Frequently Asked Questions

How should I request special meals for my itinerary?

Most airlines offer inflight special meals to meet traveler's special dietary requirements on long-haul routes. The special meal service may be complimentary or payable depending on travel classes and fare types. You can make a special meal request online

Should I pay extra charges to travel with my infant?

If your infant's age is under 24 months and you can travel with the infant on your lap, no charge applies with most airlines on domestic routes within the US. An adult traveler (over 12 years) can carry only one infant on lap. Charges may apply for an

Is any discount offered on flight tickets for children or infants?

Most airlines do not offer discounts on tickets for infants or children. If an infant's age is over 24 months, adult fare is applicable for domestic travel within the US. For an international trip when an infant is below 24 months, the fare applied is bas

May I expect to get airfare quotes via email?

Yes! We will send itineraries via email so that you can verify your travel cities and travel dates. However, we can't give any guarantee on fare until and unless it is ticketed. The existing airfare for a specific itinerary may change at any point of time

May I call Indian Eagle to book a flight?

Yes, you can. Indian Eagle offers 24-hour customer care support over phone as well as chat to serve you better throughout the year. You can call our travel specialists at 800-615-3969 to make a booking over phone at any time.

Can you help me with last minute booking?

Yes, we can book last minute tickets as per your request provided you have 4-5 hours prior to your departure. Please contact our travel specialists at 800-615-3969 for last minute travel booking.

What should I do if my credit card details do not match with the credit card company's records?

Do make sure to provide your credit card details as exactly as mentioned in the credit card statement. Check the accuracy of the details with the credit card company. Or, you may use another credit card for booking. Please contact our travel specialists a

May I book a flight to one destination and return from another destination?

Yes, this facility is available in case of multi-city trips. Our online booking engine facilitates flight search in this category too. Filter the airfare search for multi-city itineraries by clicking on the "MULTI-CITY" tab.

Do the displayed airfares include taxes?

All airfares displayed on Indian Eagle booking page are inclusive of ticket price, airport fees and taxes. There are no hidden charges or fee.

May I hold a reservation?

As per the rules and regulations of airlines, we can hold a seat or seats. However, the lowest or discounted fare for a seat on hold is not guaranteed until the seat is ticketed.

May I book a trip with stopover?

Yes, you can. Many direct and multicity trips include stopover. Check the itinerary details on the booking page at Indian Eagle.

How many persons can I book reservation for at a time?

You can book reservation for up to 9 travelers at a time. If the number of travelers is more than nine, please contact our travel specialists at 800-615-3969 for assistance with group travel reservation. We will ensure you travel together.

Do you guarantee airfares?

Current airfares may change any time without advance notice. Hence, the available discounted or lowest fare is not guaranteed until tickets are issued upon successful payment. A fare may increase after correction of errors in the fare display if any. Plea

May I book reservation for an unaccompanied child on Indian Eagle website?

No, you cannot book air tickets for unaccompanied minors' travel, online but you can give us a call for the same. Unaccompanied minors can travel on most airlines based on the age restrictions, guidelines and their "Unaccompanied minor service" charges. Y

Is any fee charged for modification of a reserved itinerary?

Modification of a reserved itinerary may incur a penalty which varies from airline to airline. A certain fee is charged per ticket for modification besides difference in fare. If modifications are made within 24 hours from the booking time, we will charge

What should I do in case I don't have a seat assigned to me despite confirmed reservation?

100% of seats on an aircraft are not pre-assigned. Some seats are kept unassigned for members of the frequent flyer reward programs and airline employees. If your booking is confirmed but seat is not assigned, make sure to report at the airport before 3 h

May I request name change in a ticketed reservation?

Airlines do not entertain any request for name change in existing reservations for security issues. Once a reservation is ticketed and the ticket is issued, the name on the ticket cannot be changed. Please contact our travel specialist for assistance if t

Will a new ticket be issued if the flight schedule is changed?

If the flight schedule is changed by the airline, Indian Eagle tries its best to intimate you about the same. However, it depends on the timely notice from the airline to us. Reconfirming the flight schedule with the airline before 72 hours of the depa

Will I get refund if I cancel my trip?

