Tips on how to practice impact journalism during travel to India

The world celebrated Impact Journalism Day this June 22, 2013. The leading print media houses from the developed and developing nations participated in the celebration, with a view to addressing the issues affecting human life as well as society through reports and stories about possible solutions. The initiative to do solution-based reporting on global problems that the global media undertook on the Impact Journalism Day is a great move towards socio-economic betterment of the world. Impact Journalism also aims at motivating common people to drive positive changes in the society that they are part of.

Impact journalism is not limited to media. It is a noble practice to be adopted by organizations and institutions in different niches of the industry across geographies. It can be merged with travel around the globe and therefore, practiced as travel journalism. Apart from Media, travelers can effectively play the role of an impact journalist while touring along the length and breadth of the world. In the global travel industry, Indian Eagle has synchronized its goals with the objectives of Impact Journalism to make travel a driving vehicle of change, learning, positivity and optimism for travelers from the USA to India.

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Impact Journalism is all about igniting the world, educating society, empowering the mass and driving positive changes.

If you are on a mission that is green travel from the USA to India, carry and spread your message on the way to and back from the destination. You need neither be a travel journalist nor pen an article on your message. Simply wear a cap or a t-shirt or both with the message, “Think Green, Stay Green”, when you are on the move. Are you are concerned about the result? Don’t worry! It will impact at least some of those who you will come across with during the journey.

Are you on rural travel to India from the USA? If yes, Indian Eagle has a message on impact journalism for you. Rural tourism is on the rise all over India. The beauty of rural India is too wonderful to ignore. There are lakes, forts, monuments, temples, caves and hills in the rural backwaters of Indian states. Why not don the hat of a travel journalist to promote rural India travel by sharing the photographs or videos with print, web and digital travel magazines?

If you are a corporate or business traveler from the USA to India, you have chances to set an example of impact journalism, too. Indian Inc. has come a long way with multiplying opportunities for investment from the foreign shores. Indian has already made a mark on the global front for its skilled resource. Investment or projects from the USA helps generate employment for talents in India. Being a corporate representative of an organization or an individual business traveler, you can give it a try.

Needless to mention, India is full of incredible wonders. If you come across something that represents Incredible India, share it with your friends and acquaintances. This way you can practice impact journalism and motivate them to promote India travel.

Many documentaries, short films and full-length movies are made on touching issues, sensitive topics, customs and literature in India. These mirror the society, culture, art, heritage and other facets of rural and urban, ancient and modern, traditional and cosmopolitan India. Collect some of the movies and documentaries during your travel to India, and share with your community in the USA.

If you are traveling with family and kids to India, we would like to suggest an idea about how to pursue impact journalism during a family vacation in India. Respect to the culture and heritage of India is one of the essential values to instill in the young generation. Take your kids to visit the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, the Hawa Mahal, the Victoria Memorial, the Salar Jung Museum, the Sun Temple, etc. in India. Their learning of Indian art, culture, heritage and history would be an inspiration for other kids.

Do you agree with us on the above-mentioned ideas for travelers to practice impact journalism? Share your ideas on the same with Indian Eagle, an international travel agency offering cheap airfare to India.

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    India is a very Lively and unique place to visit because of its tradition and culture where people of wide cultures lives in unity. They are also various worth noting place is there to visit. We can also say Incredible India.


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