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'The fastest and/or cheapest way to go' is what all travelers look for, and it couldn't be truer when traveling by air! Just as you would rely on nonstop flights for the fastest flight journey, rely on Indian Eagle for the cheapest nonstop flights from the USA to India.

Travelers generally tend to be more meticulous about the fare, length, and comfort of the journey when flying long haul. Traversing a distance of nearly 8,450 miles all the way from the USA to India doesn't take more than 14-16 hours if you take nonstop or direct flights between these two countries sitting on different continents. Whether it is a one-way trip or a round trip, whether you choose to fly economy, first class, or business class, rest assured that the best deals on nonstop USA-India flights are available here, any time of the year!.


Indian Eagle is a one-stop destination for booking cheap nonstop flights to India from different US cities. Our user-friendly interface, advanced search engine, and search modification options effortlessly get you to the itinerary you are searching for. We guarantee you the cheapest nonstop flight tickets to India, all year round. The exceptional benefits of booking flights with us include:

Eagle deals:

'Eagle Deals' refer to the lowest possible airfare on any sought route. When you run the search for direct flights to India, the lowest direct flight ticket on the selected route is displayed on the top right of the results page under the 'Eagle Deal' tag.

Reward points:

In addition to the lowest airfare deals, discounts, and cash back offers, you'll also get reward points when you book flights to India from USA with us. All you need to do is enroll in the 'Rewards Program' and you'll get a one-time enrollment bonus. Each flight booking earns you Eagle points, which you can redeem on your next booking with us. Referring others will also earn you Eagle points! Book and earn; earn and book!

Phone only deals:

This is one of our popular deals - most convenient if you wish to get your bookings done without having to search our site for cheap nonstop flights from the USA to India. Simply dial the number displayed on our site, and our travel experts will inform you of the attractive deals on available itineraries for a direct flight. Discuss the itinerary and give your consent to get your nonstop USA-India flight tickets booked over the phone call.

24*7 customer service:

Day or night, our efficient customer support team is just a call away to resolve all your queries and assist you with booking cheap direct flights to India from the USA. Our customer support agents work round-the-clock and leave no stone unturned to ensure your satisfaction with our services.

A list of nonstop flights from the USA to India

Most direct international flights to India, including the nonstop USA-India flights, land at one of these gateway airports ‐ Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. Currently, a total of 9 nonstop flights between the USA and India are being operated on the following nine routes:

Nonstop flights to Delhi:

Nonstop flights to Mumbai:

Nonstop flights to Bengaluru:

Nonstop flights to Hyderabad:


1.Which airlines operate nonstop flights from USA to India?

At present, Air India, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines are operating nonstop flights to India from the USA.

2.How long is a nonstop flight from USA to India?

The average flight duration of a nonstop USA-India flight ranges between 14 to 16 hours.

3.What is the best time to book cheap direct flight tickets to India?

The lowest airfare on direct flights to India can usually be found 45-60 days ahead of your travel date.


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