Usually, discounted air tickets are non-refundable. Airlines have their own refund policies which Indian Eagle is bound to comply with. Besides, refund is subject to restrictions which you must check with the relevant airline. Make sure to check our terms

Should I contact Indian Eagle or the airline for rescheduling my travel?

You have to contact us for rebooking if you booked your travel through us and kept your ticket in open status

What is an Open/Open-ended ticket?

Converting a booking to an open ticket or open-ended ticket allows travelers to conveniently plan their unpredictable travel. In the current circumstances, if you turn your ticket to an open ticket, you will have the flexibility to plan your inevitable travel any day after the situation turns normal. Once you have a confirmed date, you can get in touch with us to get your seat confirmed.Also note that the request for date change is based on the availability of seats at the time of re-booking & the rules are subject to change at any time as per guidelines provided by the airlines

Can I get refund on the paritally used ticket?

Whether you can claim refund on a partially used ticket, depends on airlines, individual ticket rules, fare types, itineraries, travel class, and a few other factors. Please call us @ 800-615-3963 or email us @

Can I request a change to my paritally used itinerary?

Any change to your partially used itinerary depends on the airline(s) and the ticket rules. Please call us @ 800-615-3969 or email us @

Is there any penalty I have to pay at the time of rebooking?

If your travel is affected due to the COVID19 pandemic, you can choose to reschedule your travel and you may not have to pay any penalty at the time of rebooking. Most airlines are giving one-time free change of date waiver to affected travelers in view of the COVID19 epdemic

How many times can I change my itinerary using the ticket/travel voucher?

Only one-time change of date can be made to your itinerary using the ticket/travel voucher

When will I get refund if I cancel my reservation due to COVID19 travel restrictions?

Airlines may take 8-18 weeks to process the refund as more cancellation requests continue to pour in the current COVID19 situation

Will I get a confirmation email about the Open ticket?

Yes, We will send a confirmation email to your register email id

What will happen if I don't use my open ticket within one year?

If not used for rebooking within one year, open tickets will become invalid and lose the value. You will have to purchase new tickets

What if new fare is lower than originally ticketed fare?

Airlines always confirm rebooking at the cost equal to or higher than the originally ticketed fare/the value of an open ticket, even if a new fare is lower than the previous fare

What should I do if there is an error in the flight schedule display on the confirmation page?

If you have noticed any error in the flight schedule on our website, please contact our travel specialist or send us an email at along with your trip details. We will correct the error at the earliest.

Will I get a paper ticket or e-Ticket in case of online reservation?

We notify customers, at the time of booking, if they will receive paper tickets or e-Tickets. If paper ticket is issued instead of e-Ticket because of some technical error, you will be notified of the same. Paper tickets are issued due to lack of ticketin

May I add an additional passenger to my existing booking?

Yes, you can. You need to make a new booking for an additional passenger or passengers. The current airfare will apply to the new booking. Please call us at 800-615-3969 and our travel specialist will assist you with the new booking matching it with the e

What should I do if I don't receive any email confirming my booking?

You can log in to your 'My Eagle' account on Indian Eagle website and check for the confirmation. If you find no confirmation details in the account, please contact us at 800-615-3969 for assistance.

Does an unused or partly used airline ticket hold any value?

A partly used ticket does not hold any value for reuse. You may exchange an unused ticket for a new one, but it is subject to restrictions and depends on the relevant airline's ticket exchange policy. Unused tickets retain no value too, in "no show" cases

How should I travel with an e-Ticket?

Paper tickets may be stolen or lost. e-Tickets are safe to use. Most airlines issue e-Tickets these days. While flying with e-Tickets, you need to carry your valid photo identity proof such as a US Government approved identity proof or driving license for

What is the baggage allowance policy of airlines?

Airlines have their own baggage allowance policy which varies depending on travel classes, ticket types (adult, child or infants) and itinerary types (domestic or international). Airlines charge additional fees when the acceptable baggage weight or size l

What should I do with checked baggage in case of connecting flights?

If the airlines, in case of a connecting flight, have a checked baggage agreement, your checked baggage will be passed on to the final destination without hassles. If the airlines connecting your flight do not have the baggage agreement, you are required

How should I know if the airlines connecting a flight have checked baggage agreement?

