Air Bubble Flights to Kerala: Departure to Arrival Process, Quarantine Rules, COVID Testing for International Arrivals

With a steady increase in the volume of passenger traffic on air bubble flights to India, Kerala has eased restrictions and quarantine rules for international arrivals in the unlock 7.0. Kerala is one of the few states to have scrapped mandatory institutional quarantine for asymptomatic international flyers from abroad. All of Kerala’s four international airports – Cochin, Trivandrum, Kannur, and Calicut – are open for international arrivals and departures. However, travel to Kerala is subject to certain regulations before departure and after arrival amid the pandemic.

Air bubble flights to Kerala, Kerala quarantine rules, forms to fill for travel to Kerala

Before you undertake travel to India    

After booking air bubble flights tickets to Kerala, international travelers need to fill out a self-reporting form on Air Suvidha (download the app or log on to, and register their details on Kerala’s COVID Jagratha portal. They are also required to apply for an e-pass and show the same to health officials at the arrival airport in Kerala. Please note the e-pass is mandatory for you to exit the terminal.

Other than filling a self-reporting form on Air Suvidha, you must fill a self-declaration form provided by the Government of Kerala before departure or after arrival.

If Kerala is your first port of entry  

If Kerala is your first port of entry in India, you need not apply for exemption from institutional quarantine on condition of being asymptomatic. It means you don’t need a negative RT-PCR test report for flying directly into Kerala. You will only undergo 7-14 days of mandatory home quarantine as per Kerala’s quarantine rules for international arrivals.

If Kerala is not your first port of entry

If Kerala is not your first port of entry in India and you travel on United Airlines or Air India’s air bubble flight to Kerala via Delhi or Mumbai, a negative RT-PCR certificate is mandatory for taking domestic connection flights to Kerala from the first port of entry, Delhi or Mumbai. You can either travel with a negative COVID test report from the port of origin/departure or get tested upon arrival at the first port of entry, Delhi, Mumbai, or Hyderabad.

RT-PCR Testing for air bubble flights to Kerala  

If you choose to travel with a negative COVID health certificate, you need to take a RT-PCR test and upload the test result to Air Suvidha within 72 hours before undertaking the journey from the port of origin/departure. Those who traveled before or on November 12 had to get tested for the Novel Coronavirus within 96 hours of their scheduled flights to India. It is now 72 hours, according to the Government of India’s new/revised guidelines for international arrivals. Those traveling with a negative RT-PCR certificate are exempted from both institutional quarantine and home quarantine. All they need to do is self-monitoring of their health for 14 days.

After arrival at Kerala airports   

Carrying e-pass from the origin/departure is mandatory for traveling to Kozhikode/Calicut International Airport (CCJ) in Kerala. The airport has no counters to issue e-pass. If you travel to Trivandrum Airport (TRV) without an e-pass, you are likely to be put under institutional quarantine until an e-pass is arranged for you. Luckily, you won’t be sent back. At Cochin International Airport (COK), a handful of international arrivals can register their details manually upon arrival. Kochi Airport has the provision for flyers from abroad to fill the form manually.

Quarantine rules for travelers on a short trip  

A short visit to Kerala is allowed for only 8 days, while you can make a regular visit to the state for only 6 months. Registration on Kerala’s COVID Jagratha portal is equally mandatory even for a short visit. Those on a short visit to the state are exempted from any sort of quarantine. Those on a short trip for any purpose other than tourism don’t have to obey the Kerala’s quarantine guidelines only on condition of being asymptomatic. Currently, tourist visa to India is suspended.

COVID Testing Facility at Cochin International Airport

Cochin International Airport is the first airport in Kerala and the sixth Indian airport to have launched a dedicated COVID testing facility in the airport premises. In addition to international arrivals and departures, the general public can choose to get tested at the airport’s COVID testing facility where both RT-PCR and rapid antigen tests are available. The RT-PCR test results are delivered within 6-8 hours from the time samples are collected. It takes only 15 minutes to provide antigen test results. A RT-PCR test costs Rs 2100 per individual, while a rapid antigen test is priced at Rs 625, as per the fixed rates from the government of Kerala. The 24-hr COVID testing counters are located in the arrival areas of T1 and T3 terminals.

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11 thoughts on “Air Bubble Flights to Kerala: Departure to Arrival Process, Quarantine Rules, COVID Testing for International Arrivals

  1. Vikas

    Hi! I will be traveling to India from US on December 19th and then return back to the US on January 31st. I was wondering if it’s safe to do so and can we expect any more flight restrictions and/or the air bubble being scraped? I am just more worried about re-entry because the US may have some new rules after the new administration takes charge and may try to prohibit people from other countries while they impose a lockdown in the US.

    • indianeagle Post author

      Hi Vikas! As of now, it seems safe to return to the US if you have a valid visa. We are not able to predict what rules and restrictions will be there once the new administration takes charge in January 2021. The US-India air bubble travel agreement may be extended post November 30, 2020.

  2. Bala

    Hi Very useful information. Thanks for the initiative.
    I intend to travel from Frankfurt to Trivandrum with Emirates.
    1. Can i travel with Emirates or must I only fly with Air bubble flights?
    2. When must i register in Covid Jagratha site, after the RT-PCR test result here in germany, correct?
    3. Will i receive the travel pass or registration confirmation at Covid Jagratha site immediately per email?

    Thanks for your help

    • indianeagle Post author

      Hi Bala! Yes, you can travel on Emirates from Frankfurt to Trivandrum. After booking your flight, you can register on the Jagratha portal.

  3. Mathew

    I plan to fly direct to COK from London Heathrow on Air India. Since Kochi is my first port of entry and there are no connecting flights involved, I do not require to have a RT PCR done prior to travel from London. Am I right? Please would you confirm this? I understand I will have to undergo home quarantine.
    Many thanks

    • indianeagle Post author

      Hi Mathew! You are right. As Kochi is the first port of entry and final destination (you won’t take a domestic flight), a RT-PCR test is not compulsory for asymptomatic travelers from abroad.

  4. Raja

    Can US citizen with visa travel? I heard only OCI holder can travel. Any exception to US citizen kid with indian visa only?

    • indianeagle Post author

      Hi Raja! US citizens (without OCI cards) can travel to India given they have a valid visa to India. You can apply for an entry visa or emergency visa (in case of an emergency). Please note tourist visa and e-visa are currently banned by the Government of India.

  5. Ankur


    i am planning to go india next week for 2 week i am going to take covid test and if it is negative then i am gonna travel to india

    my question is like do i need to quarantine my self at home ?(if i have covid negative ) the thing is i am only going foe 2 week only i need to be back by 20th or i just need to do self monitoring my self and i will be ok ?


    • indianeagle Post author

      Hi Ankur! Usually, you are exempted from home quarantine for having a RT-PCR test certificate. Please note it depends on your final destination in India.


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