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Everything You Need to Know About Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport


Airport Name: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Airport Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbai Airport or as it is named “Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport” is considered an important international gateway to India being the second busiest airport in India after Delhi. Earlier Mumbai Airport was referred as Sahar International Airport for its location in the suburbs of Sahar village and Santacruz in Andheri. The airport is located 28 kilometers north of Central Mumbai and 8 kilometers north of Mumbai downtown.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminals

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, Maharashtra has two main terminals – Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 which are further sub-divided into levels.

Terminal 1 (Domestic)

Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport Terminal 1 is divided into three sub-terminals 1A, 1B and 1C.

  • Terminal 1A: This is the oldest terminals and has been closed from 15 March, 2016
  • Terminal 1B: It is used for domestic flights (arrivals and departures) such as IndiGo, Spice Jet and GoAir.
  • Terminal 1C: It serves as a connecting terminal between 1A and 1B. The terminal is considered as passenger’s holding area before departure.

Terminal 2 (International)

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal 2 serves all International arrivals and departures. Additionally, some Mumbai Airport Departures by domestic airlines like Air India, Vistara and Jet Airways takes place at this terminal. Book last minute flights from Mumbai in any of these airlines and you will make an entry from Terminal 2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport.

Terminal 2 operates at four different levels:

  • Level 1 dedicated to transport
  • Level 2 dedicated to Arrivals
  • Level 3 dedicated to Domestic Departures
  • Level 4 dedicated to International Departures

Transportation Facilities at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Inter-Terminal Transfer

Both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 share the same airside but are located at a distance of 5 kilometers. Free coach service is offered to passengers for transfer from one terminal to another

Connectivity to the city

Buses: Passengers can get local buses from Terminal 1 (Domestic) and Terminal 2 (International) for nearby railway stations Andheri and Vile Parle.

Train: It is the fastest and most popular way of communication in Mumbai. There are three railway lines operating throughout the city – Western, Harbor Lines and Central. The nearest railway station for passengers at Mumbai Airport Arrivals (Domestic Terminal 1) is Vile Parle in Santacruz while from the International Terminal 2 is Andheri in Sahar. One can reach the convenient stations through a taxi or bus.

Taxi: If you are looking for easy direct transfer to the city of Mumbai, taking a prepaid taxi is a better option instead of the metered taxis as the drivers might trick you with meter reading by taking the longer route for the destination. A reasonable cost for a pre-paid taxi should be around 450-600INR. Do not pay more than that. It will take you to the main hub Colaba.

Auto Rickshaw: Passengers can get auto rickshaws from Terminal 1 but they only have the authorization to run up to specific areas – Central suburbs beyond Sion and western suburbs past Bandra. The minimum fare comes around 11INR for 2 kilometers ad then they charge 6.50INR for every extra 0.6 mile. No matter you fly in economy class or business class flights, these are the only modes of transport that links you to the city.

Passenger Services at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Money and Communications: Several ATMs are installed throughout the Mumbai Airport in both domestic and international Terminals. Passengers can find currency exchange counters at various locations such as Centrum in Terminal 1 arrivals and Terminal 2 Arrivals and departures, Akbar Travels in Domestic Transfers level 2, Level 4 passenger holding area and check-in, SBI and VKC in Level 2 Arrivals.

Luggage: There’s left luggage and lost & found services at both terminals. Passengers also get the benefit of luggage wrapping services by TravelProtect at Terminal 2 – close to check-in counters F-gate 4, N-gate 6, B-gate 2 and J-gate 5. For a more exact idea, refer Mumbai Airport map. Each bag would cost you around 300INR for wrapping.

Medical Facilities: Passengers travelling with patients or in need of immediate medical assistance are offered emergency medical care facility in the medical rooms at Mumbai International Airport. Medical inspection centers are available at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Conference and business: Both the terminals have business center and executive lounges in the Mumbai Airport Departures area. Passengers can also receive conference facilities at Leela Kempinski Hotel located close to the airport.

Childcare facilities: There are childcare rooms available for travelers with kids at both domestic and international Terminals. Have a better idea about the location by viewing a Mumbai Airport video online. You can also seek assistance from the staff at the information desk.

Shopping: There are 3 duty-free stores for the passengers to shop at the airport. Moreover, Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport has a broad range of retail stores like Samsonite, Natraj Jewelers, J.K Fashions, Esbeda, Media Mart, Crystal Mirage, Da Milano, Landmark, Swarovski, Lilliput, Lotus Retail, William Penn, Croma, Pavers England, Gili, Hidesign, Ethos and Little India.

Food and Drinks: You will find a wide array of food outlets (restaurants and fast-food centers) selling both eastern and western palettes. The popular outlets to try include Mumbai Se, Veg O’Vegee, Baskin-Robbins, Hot Dog, Grab n Go, Mad over Donuts, Dominos, Curry Kitchen, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burritos, and coffee bistros all around the Mumbai International Airport.

Wi-Fi: You can get access to free Wi-Fi throughout the airport.

Other Services: In addition to these facilities, passengers get the benefit of other services like spa, smoking zone, post office, mobile charging, prayer room, showers and pharmacy.

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