Agumbe, the Cherrapunji of South India, is More than a Typical Monsoon Destination for Romance

Have you had enough of romance in India monsoon? Are you looking for a break away from typical romantic monsoon destinations? Give a try to adventure in Agumbe, a monsoon getaway in Karnataka. It is the wettest place receiving the highest rainfall in South India. Veiled by dense, lush greenery, Agumbe seems to be a land of phantoms in the dark. Much of the landscape of this monsoon town is dotted with rain forests in the Western Ghats. Trekking in the dark and dense forests is the most challenging pursuit of adventure here. If you are all set for an intriguing adventure travel to India, Indian Eagle will book the cheapest flight tickets to Bangalore for you.

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Romance and adventure exist side by side in Agumbe. Panoramic views of the diverse geography of Agumbe ooze dollops of romance, while the precarious trekking trails penetrating through the forests highlight adventure. You can take fancy to the romantic beauty of Agumbe or respond to the calls of adventure, according to your travel taste this monsoon. Agumbe treats both romance seekers and adventure junkies alike. If the adventurer in you overpowers your romantic self, you must go through the rest.

Travel to India for an adventure holiday in Agumbe begins with an international flight to Bangalore, which is followed by a domestic flight to Mangalore, a coastal town in the state of Karnataka. Mangalore to Agumbe is a 100-km long drive via scenic roadway. You can take a road trip from Mangalore to Agumbe, which will offer a toast of adventure to you from the very beginning of the journey. It is one of the best road trips in South India.

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If you want to drink to the scenic beauty of nature while sitting in a comfort zone on wheels, you can journey by train to Udupi Railway Station. Udupi is a coastal town where Agumbe is an only 55-km long drive from. Once you are in Agumbe town, your journey for adventure is all set to commence. The trekking trails through streams, waterfalls and forests are rough and precarious; so professional trekking guidance will be a great help.

Rows of trees at the initial phase of the journey lead to thick vegetation which ends into the deep of rain forests in Agumbe Ghat. Monsoon clouds from the southwest strike against the peaks of Agumbe Ghat, which measure more than 2,000 feet in height, and make heavy showers over the rain forests here. That is why the trails are slippery making trekking a challenge. As a result of heavy rainfalls in the months of Indian monsoon for years, the hillsides of Agumbe have got covered in the dark green cloak of rain forests, which is washed by cascading waterfalls.

What is the best month to travel to India for an adventure trip in Agumbe? Monsoon is the best time though you can visit Agumbe in any season of the year. July is the wettest month of India monsoon here. A veil of mist hangs over the hillsides of Agumbe in July and August, which you will miss in other times of the year. But, trekking is more challenging in monsoon than in other seasons. The width of the trails varies at different points in the forests. The width is very narrow at some places.

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The Barakona Falls is the biggest waterfall in Agumbe. Some trails run down to the base of this waterfall. The breathtaking views of the Barakona Falls from close quarters are worth braving the challenge of trekking down to the base. You can explore the wilderness of Agumbe which teems with moths, butterflies, deer, scorpions, frogs and snakes. King Cobra, the largest and most venomous snake in the world, is noticed in the forests of Agumbe, mostly in the drier months.

As the population is sparse in Agumbe, there is little room for accommodation except a feudal home in the village. Overnight stay is not a wise option here. Therefore, a daytime trip to Agumbe is recommended. However, Agumbe, the Cherrapunji of South India, is an ideal monsoon destination for adventure.

Indian Eagle strives to make you travel on cheap flights to India even in the last minute. Once you have traveled to India, you can create many such wonderful stories of adventure and romance to cherish in the coming years. 

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