Tropical Paradise-Goa

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a place with soothing music playing in the background, cool breeze, beaches with bonfire and tall palm trees. Not to forget the smell of food roasted on fire with Feni as accompaniment. GOA.

This traveler’s paradise needs no introduction. Known for its sparkling white sands, Goa has placed India on the Map for attracting 2 million visitors every year.

Its balmy shores are a welcome sight with swaying palm trees, tiny cottages, complete with a hospitable atmosphere. Goa, a tiny slice of India long the western coastline is bound by the Arabian Sea. A haven for party goers, it’s a paradise for Music lovers.

Dance and Music are an integral part of the culture. Singing with Drums and guitars, evenings in Goa are meant to unwind on the beaches, after a swim in the crystal waters. Goa is referred to as a Tropical Paradise, for its natural beauty. The picturesque beauty of Goa has made it a top favorite for shooting film sequences.

To Quote Hollywood actor Matt Damon “My hot spot would be Goa where we shot the second movie(Bourne Supremacy}, opening of the second movie it is. It takes a long time to get there but it’s worth it.

Shopping in Goa is a fun experience, with shops lined up to attract tourist. Colorful Souvenirs, Wall Pieces, Shells curtains and chimes, beads, necklaces, bracelets, footwear and casual wear. The list goes on.

The ambience is set for music festivals round about the year. Local musicians put up performances, just for a lark. The lazy beaches with bonfire and traditional attire of the locals, the scene resembles strokes of a painting made at leisure.

Goa is known for its cuisine, with Fish as the Main Menu. Goan Cashew Feni, a fermented drink is made from cashew fruit. It is also known as caju feni. Cashew Fenny has its GI (Geographical Indication) registration for unique taste and originality. Fenny is often used in cocktails with cola, tonic water and lemonade. Coconut feni – is another variant of Feni made from the sap of the coconut palm.

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