Delhi Metro Rules in New Baggage Size for All Commuters including Airport Passengers

For the first time in 15 years from its inception, Delhi Metro Rail has ruled in limits to baggage size for all commuters including airport passengers, both outbound and inbound. The restriction on the weight and size of baggage is likely to affect airport passengers and railway station bound travelers who usually carry bags of large dimensions.

In order to restrict the use of heavy and oversize bags for the convenience of daily commuters, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has limited baggage dimensions to 60 cm in length, 45 cm in width and 25 cm in height. The metro authority has started installing steel gauges on baggage scanners to measure the specified dimensions of bags. Anyone carrying a bag bigger than the 60 x 45x 25 cms in size will be held back from entering the platform.

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Delhi Metro Rail’s latest mandate also directs passengers to limit baggage weight to 15 kg in addition to size.

Nearly 30 lakh (three million) people depend on the Delhi Metro service for daily commute, and daily 50,000 people use the Delhi Airport Metro Express (Orange Line), which links New Delhi Railway Station to Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL). Delhi Metro Rail’s new baggage rule is obviously not in good taste of airport passengers.

Indian Eagle, a leading international travel booking organization, surveyed some of its customers who are about to take flights to New Delhi from USA this holiday season on Delhi Metro Rail’s new baggage rule. Many of those surveyed were unhappy about the limit on baggage size and weight in Delhi Metro.

Needless to say, many international travelers use the Delhi Metro Rail service for safe, fast, cost-effective commute to reach their destinations after landing at IGI Airport.

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Delhi Metro Rail’s new baggage rules may go down well with passengers of domestic airlines except Air India. Air India allows economy passengers to carry 25 kgs of free check-in baggage on domestic flights. Those having Air India flights and carrying more than 15kgs of check-in baggage are likely to face hindrance while traveling to and from the airport by Delhi Metro.

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In order to reinforce the new baggage rule, steel gauges have been installed at five Delhi Metro Rail stations: Kashmere Gate, Anand Vihar, Shahdara, Chandni Chowk and Barakhamba. The restriction on baggage size and weight has facilitated screening of bags, which was troublesome earlier as travelers used to pile bags on top of each other.

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If you are traveling to Delhi IGI Airport or the railway station by the Metro, do make sure that your baggage size does not exceed 60 x 45x 25 cms.

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