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Etihad Airways (EY): A brief History, Destinations, Passenger Services and more!

Etihad Airways
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Etihad Airways (EY)

“Flying Reimagined.”

Bagging World’s Best First Class and two more awards by Skytrax in 2017 World Airline Awards, Etihad Airways (EY) is one of the most reputed and elite international airlines in the world. That’s not all. The airline has also been named as a 5-star one by Skytrax in 2016. It is the United Arab Emirates’ second largest airline and flag carrier serving scores of destinations across the world regularly. Abu Dhabi International Airport serves as the main hub of Etihad Airways.

A brief history of Etihad Airways

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan in 2003 issued a Royal Decree by which the esteemed Etihad Airways (EY) was formed. The airline is in complete ownership of the Government of Abu Dhabi and its major aim is to connect Abu Dhabi to the rest of the world. With flight operations to Beirut, the airline started its commercial services. In no time, Etihad became of of the best airlines in the world scoring plenty of loyal flyers with its warm hospitality and top notch flight services. Etihad Airways flights to India are in high demand.

Destinations Etihad Airways serves

Based on 2017 estimates, Etihad Airways (EY) serves about 116 destinations across the globe which include cargo and passenger destinations. These places are spread across five continents and are served by the airline on a regular basis. Etihad uses its hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport to operate more than 1,000 flights every week. Etihad flights to USA are also in high demand. The airline has codeshare agreements with international airlines such as Air France, Asiana Airlines, Bangkok Airways, EgyptAir, and Delta Air lines among several others.

Etihad Airways Fleet

Etihad Airways (EY) operates a humongous fleet of more than 120 aircraft which consist of a series of various Airbus and Boeing models. The airline prides itself in possessing a fleet of aircraft that’s environmentally friendly. There is a cabin with three rooms on board the A380 in which upto 2 people can be accommodated. There are also nine ‘First Apartments’ on board the flight. One passenger can be accommodated in each of these.

Services offered by Etihad Airways

  • Cabins

Diamond First Class is the First Class cabin of Etihad Airways (EY) featuring private suites consisting of flat beds, wardrobe, changing room, a widescreen TV, in-built massage facilities, and a mini bar. Personal chef is also available on board for passengers.

Pearl Business Class features on Etihad Airways (EY) aircraft are among the most incredible ones ever. Business class cabins on aircraft that are wide-bodied offer flat beds, widescreen TV and fine dining services.

Coral Economy Class cabins on all Etihad Airways (EY) aircraft offer reclining seats as well as entertainment screens. Passengers can enjoy over 600 hours of movies and games.

  • In-flight Entertainment

Known as E-Box, the in-flight entertainment system of Etihad Airways is among the most sophisticated ones in the world. Aircraft meant for international destinations feature an amazing entertainment system that allows passengers to play their own video, picture, and audio media. Flyers can also read Atlas which is the airline’s official magazine. There is also the option to purchase in-flight Wi-Fi access.

  • Inflight Food Service

Etihad Airways (EY) offers some of the best inflight food services ensuring to meet the dietary requirements of all its passengers. Whether it’s medical needs, religious observances, or the dietary needs of younger passengers, the airline ensures to meet them all. Every meal served is Halal and you need not request for one specifically.

  • Special Assistance

Etihad Airways (EY) aims to provide maximum assistance to passengers with medical and special needs. However, a medical clearance is required in certain cases such as if the passenger happens to suffer from a contagious illness, requires inflight oxygen or is incapable of minding himself/herself. Only the devices which use dry cells will be accepted on board. Expectant mothers are also taken care of well but also require a medical certificate stating they are fit to fly in case their pregnancy period has crossed 28 weeks.

  • Unaccompanied Minors

Minors above the age of 5 are allowed to travel along by Etihad Airways (EY) and are assisted by their Unaccompanied Minor Service. However, adult fare must be paid along with an additional fee for availing this service. Children below the age of 5 aren’t allowed to travel by themselves on board Etihad Airways flights.

  • Flying Nanny Services

This is one of the most convenient services Etihad Airways (EY) offers to passengers traveling with kids. A nanny on board helps them out by entertaining their kids and keeping them stress-free for the flight duration. Each nanny has a bag of arts, crafts, games, and other goodies to keep the little ones in a good mood.

  • Duty Free Shopping

An interesting service offered by Etihad Airways (EY) is that of Duty Free Shopping. What makes this a unique experience is that you can shop for items you like be it cosmetics, jewelry, or fragrances and have them delivered to you at your seat once you board your flight.

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