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Best deals on India to USA flights

There are so innumerable good deals for India to USA flights provided by Indian eagle travel website. We are among the topmost travel agencies offering the best flight deals at affordable prices and we deal exclusively in India to USA and USA to India cheap flights. If you make us your travel portal when booking flight tickets from India to USA, you will get best deals on international flights for your trip. We provide fast and easy bookings of India to USA flight tickets along with multiple fare choices. Our very efficient 24/7 customer service is in place to aid you in every way possible when booking cheap flights to India. Also, we provide the cheapest flights within India for domestic purposes and within the USA as well.

Airfare from India to USA flights

Indian eagle deals only in cheap flights to USA from India and vice versa. As we offer services exclusively for these countries, we have in store great and awesome deals on India to USA flights. The very best we can do is to make your travel incredibly comfortable and most affordable when compared to other regular travel websites. Our India to USA flight ticket price varies from the other sites because we are an exclusive and experienced online travel agency for booking this type of flights. We also offer cheap last minute flights so that you can travel in case of emergencies as well. So if you want to travel to USA from India, get the lowest airfare on India to USA flights only with Indian Eagle travel agency!

How to Find Cheap Flights from India to USA

Prices for tickets from India to USA fluctuate all the time and it becomes difficult for even the most seasoned travelers to find cheap airfare. It's not uncommon if you've booked a ticket and then wondered if there's a refund on fare difference if you find cheaper fare elsewhere. This is precisely the reason we deal specifically in India to USA flights. We offer you the option to compare and save on a wide choice of cheap flights to USA from India. But while you can always get the best offer and enjoy a premium flying experience when booking with us, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to help you find the cheapest ever flight tickets to USA from India. Consider the following tips when looking to book cheap airfare for your India-to-US trip.

Tips to book the cheapest flights from India to USA:

  • If you wish to save the most on your flight bookings, make sure you're reserving the air tickets at least a month or two ahead of your trip.

  • Keep in mind that your travel itinerary is maintained as flexible as possible to enjoy a wider choice of airfares when browsing for cheap flights to USA from India.

  • It will also help to remember that booking India to USA flights directly with the airline will be costlier than booking with us.

  • Avoid planning to travel USA from India when it is peak tourist time as you will have to bear higher costs during this travel period.

  • Try never to book flights in a hurry. But in case that happens, rest assured that our customer-friendly policy allows you to cancel them without incurring a fine within the first 24 hours of booking.

  • You will save time and money if you book nonstop flights from India to USA with us.

  • Try to look for cheaper alternative airports to travel from when you?re looking at cheap flights from India to USA itineraries.

  • A subscription with Indian Eagle will ensure you receive regular updates on prices and discounts. You will also be in the know about our latest flight deals from India to USA.

  • Direct flights from India to USA will cut down on travel time and are a lot cheaper when booked with Indian Eagle.

  • You can book business class flights at a much lower fare with us when compared to other travel agencies.

  • Finally, if you sign up and book India to USA flights or USA to India flights with us regularly, you will earn reward points which will invariably make your future flight reservations a whole lot cheaper.

Airlines Providing Service to USA

Indian Eagle has partnered with the best and most highly esteemed international airlines with the aim to provide you maximum comfort when it comes to traveling on India to USA flights. Browse through our website and see for yourself that our India to USA flight deals are offered only with the best ever airlines. Some top airlines that offer cheap flights to America from India include Delta Air Lines, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Qatar Airways, British Airways, and Singapore Airlines among several others. You have the freedom to choose which airline you'd like to fly from India to USA. Also, you can check for seat selection option and look through travel classes carefully when browsing for flights. One flight booking with Indian Eagle is all you need to realize that there are several benefits of booking cheap flights to USA from India with us.

Best Time to Visit USA

Generally speaking, any time is a good time to book cheap tickets to USA from India for a trip. However, it is important to consider the season and thereby, the weather conditions of whichever region you wish to visit on India to USA flights. With fairly similar climatic conditions from one coast to the other, the United States can claim to have well-defined seasons. Do keep in mind that winters can get tough to handle and may sometimes result in flights being shut off owing to fog and snow in certain parts of the US. While summer is a pleasant time to book air tickets to India from USA deals some cities, especially in the American South, can be too stifling to handle during this time. It'll be difficult to sightsee owing to the heat and the entire trip will be rendered useless. The ideal time to book air tickets from India to USA is during the pleasant seasons of autumn and spring. Be that as it may, do remember when booking India to USA flights that there are chances of hurricanes occurring in the northeast during August and September.

Time and Weather Difference between India and the United States

Many first-time travelers on India to USA flights get curious about the time and weather difference between the two countries. While this is a natural query, it's also quite an important one. You see, to avoid jetlag, it's imperative to know which time zone you're flying into when you leave on cheap flights from India to USA since the US has 9 different time zones. Do keep in mind that India is ahead of Washington DC by 9 hours and 30 minutes. So when you book tickets to USA from India with that in view, you'll be aware of the time zone you're about to fly into.

The same goes for the weather. It's important to keep weather differences in mind when booking cheap tickets to USA from India. Climatic conditions in India vary from tropical monsoon down south of the country to a temperate one up north. When it comes to the United States, the conditions are generally temperate but tend to be tropical in the regions of Florida and Hawaii while being arctic in Alaska. So make sure you've checked weather conditions and the time difference precisely before booking India to USA flights.

