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Top Hampi Travel Tips: 6 Essential Things to Keep in Mind

Hampi Travel Tips
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Hampi travel tips are all the more important since it is one of the most-visited places in India. The fascinating Hampi history is among the most interesting ones in the world. It once served as the erstwhile and powerful Vijayanagara Empire’s capital. Today, the historical ruins of Hampi India are among the most sought-after attractions in India and the world! You will even find several Hampi travel blogs offering a detailed travel guide to Hampi. But there is a lot more to see here than just the Hampi ruins. You can hire guide in Hampi and go on a tour to see everything the region has to offer.

To make your trip to Hampi easier and hassle-free, we have some helpful Hampi travel tips you can use. Keep these in mind and enjoy exploring this fabulous historic city!

Tips to Follow When you Travel to Hampi:

It may be easier to scan for good Hampi hotels than planning a detailed trip. A Hampi guide costs not much and will cover most of the important tips in detail. To make things simpler, we’ve listed the most important of these Hampi travel tips to bear in mind when traveling to this remarkable place.

If you have time to spare, explore other Karnataka attractions such as Nagarhole National Park, Shettihalli Church ruins, Coorg, and Chikmagalur among others.

  1. Be prepared for harsh weather

Hampi is known for its hot and arid climate that stays stable for most part of the year. You can book last minute flights to make a trip between November and January when the weather is at its pleasant best. But even then, expect afternoons to heat up like an oven. So one of the most essential Hampi travel tips is to carry everything you’ll need to survive the extreme weather. Take along sunscreen, sunglasses, water, and a good hat.

  1. Keep a Hampi map handy

If you aren’t going to hire guide in Hampi expecting to rely on the GPS of your mobile for navigation, then let’s clear a couple of things for you. Owing to Hampi’s remote location, there aren’t clear signals to be found here. Your GPS will take you only so far. That’s why one of the top Hampi travel tips is to carry a map of Hampi along to avoid getting lost. Also, since phones won’t work well everywhere, it’s best to make any important calls before heading out to sightsee.

  1. Hire a vehicle

There is a LOT to see in Hampi. Walking through everything is not an option. You should hire a car, moped, cycle, auto rickshaw, or any other vehicle of your choice to get around in Hampi. You can hire a cycle or a moped from anywhere in Hampi. But remember, it may be too hot in the afternoons to drive around. It’s a better idea to hire an auto rickshaw (3 or 8-seater). This way, you can easily cover Hampi attractions on both sides of the Tungabhadra River.

  1. Withdraw cash beforehand

Hampi does not have any ATMs. Thereby, one of the most vital Hampi travel tips is to withdraw a sufficient amount of money before leaving for Hampi. The nearest ATM can be found in Kamalapura which is about 10 minutes away. Alternatively, you can withdraw cash while in Hospet as well. It’s also a good idea to withdraw cash at the airport ATM when arriving on economy or business class flights. Make sure to withdraw enough that you do not fall short when out there exploring.

  1. Take a boat ride across the river

It’s imperative for you to know that mopeds aren’t allowed on the ruins’ side of the river. Also, it doesn’t make sense to drive a vehicle around 45 km or so just to reach this side of the river bank when you can easily do it in 5 minutes via boat. There is no other way to reach the ruins. There used to be a bridge here earlier but it got destroyed by monsoon floods a couple of years ago. So taking the boat ride across the river is among the best Hampi travel tips to save you time and money.

  1. Pick the correct side to arrive

If you’re coming all way to primarily explore the Hampi ruins, it’s best to arrive at Hospet and stay that side. Alternatively, if you wish to explore the Hippie side, then you should arrive at Munirabad. This is a good option since there are several hostels and other staying options here. If you’re arriving by rail, then there are trains that stop at both Hospet and Munirabad stations. Choose whichever one is a convenient option for you.

How to Reach Hampi:

Armed with these amazing Hampi travel tips, visit this spectacular place and have an awesome time. Here are easy ways you can reach Hampi:

By air: At a distance of 270 km, Belgaum Airport is the nearest one to Hampi. Alternatively, you can book cheap flights to Bengaluru International Airport we well. You can hire a taxi from Bengaluru to Hampi.

By rail: The nearest railway station to Hampi is at Hospet about 13 km away. The Hospet Railway Station is well-connected to major cities across India via regular trains. You can hire a taxi from here to Hampi.

By road: Hampi is connected to major cities in India and not just Bengaluru by a vast network of roadways. There are ample KSRTC buses operating to and from Hospet-Hampi every single day.

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