Important Lessons of Life from Traveling

“Child is the father of mankind.” To put this proverb in simpler words, child is the builder of nation, the architect of civilization, and the driver of future. But, only enrichment of the mind, enlightenment of the soul, enhancement of knowledge, and tryst with the ways of life make children grow into pioneers of innovation, invention, creation, reformation and revolution. Travel is a great source of nourishment in different forms for children’s holistic mental growth. On the occasion of Children’s Day, IndianEagle elaborates how TRAVEL helps to build a child’s life. 

Travel teaches to be happy

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A happy child is a happy prince to its parents and in its family. Traveling teaches children to nurture happy inner selves. The views of floating clouds through windows in a plane, the sun setting beyond the horizon, the sun rising above the sea level, the stars twinkling over mountains, boats sailing across waves, etc. make children beam in happiness which no material things can provide. 

Travel provides food for thought

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It is said that we learn a lot more from life than books. Life itself is a travel, a journey, a voyage…And travel knowledge is equal to that of several books. How Buddhist monk live in secluded monasteries of Ladakh, why some of the Indian monuments are among the UNESCO world heritage sites, what Hampi was in the past, what the world thinks of India, etc. provide food for thought to the small brains and young minds.

Travel takes back to history 

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There is no single place without history on earth. History is omnipresent. There is a lot more to know beyond the micro world of history books in a library. Children can learn the history of Pratapgarh Fort from classroom lessons but cannot feel the glory of the fort visiting it. Everyone knows about the Fatehpur Sikri, but the rare historical facts are revealed during a visit.

Travel broadens the mind 

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Human mind has its limits. If the limits are not crossed by means of curiosity, enrichment and enlightenment of the mind remains unachieved. It affects the mental growth of children. Curiosity is aroused more by what we see than what we read or hear. Only the curious mind gets to know that Mysore has connection with the First World War, and that Tipu Sultan is believed to have used flying rockets in his time, during travels.

Travel discovers new ways of life 

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Life is stranger than fiction, so its ways are unpredictable than known stories. It is only travel that mirrors and magnifies the different aspects of human life. How life in the solitude of Spiti Valley is, what the stories of rural India are, how Kolkata was in the 1960s, what the enigma of life in the Himalayas is, how diverse everything is in India, etc. Travel introduces children to multiple ways of human life, which no books cover in the world.

So, travel to India and around the world with your kids. We would like to conclude with the following extract from the poem “It’s a Hard Road” by Liam Hughes:

I jumped on the train
I left this old town
I escaped the rain
I’m no longer down
The wheels start to turn
My worries are gone
I have lots to learn
About the trail that I’m on
As I look around
I see my new friend
I know I am bound
To travel till the end.

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