Places to See in the United States

The United States of America is on the bucket list of travelers around the world and with excellent reasons! One of the largest countries in the world, there are endless tourist attractions to enjoy here when visiting on India to USA flights. There is so much to do and see here that it is simply impossible to explore it all in a single trip! You'll need to book cheap flight tickets to USA from India for several trips to properly see the country. For a first-timer availing India to USA flight deals, it can be a bit confusing to decide which attraction to see first. For this reason, we've compiled a list of the top places to see in the United States when visiting on cheap flights from India to USA.

New York City

Known popularly as The Big Apple, New York City is among the most famous places to visit in the United States. Quite possibly the most popular city in USA, New York offers attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Empire State Building which are on the must-see list of every first-timer to USA. Consider making New York City your first stop when visiting the country on India to USA flights.

Washington DC

The glorious capital of the United States, Washington DC will offer you a ton of amazing historical attractions to enjoy when you visit on cheap flights from India to USA. There are scores of monuments and museums in Washington that offer an insight into the incredible history of the country making this a great place for kids, families, and history enthusiasts alike to visit. Look for the best deals on India to USA flights with Indian Eagle for your trip to Washington.

San Francisco

Home to the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is an absolute treat to visit when traveling to this country. Famous for its neighborhoods of Chinatown and Haight-Ashbury among other attractions, San Francisco is a nature lover's paradise. An additional bonus is the fact that it's an ideal jump off to the wine counties of Sonoma and Napa Valley. So when you book flight tickets for a trip to San Francisco, be assured that there are fabulous places to visit nearby as well.


Chicago is up high on the list of sought-after cities in the United States. A good place to visit on India to USA flights, Chicago offers a myriad variety of attractions which include museums, art institutions, and some of the best restaurants ever. While here, visitors can also enjoy a boat tour on Lake Michigan. Let us book cheap flights to USA from India for you and enjoy the chance to explore this remarkable US city.

Las Vegas

There are countless people who book India to USA cheap flights with Indian Eagle for a visit to Las Vegas, one of the topmost US cities. The world-famous casinos of Las Vegas beckon travelers from across the globe to come try their luck here. Attractions apart from casinos include block-buster movie shows, elite restaurants, and the chance to shop till you drop! Check our Eagle Deals for the cheapest flights from India to USA for your Vegas trip.

New Orleans

If you've heard and are curious about terms such as Mardi Gras, Jazz fest, and Creole cuisine, book India to USA flights and head over straight to New Orleans. With an incredible French and Spanish influence, the city is a blend of diverse cultures. For the most authentic French experience in New Orleans, stay in the French Quarter and dine at the acclaimed Bourbon restaurant. Find the best airfare deals from India to USA with Indian Eagle for your trip to New Orleans.


Southern Florida's top attraction, Miami offers visitors a plethora of magnificent beaches. However, Miami is more than just your ordinary beach destination. Visit on cheap flights to USA from India and enjoy the Art Deco District, take in the Cuban vibe in Little Havana, and watch the ceaseless cavalcade of flamboyant sports cars zoom by. If you happen to be a wildlife enthusiast booking India to USA flights for a trip to Miami, you can visit the Everglades National Park and spot turtles, alligators, and a wide variety of birds.

The Grand Canyon

One of the world's most stunning natural formations, the Grand Canyon in Arizona is on the bucket list of avid travelers across the globe. There are many different ways to see the Grand Canyon one of which is via an exciting helicopter ride. If you love nature and adventure activities such as trekking, rock climbing, and camping, the Grand Canyon is a must-visit place. Book our cheapest India to USA flights and visit this spectacular attraction.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most amazing places to visit in USA. Pop culture has for long been dominated by the famous LA suburbs of Hollywood, Bel Air, and Beverly Hills. Scores of people book cheap flights from India to USA for a trip to see Los Angeles. Wouldn't you like to visit as well? Visit popular attractions in Los Angles such as Universal Studios, Disneyland Resort, Griffith Park & Observatory, Venice Beach, and La Brea Tar Pits among several others. You will find the cheapest India to USA flights for your trip only with Indian Eagle.

FAQs while booking flights to India from USA

How much time does a flight take from India to USA?

On an average, the flight from India to USA takes 15 hours and 30 minutes.

Which is the cheapest day to fly to Unites States?

In general cheapest day to fly to Unites States is tuesdays and wednesdays. But it may vary based on your destination you pick.

Do we have direct flights from India to USA?

Yes, there are direct flights from India to USA.

Which airport is the cheapest in the USA to fly from India?

New York (JFK) and Chicago (ORD) often have cheaper flights.

Which month is cheaper to fly to India?

January, August, September, and October are generally the cheaper months to fly.

What is the cheapest way to travel from India to USA?

The cheapest way to travel from India to USA is by booking an economy class ticket on a budget airline well in advance.

Which US city is the cheapest to fly from India?

The cheapest US city to fly to from India is New York City, due to its high number of direct flights and affordable pricing. Flight costs can vary, so using fare comparison tools and booking early can help secure the best deals.