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Everything You Need to Know About Rajkot Airport (RAJ)

Rajkot Airport
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Situated in Civil Aerodrome in Rajkot, Gujarat, Rajkot Airport (RAJ) is a domestic public airport placed about 2 km from the city’s railway station. Flight operations at this relatively small airport are dominated by airlines Air India and Jet Airways. If you check the Rajkot Airport map, you will see that it has a runway of 1600 m and there are plans to extend it in the near future to 1800 m. The airport is the third busiest one in Gujarat serving from its base the cities of Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai. Rajkot Airport (RAJ) is situated 3 km east of the city of Rajkot which is a popular tourist destination in Gujarat famous for its rich heritage and exotic wildlife.

Rajkot Airport Terminal:

Rajkot Airport (RAJ) has only terminal and it has the capacity to handle 125 people at a time. Apart from the cities mentioned above, the airport connects to various places within the state as well. While Rajkot Airport name is one that not many have heard of, it is still one of the most important airports in Gujarat. Rajkot Airport has the capacity for parking not more than 65 cars at a time. If you wish to have more details on this, you can get Rajkot Airport number from their official website and contact them directly.

Passenger services at Rajkot Airport:

  • Baggage Services

Rajkot Airport (RAJ) has 2 sophisticated X-ray baggage scanners at the facility. Passengers can easily get their baggage checked without having to wait in serpentine queues. Owing to its small size, Rajkot Airport flight schedule can be checked fairly easily as well. There are 2 security checks at Rajkot Airport (RAJ) in addition to 2 check-in counters as well.

  • Food and Shopping at Rajkot Airport

For departure as well as arrival passengers, there are plenty of food and shopping opportunities. Both sections are home to a wide number of duty-free shops, cafeterias, tea/coffee stalls, juice counters, and snack counters among other things. Passengers can also buy authentic Gujarati handicrafts and other items among other things.

  • Lost and Found Counter

Rajkot Airport (RAJ) offers this service for passengers who need assistance to track lost or delayed baggage. They can approach the desk and all possible assistance will be offered to track their belongings at the earliest.

  • Transport to and from Rajkot Airport

Right outside the domestic terminal passengers will find several taxi service counters where they can book taxis and travel to any part of Rajkot. To get to Rajkot Airport (RAJ), Rajkot bus stand is at a distance of 4 km from the airport. Alternatively, Rajkot railway station which is about 2 km from the airport is another option. Booking Uber or Ola cabs to and from Rajkot Airport is also a convenient option.

  • Medical Services

Rajkot Airport (RAJ) offers medical and first-aid assistance to passengers in need of it. They have a well-equipped room and able staff to treat any case of a medical emergency that may occur. Passengers can, therefore, be assured that there will be medical assistance provided should they require it.

  • Special Assistance

Special assistance is offered by Rajkot Airport (RAJ) to disabled passengers, those traveling with infants, and elderly passengers among others. Apart from a medical aid room, there is also the facility of a child care room for the convenience of travelers with kids.

  • Other Services

Apart from the services mentioned above, Rajkot Airport (RAJ) offers several more to make travel a comfortable experience for passengers. There are snack counters available at arrival and departure terminals and free trolley services are offered among other things. Also, Rajkot Airport is well-equipped to handle any aircraft emergency that may unexpectedly come up.

Nearby Airports:

There are other airports near Rajkot you can consider flying out of or into as well. The nearest domestic airport to Rajkot is Jamnagar Airport about 81 km away. However, about 221 km from Rajkot is the Ahmedabad Airport which is the closest international one. Other options include Kandla Airport about 113 km away, Porbandar Airport about 137 km away as well as Bhuj Airport and Bhavnagar Airport both 157 km away. You can fly into these airports from any of the major cities they are connected to. In addition to Rajkot, these are great places to explore as well and will make your Gujarat trip that much more exciting.

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