Please check whether your itinerary offers baggage alerts. If yes, there is no baggage agreement between two or more connecting airlines. Please contact the airlines, and check if you need to claim the checked baggage at the connection point.

What happens if I miss the departure or connecting flight?

If you miss your scheduled flight, and if you do not notify the airline about your inability to catch the flight, your ticket will be considered a "no show" ticket. "no show" tickets having no value for reuse are neither refunded nor exchanged. We do n

What identity proof do I need to carry while traveling by air?

For Domestic travel, you need to have a US Government approved identity proof and driving license while traveling by air. In case of international travel, you need to have a valid Passport and Visa for the country you are traveling to along with the drivi

Do I need visa to make a one-way trip abroad?

Yes, you will need a visa for one-way trip to any foreign country. Consult with the consulate of the country if you need a tourist or travel visa. Please do check with your respective embassy about your visa. In case of a denied travel, we fear a refund

What additional fees are not included in the air ticket price?

Your air ticket price will not include airport entry and exit fees. Airlines will charge you for extra baggage at the airport check-in counter. Ensure you check with the airline about any further details before leaving for the airport.

Will Indian Eagle notify me if the airline operating my flight changes the flight schedule?

Sometimes, airlines may change flight schedules due to bad weather at departure or arrival cities. In any case of flight delay or cancelation, Indian Eagle will notify you over the phone and also send an email. We strongly recommend that you contact the a

What should I do if "Exclusive Fare" tickets are sold out?

Whenever, "Exclusive Fare" tickets to a destination are sold out, you can go for the next highest fare available. If your dates are flexible but you still don't find tickets at "Exclusive Fare", give us a call at 800-615-3969 and our friendly customer car

Do you offer discounted fare for military travel?

Indian Eagle offers discounted fares for military personnel, only if the selected airline offers the discount. Mostly, airlines don't provide military travel discounts.

Do you offer discounted fare for senior citizens?

Indian Eagle offers discounted fares for senior citizens, only if the selected airline offers the discount. Mostly, airlines don't provide senior citizen travel discounts.

Is there any difference between adult fare, senior citizen fare and child fare?

Airlines offer varying fares depending on a traveler's age. In general, adult fare, also called full fare is applied to travelers of 11 years and above. Child fare is applied to travelers below 11 years. A child below 2 years is regarded as infant on lap.

Is there any difference between round trip, one-way trip, and multicity trip?

Round Trip is a trip from the departure city to the arrival city and again back to the departure city. One-way Trip is a trip from departure city to arrival city with no return journey. Multicity Trip ref

What are the travel classes on aircraft?

Usually, an aircraft consists of First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. However, some selected airlines also have Premium Economy Class. There are airlines using particular names to refer these travel classes.

First C

Payment and billing

When should I expect to receive refund against cancelation?

If you purchase a trip and cancel it the same day, the purchase may be refunded in 3 to 5 business days. It might get credited to your account without being mentioned as a refund. The total processing time depends on your bank and in case you don't fin

What should I do if I receive an email regarding the refund that I have not requested?

If you receive an email regarding a refund which you have not requested, it may be because of a previously canceled booking. However, to clear things up expeditiously, we request you to contact our travel specialists at 800-615-3969 or send an email to he

If my account shows multiple charges for a reservation

On booking multiple tickets in a reservation, the charges are processed individually based on the number of travelers, category of traveler (adult or child) and kind of issuance. Your account might reflect multiple charges for a single reservation with se

What should I do if my account shows duplicate charges?

With Indian Eagle, chances of duplicate charges are rare. However, if your bank statement reflects duplicate charges, check with your bank for details. In case the source is Indian Eagle, call us at 800-615-3969 or mail us to with the

What should I do if I am charged more than the fare quote given to me?

The final quote offered for your reservation is inclusive of all taxes. In case it seems you have been charged for any extra service that you didn't request, make a call at 800-615-3969 and our customer care executives will ensure a quick action is taken

How will I know if currency conversion fee applies?

Our booking page displays all airfares in U.S. dollars. We apply charges for reservation and other services in U.S. dollars. If you have a non-U.S. credit card, you cannot use it to purchase a trip. You can use only a U.S. or Canada-issued credit card to

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