Does Air Canada Offer Special Meals on Flights to India?

Yes, special meal is one of the inflight services that Air Canada offers to the passengers of Premium, Executive and Economy classes on flights to Asian countries including India and the countries in North America, Australia, Europe and South America.

The inflight special meals available on Air Canada flights are Asian vegetarian meal, Baby meal, Bland meal, Children’s meal, Diabetic meal, Fruit plate meal, Gluten intolerant meal, Hindu meal, Kosher meal, Low-calorie meal, Low fat meal, Low lactose meal, Low salt meal, Muslim meal, Vegetarian meal (non-dairy), Vegetarian meal (lacto-ovo) and Vegetarian oriental meal.

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Note the following points about Air Canada’s inflight meal service:

You must inform the airline about your need of a special meal 18 hrs before boarding the flight. The special meal service is available to the flyers whose itinerary is longer than 2 hrs. If you wish to have the Kosher meal in flight, make sure to notify the airline agent 24 hrs before taking the flight.

The meals offered by Air Canada may contain ingredients like nuts and seafood. If you have allergic reactions from these ingredients, make sure to check with the agent at the time of placing your request for a special meal.
Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) and beverages from home cannot be carried on board. However, MRE and beverages purchased at the departure or connecting airport are permitted on board.
Beverages containing more than 100 ml of alcohol are strictly prohibited on Air Canada flights.
Intake of beverages or food isn’t allowed on short-haul flights by the airline.
Air Canada’s domestic flights or the flights between US and Canada whose duration of travel is more than 90 minutes have an OnBoard Café offering special items to the travelers of Economy Class. The OnBoard Café does not provide special meals.
Hot meals are not offered on the Embraer aircraft in the fleet of Air Canada.

Note: Air Canada may modify its terms and conditions of inflight special meal service at any time. books cheap flights to India with Air Canada for the US and Canada travelers.

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