Best things to do in Ahmedabad

With Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, having won the most coveted Prime Minister seat in the Lok Sabha Elections 2014, Gujarat is being lavished with international attention. It may push the state tourism further with a meteoric rise in the number of foreign tourist arrivals in Ahmedabad, Gandhi Nagar, Kutch, Porbundar, Vadodara and Junagadh. If you are booking a flight to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, here is a list of the best things to do in Ahmedabad City from Indian Eagle.

Go through the Gujarat history

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The City Museum preserves the history of Gujarat in an interesting story format. The Freedom Movement of India, the life of Mahatma Gandhi and many historic events are pictorially presented in the museum. The Kite Museum showcasing a myriad variety of kites from different eras is the most popular section. The City Museum itself is a great work of architectural excellence.

Get a hang of Gujarati folk culture

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The Folk Museum is the only place in Ahmedabad where you can get a complete picture of the Gujarati folk culture. The museum introduces visitors to the rich folk heritage of the state. The artworks of metal, wood and textile on display capture the imagination of art lovers. The clicking tourists (with cameras) may feel disappointed as photography is strictly prohibited in the museum.

Take a quiet stroll at the riverfront

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The Sabarmati Riverfront is a paved embankment on both sides of the River Sabarmati that defines the natural beauty of Ahmedabad. This city spot is worth a visit for a quiet stroll in the morning and the evening. The Sabarmati Riverfront project has been lauded as a model for the beautification of riverfronts in other states of the country.

Go back to the era of Mahatma

Best things to do in Ahmedabad, Gandhi ashram details

The Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad preserves of the ideals and ideas of Mahatma Gandhi, a leading figure in the National Freedom Movement of India. The cottage house which was his residence till the Dandi March in 1930 is one of the main attractions of the ashram. Such activities as handloom weaving and handmade paper-making which Mahatma had initiated to teach the value of self-reliance are still on the go at the ashram.

Have a gastronomic revelry at night

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If you are a foodie or food photographer or food journalist, you must visit Manek Chowk in the oldest part of the city. Manek Chowk is a street food paradise in the night and a bustling jewellery market at daytime. With the jewellery shops pulling down their shutters, the foodies from all over the city gather for a gastronomic revelry here. Kesar kulfi and pineapple sandwich are a must try among the delicacies that make visit to Manek Chowk a culinary adventure.

Go on a shopping spree at night

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Go on a shopping spree at the Law Garden Night Market after a full day’s wandering in and around the city. The Law Garden Night Market is a cultural hub for ethnic shopping much like Delhi Hat and Hyderabad’s Shilparaman. The market is famous for offering a vibrant range of hand-painted clothes, bandhani clothes, zari clothes, patola clothes and the clothes with needlework. Gastronomic entertainment at the street food counters make shopping a delight here. Check Gujarat Textile Handicraft for details.

Take heritage walk across the cityAhmedabad city heritage walk, Gujarat tourism

The heritage walk tops the list of things to do in Ahmedabad. It is the best way to see and know the city, its culture, life and heritage. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation organizes the heritage walk every day. It includes visit to the city’s palaces and temples. The heritage walk is full of fun, knowledge, marvels and discoveries, which makes a memento in form of a picture album for visitors.

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