Air India Rebranding: Cabin Crew in ‘Manish Malhotra’ Designs will Serve You on Flights in 2024

Air India has unveiled brand new unforms for its crew to bring back the JRD-Tata-era of elegance, style, confidence, and sophistication with a designer makeover in sync with its new brand identity. Designed by Bollywood’s favorite couturier, Manish Malhotra, of international repute, the new uniforms to be donned by Air India hostesses and male crew members in 2024 are a blend of Indian culture and contemporary style. Interestingly, Air India’s first A350-900 will see the crew sport the ‘Manish Malhotra’ designs on its maiden entry into Indian aviation in early 2024.

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Having got the crew look redesigned is a mammoth step that CEO Campbell Wilson took towards repositioning Air India as a world-class airline. All speculations that Air India hostesses would bid goodbye to sarees have come to an end, as the silk saree introduced in the 1960s’ era of bell bottoms and miniskirts will continue to be part of the ‘Air India fashion’ in the sky. The female crew members will be draped in ready-to-wear ombre sarees paired with a blouse and a blazer.

Air India hostesses will have the choice to wear half sarees with palazzo-like pants for the ease of movement aboard international flights from India to USA and other countries. The intricate patterns of ombré sarees among the new uniforms for Air India crew are inspired by the airline’s new logo, the Vista. The infusion of ombré, which refers to the blend of two colors or shades from light to dark, into saree designs is a signature style in the ‘Manish Malhotra’ repertoire.

Deep red, burgundy, aubergine, and accents of gold in the color palette of the new crew uniforms rhyme with the new livery that Air India unveiled in October this year. The blouses and blazers are accessorized with golden buttons. A golden broch resembling the new logo of Air India will be shining on the pleated part of ombré sarees that will fall over the left shoulder.

The color palette is reflective of the seniority of the crew members. The female cabin crew holding senior ranks will wear aubergine-to-burgundy sarees teamed with aubergine blazers, reflecting their seniority, maturity, professionalism, and authority. Reportedly, the female cabin crew of junior ranks will be seen in deep red-to-purple sarees with bright red blazers, exuding vivacity and exuberance.

The same significance of the color palette applies to the new uniforms for Air India’s male cabin crew members. Manish Malhotra designed bandh gala suits of various colors indicating their ranks and experience. Air India pilots’ new uniform has a “classic black double-breasted suit with a print inspired by the Vista, signifying professionalism, timelessness, and the gravitas of the flying profession.”

“Air India, the erstwhile debt-ridden-loss-making airline, is now unstoppable in its second innings to reliving JRD Tata’s dream of a world-class carrier. After its takeover by the Tata Group, Air India has shown a remarkable turnaround with several milestones, including Premium Economy, fleet upgrade, new inflight menus, $400-million refurbishment of outdated cabins, flight network expansion, deployment of new planes, economy to business upgrade facility, etc. We are fortunate enough to have been witnessing the transformation of a giant,” said Sourav Agarwal, the Editor of Travel Beats.

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“The brand new look of our cabin crew perfectly captures the essence of our new identity, service principles, and our pursuit of setting new benchmarks in global aviation. We are confident that the new crew uniforms will distinctly make a statement that defines the very best of Indian hospitality. Travelers across continents will be able to instantly recognize these uniforms as the new Air India,” said CEO Campbell Wilson.

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