Air India’s Pre-Order Meal Service Lets You Order Your Preferred Dishes to Chef

Pre-order meal service is an exclusive feature of Air India’s “Order to Chef” program for First and Business class travelers on select routes between the US and India. IndianEagle shares how you can use Air India’s pre-order meal service to get served your favorite dishes from the airline’s extensive menu.

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Air India’s pre-order meal service has been rolled out for premium passengers on select flights between the US and India. The exclusive facility to pre-order meals is currently available on Air India’s flights between New York and Delhi, Chicago and Delhi.

This service for premium class travelers came into being under the new initiative, “Order to Chef,” by Air India. Using the “Order to Chef” program, the First and Business class passengers can select and order their favorite dishes from Air India’s inflight menus designed by a team of eminent chefs including Chef Rajan Loomba from The Ahok Hotels in New Delhi.

A dedicated “Order to Chef” unit has been set up in New Delhi to contact the airline’s premium class travelers before their scheduled departure and seek their onboard meal choices for the flights to and from New York as well as Chicago. Air India’s pre-order meal service is also available on daily Delhi-London flights.

Passengers are served pre-ordered meals from Air India’s inflight menus, according to their dietary and culinary preferences. The inflight menu served on the US to India routes offers the best of Indian food from different regional cuisines, and a variety of continental dishes as well as seafood delicacies.

At present, two major meals and one high tea are served on Air India’s US to India flights between New York and New Delhi, Chicago and New Delhi. There are masala dosa, vegetable upma, Amritsari Chhole Poori, Panir Makhanwala, Sahi Panir, Pepper Chicken, Pakoda Kadhi, Prawn Malai Curry, Malai Kofta, Gajar Ka Halwa, Semiya Malai, etc. apart from a selection of beverages and snacks on Air India’s inflight menu.

Air India’s “Order to Chef” service is the airline’s collaboration with its catering partners: TajStats and SkyGourmet. Feedback about this service has reportedly been positive till date. Air India’s pre-order meal service under the “Order to Chef” program will be extended to San Francisco to Delhi flights and other international routes shortly.

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