Tips on How to Know You Badly Need a Holiday Trip

Are you gasping for air? Has the tempo of life become slow? Are you idling away time? Many such signs and symptoms of monotony, frustration and inactivity surface in day-to-day life, which result from our indifference to the pressing need for a holiday. That is why it is rightly said, “The wheel of life has many spokes yet so few people ever leave the hub.” We have listed possible reasons why you need a holiday.

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How long will your keep your favorite authors confined in the shelf? They are feeling out of breath. If your hectic schedule does not let you spend time with them in day-to-day life, take them out on a vacation. If you don’t, dust will be dating your books. Besides, reading books while taking the morning tea in Assam or Darjeeling, or sipping the afternoon coffee at a hillside café is an absolutely new experience.

Think about your camera which used to click its eye at almost everything. Now it feels lonely in the dark of the locked drawer. If it remains inactive, it will refuse to obey your photography commands. Take it out into light and lend it a lease of life on a trip.

Don’t you wish to be greeted by a rosy smile on your child’s face, when you return from work at the day end? He/she keeps sitting with a long face as you have not fulfilled your promise to take them on a holiday trip. Now is the time to let your child jump off the feet, with flight tickets for a family trip to India.

You are lagging behind the deadlines of project delivery at workplace. Something is pulling your mind out of order. It is nothing but an overwhelming feel of monotony. The only remedy is a holiday break from the circle which you have been running in for weeks and months. Go on a vacation to breathe out monotony and breathe in freshness.

“Oh my god!”; “Awesome!”; “Amazing!”; “Wow!”; “When have you been there?” You often make these comments on the photos of your friends’ holiday trips on Facebook. Why not give them a chance to like and comment on your holiday photos? A bit of envy with your friends is good, at times.

You have got bored of pubs and nightclubs. Your legs are tired of shaking themselves at discs. There is nothing new to see or do. Visit to shopping malls and restaurants, has become a habit that is draining your hard-earned money. Listen to the screams of your inner self for a change, a break and a fresh breath.

You keep checking for cheap air tickets to India and dreaming of a flight whenever you remember the last trip and miss all the excitement. You need to take a flight from this imaginary world and come to terms with reality. Otherwise, the dream of a virtual trip will keep haunting you.

Having late nights, waking up late in the morning, feeling drowsy, relying on caffeine, avoiding workout, skipping breakfast – nothing is going well. You badly need a holiday to reorder your routine and reorganize yourself. It is the only right button to press to reset the way the life is going on.

Unlike the Shakespearean character Hamlet, say a big ‘NO’ to the procrastination about a trip for refreshment. Log on to and get the cheapest flight for holiday in India. So, no second thought!

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