Coonoor Travel Guide: Things to See & Things to Do

Coonoor is the Darjeeling of South India. Coonoor is akin to Darjeeling from several standpoints: high-altitude location, panorama, sightseeing, toy train, tea & coffee plantation, geographical diversity and natural artifices. Nestled amidst the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu, Coonoor is 1850 m high from sea level. This South Indian hill station has so sublime and peaceful ambience that it makes you find poetry in every corner and hear the song of some invisible “Solitary Reaper” from far. It is a small garden town with tea and coffee plantations sprawling over the wavy sides of mountains. It enjoys the buzz of bees, the chirps of birds and the music of waterfalls. A summer resort for the British in the 19th century, Coonoor invites those in quest of sublimity, solitude and soulfulness.

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By now, you are surely eager to know about the popular tourist attractions in Coonoor. Indian Eagle shares a brief Coonoor travel guide with focus on what to see and what to do in Coonoor

Sim’s Park

Sim’s Park is the greenest among the tourist attractions of Coonoor. Spreading over a lush green landscape of 12 acres at an elevation of about 1768 meters in the valley, Sim’s Park is like a pearl in oyster. It is a garden of various flowering plants, with a boating lake. The flowery beauty of the park never fades as there are seasonal flower plants in the garden. Sim’s Park has 8 different sections, designed in different styles. The “Fruit and Vegetable Show” is a special summer attraction of the park in May.

Lamb’s Rock

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Lamb’s Rock is the ultimate destination for trekkers in Coonoor. There are trekking trails offering some taste of adventure. Lamb’s Rock is a rough, pointed cliff with steep sides hundreds of feet below. The top of the cliff commands 360 degree views of the panorama along tea and coffee plantations. The Coonoor stream flows by the foot of Lamb’s Rock. One can vividly see the Coimbatore plains from here.

Dolphin’s Nose

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Dolphin’s Nose is the best photography point in Coonoor. The mind-blowing views of the Nilgiri Hills and the Catherine Falls make it seem to be a gateway to the world of nature. It is a meeting point of several different geographical formations. There are massive ravines on both sides of Dolphin’s Nose. The confluence of the Coonoor stream and the Kotagiri stream in one of the ravines is an attraction of this viewpoint.

Catherine Falls

Catherine Falls is one of the beautiful manifestations of nature in Coonoor. Also known as St. Catherine’s Fall, it falls from a height of 250 feet. The beauty of the waterfall can be seen and photographed from the nearby point Dolphin’s Nose. The top of the fall can be climbed on to along a vertical passage. The view of the fall is immensely impressive from the top.

The things to do in Coonoor

Trekking is the most popular activity in Coonoor. The beauty of this hill station in the Nilgiri Hills hangs along the trails from the foot to Lamb’s Rock. Photography and adventure on the way add to the excitement of trekking to Lamb’s Rock and Dolphin’s Nose. There are tea and coffee plantations sprawling on both sides of the trails. A walk through the plantations is as refreshing as the atmosphere. The greenery soothes the eyes and the mind. A 12-km long trail runs from Lady Canning’s Seat to Dolphin’s Nose. A route for trekking runs through the Hidden Valley. The valley brims with green beauty, lush greenery and soothing views. Boating in Sim’s Park, bird watching and photography are other things to do in Coonoor.

Golfing is an emerging attraction or activity in Coonoor. Because of its exotic location amidst beautiful sights of the Nilgiri Hills, Coonoor Hill Station has lots of potential to be developed as a golf destination for sports tourists and travelers. The Wellington is one of the most contemporary golf courses in India. The picturesque beauty and inexplicable serenity of the Wellington have given rise to its attraction as a film shooting location, too.

The most wonderful part of a trip to Coonoor

Coonoor falls on the hilly way between Ooty and Mettupalayam, connected by the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. The most wonderful part of a visit to Coonoor from Ooty or Mettupalayam is journey by the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, the only toy train in South India and one of the world heritage sites in India. Coonoor is close to Ooty near the top and far from Mettupalayam at the foot of the Nilgiri Hills.

Ooty is a short drive from Bangalore International Airport in Karnataka, and Mettupalayam can be reached via roadway from Chennai International Airport or Coimbatore Airport (domestic) in Tamil Nadu. Indian Eagle books the best possible flights to Bengaluru and Chennai International Airports.

The best time to visit Coonoor

Both summer and winter are the best seasons to visit Coonoor. Coonoor experiences mild temperature and pleasant weather throughout the year. It receives rainfall during monsoon from June to September. October to May is the ideal time for Coonoor sightseeing.

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