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'If you haven't traded in Chennai, then you haven't seen it all for the silks of the city speak more than what half of the other trades do'

Chennai is eagerly waiting for your arrival as you have already decided to board cheap business class flights to Chennai India. Make sure you go through our offers and deals so that you get the chance to choose the best offer available with us at Indian Eagle. Come on and start searching for what you want and as the quote reads, Chennai indeed is the city of silks. There are scores of tourist attractions to keep you occupied on your trip to Chennai leaving no scope for boredom. Explore every inch and corner of this fascinating city and have the most amazing vacation yet. Let the vibrancy of this cultural capital of South India enthrall you endlessly as you traverse through its colorful streets to soak in its remarkable sights and sounds.

Chennai is one of the busiest and industrial zones known in India but that is not the only thing that drags people to Chennai. It is the home to innumerable varieties of sarees which represent the Indian culture and which are loved by all the people not just in India but also in other countries. So if you are one of them who are here to buy those amazingly precious sarees then now is the time for you to book cheap business class flights to Chennai India. Be it direct flights or last minute flights to India we always have the availability of cheap business class flights to Chennai India so that you get the chance of flying whenever you want. We also offer you the incredibly convenient option of being able to compare airfares when booking cheap business class flights to Chennai and other cities and finding the cheapest one possible. So do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have the chance of booking business class fares as we are here to sort it out for you.


A comfortable flight journey is what most travelers wish for when they book flights for a trip. What better way to travel to Chennai than to book and fly in business class flights to Chennai? Taking comfortable flight journey a notch higher, business class deals to Chennai, or any other city for that matter, guarantee an extravagant flight journey at its luxurious best. From priority check-in and better seats to fine dining and enhanced entertainment, business class travelers enjoy awesome perks beginning right at the airport itself and leading all the way up to the landing. One of the biggest advantages of booking business class tickets to Chennai with Indian Eagle is that we offer them at discounted rates. Thereby, you will be able to book business class flights to Chennai with us at a price much lower than the one offered by our competitors. You can avail our business class deals on flights to Chennai any time convenient to you as we have them on offer all year round. Book your flight now and save on one-way and round-trip flight deals!


We offer some of the best offers and deals for you while you come visit us to book your cheap business class flights to Chennai India. So to give you a gist of what we hold in our vault of offers and deals we are revealing below a few of our offers. Check them out.

Eagle Deal: Eagle Deals are the best boon you can get with us as we offer you the cheapest flights available on our list so that you fly with ease and without any financial tensions. All you need to do is check for the 'Eagle Deal' tags while booking your Business class flight tickets to Chennai .

Secret Deals: Secret Deals are surprise packages where you will be told as to which airlines will be picking you up once you confirm your air tickets to India from USA. Leave your email address at our website so that you get to know more about this service and the availability of other cheap flight tickets to India from USA round trip or direct ones. The offers just get better with every business class travel to Chennai India.

Nearby airports: Flight fares can fluctuate depending on the airports. Choose the airports that offer the lowest fares so that you can get to save a little more for your shopping list. Your business class travel to Chennai can be made easier if you choose to travel a little further and board through the airports which offer you lowest airfares.

Reward programs: Receive a one-time enrollment bonus of 250 eagle points by just enrolling at IndianEagle.com. If you enroll into Indian Eagle that might earn you points as well. Enrolling is simple and easy! Just click on the enroll button after signing into your 'My Eagle' account.

Ease of booking: Booking at Indian Eagle is simple and easy. All you need to do is provide the Search criteria, Book the best deal and Fly with peace of mind knowing that Indian Eagle is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you during your travel. Just go ahead and start booking.

Phone only booking: This offer is totally easy and the best one as you really don't have to search through the website to book your flights. Go to the contact number in our page and then contact our customer care executives to get your bookings done. They'll let you know about the exciting offers and deals without you having to browse through the website for them on your own

Emergency booking: Indian Eagle takes the emergency bookings too which means you can now book cheap business class flights to Chennai India even before 5 hours of the boarding time. You can even go for the bookings of last minute flights in case of emergencies as we never know when there is a need for last minute transport services. Indian Eagle understands this and is ready to help you with the bookings of last minute flights without any extra fee on it.

Hold on people! It is not just cheap business class flights to Chennai India. We also have the availability of business class flights to Hyderabad which is another prime tourist destination in the country. So think before you decide what you want and we will be glad to help you with cheap flights to India and other destinations also. Come on start browsing! Good luck!

FAQs for Booking Business Class Flights to Chennai

Which airlines operate cheap business class flights to Chennai?

Several top airlines such as Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad, British Airways, American Airlines, and Lufthansa operate cheap business class flights to Chennai from USA. Compare the airfare and book the cheapest business class flight with us!

Can I get a business class flight ticket to Chennai for less than $1500?

Yes, our best deals and discounts make this possible. You can book a business class flight to Chennai for less than $1500 with us!

Frequently Asked Questions