Karnataka’s New Guidelines for International Arrivals at Bengaluru Airport: Testing, Quarantine, Home Isolation

With India gradually moving towards resumption of normal passenger flights, quarantine rules for international travelers to Bengaluru have been eased further. Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport issued new guidelines for the arrival of people traveling on air bubble flights and VBM flights from the United States, the UK and other countries.

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Picture Credit: The Hindu | Sudhakara Jain

As per the new guidelines for international arrivals to Bengaluru, Karnataka government has scrapped mandatory institutional quarantine for inbound travelers from abroad. Until the end of August 2020, 7-day institutional quarantine applied to all international arrivals. Hence, carrying a negative RT-PCR test report from the port of origin is no longer required for exemption from institutional quarantine. Needless to say, traveling to Bengaluru is now easier and simpler.

Bengaluru Airport’s guidelines for international arrivals include mandatory thermal screening and pulse oximeter reading. Every traveler flying in from abroad undergoes thermal screening and pulse oximeter testing. If he/she is found symptomatic (feverish temperature, cough, cold, sore throat), they will be isolated and taken to a dedicated health facility for payable COVID19 testing. If they are detected positive with severe symptoms, they will be quarantined at a paid or government facility until they are tested negative. If they are found positive with mild symptoms, they will be prescribed home isolation.

Of international arrivals to Karnataka, those who are found asymptomatic in thermal screening have to undergo home-quarantine for 14 days. Notably, 14-day home quarantine is mandatory for them. If there is no provision for home quarantine, they will have to go for institutional quarantine at a paid or government facility. In case they violate Karnataka Government’s home quarantine guidelines, they will face prosecution.

Karnataka’s guidelines for international passengers on a short visit of 48 hours from arrival at Bengaluru Airport include neither testing nor home quarantine. International travelers on a short visit to Bengaluru are required to produce a valid visa, a confirmed ticket for return flight within 7 days from the date of arrival, a valid document related to the purpose of visit (for instance, invitation letter), and a proof of hotel reservation or any other place of stay at Bengaluru Kempegowda Airport.

A COVID-19 test is likely to be conducted on international travelers on arrival at Bengaluru Airport in case the duration of their visit/stay is longer than 48 hours and shorter than 7 days. Passengers on a short visit (between 48 hours and 7 days), carrying a negative RT-PCR test report from the port of origin, are exempt from COVID testing on arrival. The test must be taken within 96 hours of the scheduled travel to Karnataka.

Who are eligible to travel to Bengaluru?

All Indian passport holders, OCI cardholders having US passports, and foreign nationals having valid visas to India (as per the Ministry of Home Affairs guidelines) can travel to Bengaluru on VBM flights or air bubble flights from USA, Canada, the UK and the UAE.

This news article is part of our continued effort to provide the latest information about travel to and from India on VBM or air bubble flights. The current scenario of travel regulations and restrictions needs you to be well-informed about latest updates on COVID testing, quarantine, home isolation, etc. Indian Eagle, a most trusted travel-booking partner of Indian Diaspora, is committed to making travel easier under the Vande Bharat Mission and the air transport bubble arrangement.

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