Spiti Valley: The Snow Desert of India Full of Solitude and Bliss

Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh is an escape from civilization to the pure bliss of nature in the solitude of mountains. A snow desert with geographical diversity and beauty in the Himalayas, the valley lies between India and Tibet. With rough terrains, motorable roads, waterfalls, rivers, monasteries, hamlets and a non-polar glacier, the Spiti Valley is an offbeat destination for adventure, photography and meditation. Known as “Little Tibet” and “The Snow Desert”, this Himalayan valley is a soulful and sensuous artwork by the Supreme Architect. We at Travel Beats weave a visual story of the Spiti Valley.

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The Spiti Valley is one of the best Himalayan destinations for spiritual seekers. Spirituality is an intense unearthly feeling of the soul in absolute solitude of peace and tranquility that the Spiti Valley is blessed with. It can rightly be called a Buddhist destination for being home to 1000-year old Buddhist monasteries which are locally known as Gompas. Dhankar Li is the most popular monastery and one of the tourist attractions here. The valley basks in the glory of its spiritual culture that has been cultivated in isolation from civilization.

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The geographical diversity of the Spiti Valley is an attraction itself. This Himachal valley is a micro world of different geographical formations including canyons, mountains, glaciers, rivers and waterfalls. Several perennial rivers including the Spiti, the Pin, and the Chandra flow with gurgling sound through the desert terrains here. With beautiful lakes adding to the panoramic richness of the landscape, there is no limit to what to see in the Spiti Valley. The valley can be referred to as nature’s darling because of Bara Shigri, one of the largest non-polar glaciers in the world.

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The Spiti Valley boasts of the Himalayan beauty in different forms which make it a photographers’ paradise. It offers huge space for a photography spree to nature photographers. The valley houses small villages in the geographically vast and varied landscape. One of the remotest regions in the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau, the Spiti Valley nurtures simple rural life, a wonderful subject for travel documentaries and photography.

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Wildlife abounds in the cold desert terrains of the Spiti Valley. A certain percentage of the bleak landscape is dotted with wildlife in proximity to the villages. Fossils can be seen at a few places across the valley. That is why Spiti is titled the Fossil Park of the world. Langza is one of the places where maritime fossils are found. Those on an exploration drive can spot out snow leopards, red fox, yaks and other animals in the Spiti Valley.

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Trekking and safari are the pursuits of adventure in the Spiti Valley. Yaks are abundantly found in the valley as rearing yaks is a means of sustenance for the villagers. Many tourists find kicks in yak safari across the rough terrains of such a beautiful landscape as the Spiti Valley. Those who are not fond of yak safari can ride horses.

The day-to-day life of the natives in the Spiti Valley is a lesson on how to live with a smile on the face, a glint of joy in the eyes and rosy gleams on the cheeks despite difficulties in harsh atmospheric conditions. The valley owes its soulfulness to the simplicity of the people who drink to the beauty and breathe in the freedom of nature. Their innocence is the secret to their bliss.

The Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh is a must visit for spiritual culture, rural life, natural beauty, adventure and photography. If it makes you feel like flying to India in search of such offbeat destinations, book your flight on IndianEagle.com and get the cheapest airfare.

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