Aura on the Lake, First-ever Indian Restaurant in a Quaint Town near Niagara Falls Offering Best Indian Food

Binging on delicious Indian food during a trip to the Niagara Falls is like enjoying the divine bliss of laddu prasadam during a pilgrimage to the Tirupati Balaji Temple. This month the Niagara Falls got its first-ever Indian restaurant in Niagara-on-the-Lake, a nearby town with picturesque beauty, lush green landscape, old-world charm, and tranquil atmosphere. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Niagara-on-the-Lake is 25 km away from the Falls and 60 km away from Buffalo, New York.

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Picture Credit: Aura on the Lake

Aura on the Lake, the first Indian restaurant near the Niagara Falls, is run by an Indian couple – Nittin and Anjana Sharma. Nittin, who is from New Delhi, is the head chef of Aura on the Lake. He loves creating culinary wonders in the kitchen of his dream restaurant, so that he can double the joy of visiting the Falls for Indians from across North America. The use of fresh ingredients and spices ground in the kitchen is his USP, just like that of Indian grandmothers whose secret key to any recipe is a box full of hand-pounded spices. Nittin lets the ingredients get cooked over a long period of time to ensure that dishes come up with the best texture and flavor.

The menu is Indian to the core at Aura on the Lake. It equally caters to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian taste buds. If you are vegetarian, you can savor paneer makhani, malai methi paneer, or kadhai paneer with naan. Butter chicken, kadhai chicken, malai methi chicken, and other dishes are there to satisfy your craving for non-veg Indian dishes. Rabri with Gulab Jamun, among desi desserts on the menu, is an irresistible indulgence for your sweet tooth, just as an Indian meal is incomplete without a sweet dish.

At Aura on the Lake, Nittin and Anjana pamper their guests with papri chaat and other mouthwatering snacks, among the street foods of Delhi. Nittin’s Dal Makhani makes his guests of Indian origin feel homesick. Also, there is Dahi Ke Kabab that will send you on a trip to India for sure. 2022 seems to be the year of Indian food in America, as Chai Pani in North Carolina is named America’s most outstanding restaurant.

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One thought on “Aura on the Lake, First-ever Indian Restaurant in a Quaint Town near Niagara Falls Offering Best Indian Food

  1. Susan Sparrow

    The best Indian Food I’ve eaten in many years.
    The Samosa’s are ‘to die for’. Must be on every table
    or you’re missing out.
    Lovely wait staff as well.
    5x 👍🏻


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