Qantas’ Inflight Entertainment Offers Popular HBO Shows

Qantas has spiced up its inflight entertainment for international passengers by having partnered with HBO, one of the most renowned TV services in the world. The airline has added to the inflight entertainment schedule hundreds of hours of the most popular TV programs such as “Game of Thrones”, “The Sopranos”, “True Detective”, and “Sex and the City”, run by HBO.

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With the beginning of July, Qantas Airways’ inflight entertainment system started screening 120 hours of HBO programs including comedy shows and documentaries, on flights across the airline’s global network. Every month the entertainment schedule will be updated with 20 hours of the latest shows and movies from HBO.

Qantas’ inflight entertainment system has incorporated an HBO channel and three new Foxtel channels. The three Foxtel channels are Foxtel Entertainment, National Geographic and Lifestyle. These latest additions will be updated with fresh content every month, resulting in a volume of 160 hours of exclusive entertainment on board.

Qantas Airways strives to offer the best entertainment in the sky, according to Jo Boundy, Qantas’ Head of Digital Entertainment. He said eloquently, “Many passengers wish to make the most of their flights with Qantas Airways by watching their favorite or globally popular HBO shows on board. Only fresh content of entertainment from an exclusive selection of different programs can cater to different tastes.”

Quality and exclusivity of inflight entertainment are among the parameters of customer satisfaction for international airlines. For instance, Qatar Airways welcome the year 2015 by adding ten global blockbusters to its inflight entertainment schedule for both children and adults. Qatar Airways’ inflight entertainment also incorporated the episodes of “New Girl”, a most popular US television series. – Indian Eagle

Qantas Airways keeps improving its inflight services related to seating, food and entertainment every year. By the end of 2014, the Australian airline beefed up its inflight menu for Economy flights across its international network.

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