phone before taking any step to dispute it with the credit card company.

If you claim a chargeback on the non-refundable airfare or booking Cancelation fees or service fees or fare adjustment that has been billed on your credit card in compliance with the airline policy and our Terms of Service, you are required by this agreement to pay back the entire amount of the chargeback and a USD 500 penalty for causing inconvenience and incurring accounting fees to us. If the chargeback is claimed on a ticket booked in a different currency, then you will have to pay the chargeback and the penalty amount in the same currency as per the applicable currency.

If the chargeback that you have claimed is found to be fake or improper, we have the right to dispute the chargeback and cancel your reservation fully or partly. We may initiate legal proceedings in order to recoup the loss incurred by the chargeback, and you are liable to bear expenses for legal proceedings.

If you get charged twice due to technical errors in rare cases, be advised to bring it to our notice rather than making a chargeback claim. The issue will be resolved at the earliest and the additional money will be credited to your account. Raising a chargeback in such cases of technical flaw may lead to booking Cancelation.

Your credit card company may offer you perks like discounts, reward points, free airport lounge access, or travel protection on booking of air travel online/offline. However, we do not guarantee those perks you receive by using your credit card to purchase flight tickets or other travel-related services through Indian Eagle or our partners. It depends on how the credit card transaction (s) appears in the billing.

In Case of Disagreement with the Terms of Service

Indian Eagle is an online travel booking service provider. We book air tickets on behalf of airlines. We neither organize nor conduct itineraries. The service quality that airlines make sure to provide during journey is not our liability. We provide you with low airfare deals from multiple airlines and help you book your preferred itinerary. The display of airfare and itinerary details is not under our control and subject to change without any notice. By our terms of service, you acknowledge to accept any change in the display of airfare and itinerary details on our website.

Reviews, Comments, Photo and Other Submissions

We welcome you as valued customers of Indian Eagle. We appreciate your feedback, reviews and comments with regards to our services, the services of our affiliates / partners, or third-party products. We including Indian Eagle employees, our affiliates, partners, suppliers and third party sellers reserve the right to monitor, review, share, publish, distribute, modify, accept or delete your submissions of reviews, suggestions, photos, videos, questions or likes received through your user account on the Website, Indian Eagle Blog, social media pages and emails. By making submissions to the Website, comments on our blog posts & articles, and feedback on our social media pages, you grant us a royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable and sub-licensable right to use and display the same on any platform, private or public, online or offline, known or unknown, along with the name (s) that you have used in connection with your submissions.

At the same time, you acknowledge our right to keep or omit attribution of your comments, reviews or feedback at our sole discretion, by waiving all 'moral rights' in direct or indirect connection with your submissions, and to sue any individual or group in the event of violation of your or Indian Eagle's rights regarding user submissions which must be neither confidential nor proprietary. By these terms, you agree to make no objection to our use, revision, modification or deletion of your submissions. We are not obliged to entertain all your suggestions, reviews and feedback. We can exercise our discretion to decide which comments to publish on the Website, the Blog and our social media pages. If you do not comply with these terms, please do not make any submission.

All Submissions are Subject to Our User Submission Guidelines below

Indian Eagle does not own or endorse or associate with any user content, visual or textual, submitted through the Website, the Blog, social media pages and email.

User Content Submission Guidelines
  • All your submissions must be relevant to our services, products, the Website, or your general experience as user / traveler.
  • Submissions made by you should not be obscene, indecent, illegal, profane, defamatory, insulting or fake at all.
  • Your submissions must neither invade the privacy nor infringe the copyright nor violate the rights of any individual or group or organization.
  • You should not make any submissions about a minor or any third party's use / experience of our services, products, the Website and its content, without consent of the third party or the minor's parents. (Minor refers to a child under 13 years of age)
  • You must not make any submission if you are a minor under 13.
  • All your submissions must be original. Do not submit or post any material, which is borrowed or copied, from any personal or commercial source. Any submission by you must not infringe any third party's intellectual property right, trademark, or copyright.
  • Your submissions must not contain any individual or entity's intellectual properties including branding or promotional materials such as logo meant for commercial purposes.
  • Your submissions must not contain viruses, harmful codes or any kind of damaging material that may affect the Website and its servers, third party sites that we hyperlink to, and our computers or systems

