Traveling to Hyderabad This Monsoon? Here’s How You can Make the Most of Monsoon in City of Pearls

Hyderabad City looks as fresh after a shower of rains as we feel fresh after a bath. The green landscapes of the city look greener, the roads become cleaner, and the air feels cooler. The beauty of the rain-washed city appears as inviting as the crystal-clear water of sea on an exotic beach. Windy mornings, pleasant days, rainy evenings and cool nights during monsoons make Hyderabad a must visit in July and August. Here’s a walk through the things to do in Hyderabad during monsoon based on the inputs shared by NRIs of Hyderabad.

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Paddling a racing bicycle along the wavy streets of Banjara Hills is one of the best things to do in Hyderabad during monsoon. Banjara Hills is the greenest part of the city, and KBR National Park spreading over an area of 400 acres is the oasis of greenery here. The sloping roads with swaying boughs of trees on both sides around outside the park deepen the thrill of bicycling on rainy mornings. The city is home to groups and clubs of bicyclers. You can join a group or club to have the company of passionate bicyclers during your stay on monsoon days.

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The Hussain Sagar Lake is the pearl of Hyderabad. The beauty of the lake hangs over the surrounding Necklace Road too. Fed by the River Musi, it is an artificial lake with a maximum depth of 32 feet and sprawling over 5.7 square kilometers. The water level swells in the months of monsoon. The boundary of the lake is the most popular hangout for all age groups and in all seasons. Driving on the rain-washed Necklace Road is a pleasure to those who love going out and driving in the rains.

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Then, there is Irani Tea to warm up your mornings and evenings in Hyderabad during monsoons. It is one of the things that the city is famous for and visitors must have. The typical Hyderabadi essence distinguishes the taste of Irani tea from that of regular tea. There are many popular Irani tea hangouts in the old part of the city. Though available round the year, Irani tea with a plate of Osmania biscuits is the best monsoon flavor of Hyderabad.

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The Charminar is the most identifiable icon of Hyderabad. It is also one of the most famous historic monuments in India. The Charminar in the rains is an ideal subject for monsoon photography in the city. The area surrounding the monument is a bustling marketplace, one of the most crowded zones in the old city. When it rains, crowds disperse making it easier for the Charminar to breathe freely. So, go out on a photography spree and shoot the ways of life around the Charminar, in the monsoon season.

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Hyderabadi snacks are among the best food to eat during monsoons. Apart from masala dosa, bonda and mirchi bhaji are favorites of the locals. These street side snacks are sold here and there in the city, two times a day – morning and evening. Bites of smoking hot, crispy onion bonda and mirchi bhaji make the joy of monsoon an overwhelming feeling on rainy mornings and evenings.

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