Frequently Asked Questions

How should I request special meals for my itinerary?
Should I pay extra charges to travel with my infant?
Is any discount offered on flight tickets for children or infants?
May I expect to get airfare quotes via email?
May I call Indian Eagle to book a flight?
Can you help me with last minute booking?
What should I do if my credit card details do not match with the credit card company's records?
May I book a flight to one destination and return from another destination?
Do the displayed airfares include taxes?
May I hold a reservation?
May I book a trip with stopover?
How many persons can I book reservation for at a time?
Do you guarantee airfares?
May I book reservation for an unaccompanied child on Indian Eagle website?
Is any fee charged for modification of a reserved itinerary?
What should I do in case I don't have a seat assigned to me despite confirmed reservation?
May I request name change in a ticketed reservation?
Will a new ticket be issued if the flight schedule is changed?
Will I get refund if I cancel my trip?
Should I contact Indian Eagle or the airline for rescheduling my travel?
What is an Open/Open-ended ticket?
Can I get refund on the paritally used ticket?
Can I request a change to my paritally used itinerary?
Is there any penalty I have to pay at the time of rebooking?
How many times can I change my itinerary using the ticket/travel voucher?
When will I get refund if I cancel my reservation due to COVID19 travel restrictions?
Will I get a confirmation email about the Open ticket?
What will happen if I don't use my open ticket within one year?
What if new fare is lower than originally ticketed fare?
What should I do if there is an error in the flight schedule display on the confirmation page?
Will I get a paper ticket or e-Ticket in case of online reservation?
May I add an additional passenger to my existing booking?
What should I do if I don't receive any email confirming my booking?
Does an unused or partly used airline ticket hold any value?
How should I travel with an e-Ticket?
What is the baggage allowance policy of airlines?
What should I do with checked baggage in case of connecting flights?
How should I know if the airlines connecting a flight have checked baggage agreement?
What happens if I miss the departure or connecting flight?
What identity proof do I need to carry while traveling by air?
Do I need visa to make a one-way trip abroad?
What additional fees are not included in the air ticket price?
Will Indian Eagle notify me if the airline operating my flight changes the flight schedule?
What should I do if "Exclusive Fare" tickets are sold out?
Do you offer discounted fare for military travel?
Do you offer discounted fare for senior citizens?
Is there any difference between adult fare, senior citizen fare and child fare?
Is there any difference between round trip, one-way trip, and multicity trip?
What are the travel classes on aircraft?

Payment and billing

When should I expect to receive refund against cancelation?
What should I do if I receive an email regarding the refund that I have not requested?
If my account shows multiple charges for a reservation
What should I do if my account shows duplicate charges?
What should I do if I am charged more than the fare quote given to me?
How will I know if currency conversion fee applies?
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