Foreign Entry Requirements

You should make sure that you have valid travel documents including passport and visa, in accordance with foreign entry requirements. You should be having the type of visa or visas (business, tourist, transit, and Schengen) required for overseas or international travel. We neither have specific knowledge of foreign entry requirements and travel documents nor any obligation to provide information about the same. It is advisable that you check and review all preventions, warnings and advisories issued by the governments of international destinations before booking your travel.

Travel Documents

We request you to check what travel documents are required for your traveling to an international destination, with the relevant embassy. You should approach the relevant embassy or consulate to seek the correct information about passport and visa before booking your travel or making departure. We are not liable if you are denied boarding at the origin airport or entry to the destination airport for your inability to carry or provide correct and valid travel documents including passport and visa that the operating airline or the destination country or the layover country (s) in case of a transit flight requires. You may need a specific visa to transit through certain countries even if you do not get down the aircraft or go out of connecting airports.


Certain countries have specific health requirements with regards to arrival of international travelers. You are responsible to make sure that you meet the health requirements for hassle-free transit through the layover airport (s) and entry to the destination country. You must consult a doctor, get the recommended inoculations, carry the prescribed medicines, and comply with the medical advice in connection with your international travel.


Most countries can rightfully ask airlines to disinsect their aircraft in order to evade all possible hazards to environment, agriculture and public health. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have given approval to a set of disinsection procedures, including spray of an aerosolized insecticide in the aircraft cabin when passengers are on board and spray of a residual insecticide all over the aircraft's inner surface when passengers are not on board.

Booking of flights to international destinations by Indian Eagle or its affiliates or partners neither endorse those destinations nor ensure that travel to any of those destinations is without risk or they are worth traveling to. We shall not be liable for physical damages or health hazards or monetary losses that traveling to any of those destinations may result in.

Links to Third Party Sites

The content of this Website may contain some hyperlinks to third party websites in travel or non-travel fields, for your reference only. We neither operate such third party websites nor control their contents. Moreover, we are not responsible for such websites' privacy policy, terms of use and other practices. Making sure that whatever links you click or software you download from this Website or third party websites is safe is up to you. We are not responsible if any of the third party websites contains viruses, worms, Trojan horses or defects. Our Website containing hyperlinks to third party websites implies neither any association with them nor any endorsement of their contents or practices.

Notice of Infringing Material

If you find in absolute terms that any part of the Website content infringes your copyright, your representative or you may issue a written notice to us, containing the following information. Do note that we will not accept the notice if it is improper or incomplete. Any invalid information or incorrect fact in the notice regarding any practice of copyright infringement by us may hold you liable for damages. The notice from you should be furnished with the following:

  • A clear mention of the copyrighted work that you claim to be infringed
  • A clear mention of what on our Website infringes your copyright, such as a link to or a screenshot of the infringing piece of content
  • Your physical address, email address and contact number
  • A statement that you are "sure that neither the copyright owner nor its representative authorizes the material that is claimed to infringe the copyright"
  • A statement that the information stated or facts mentioned in the notice are accurate, and the copyright owner has the authority to act against us in case of valid infringement, under penalty of perjury
  • A signature by the copyright owner or an authorized representative to act on behalf of the owner

You may send the notice to us via email to or fax to (512)532-6577, Attn: IP/Trademark Legal Dept., DMCA Complaints, or by mailing to the address below: Indian Eagle, LLC, PO BOX 170627, Austin, TX 78717-0032.

Copyright and Trademark Notices

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