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Visit these Beautiful Cities to Try Different Biryanis of India

Visit these Beautiful Cities to Try Different Biryanis of India
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India is known for its distinctive cuisine, which offers an array of mouth-watering dishes such as biryani, butter chicken, palak paneer, Punjabi chole etc. Biryani is a much-loved food item of many in different parts of the country. 

Be it the dum biryani from Hyderabad or the one with potatoes from Kolkata, each region in India has its own way of making this delicious dish. Check out the different Indian cities that are known for their lip-smacking biryani. 


The capital of Telangana is popular for its rich and mouth-watering cuisine. Be it the non-veg dishes or south Indian veg food items, this amazing city will leave your palette wanting for more. Hyderabadi biryani is popular worldwide and has two types; ‘kachi yakhni ki biryani’ and ‘pakki yakhni ki biryani’. While the ‘kachi’ is made using marinated raw meat that is added as a layer over the basmati rice and infused with fried onions, saffron and herbs, the ‘pakki’ is made by cooking the rice and meat in different pots and then adding it as layers just before giving dum to the biryani. 

The kachi yakhni ki biryani is the most popular one in the city because of its flavorsome taste. Be it chicken, mutton or veg, the Hyderabadi biryani is the best amongst the many biryanis of India.

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The city of Nawabs is also known for its rich cuisine. From tunday kebabs to the aromatic biryani, Lucknow is a delight for food lovers. The biryani here is also called ‘Awadhi biryani’ and is popular for its mild flavors. The preparation includes marinating the chicken separately and adding it to the cooked rice later. It is said that doing so enhances biryani’s taste and makes it even more delicious. 


Kolkata is known for its unique yet delicious cuisine. The dishes here have a bit of sweetness and so does the biryani. Even the spices used in the preparation of biryani are milder when compared with the variants in other cities. Fried potato added along with meat is a unique and integral part of the biryani here and gives it an amazing flavor. 

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Apart from vada pav and other street food items, Mumbai is also famous for its ‘Bombay biryani’. It is prepared using chicken/mutton/vegetables, spicy fried potatoes and kewra water, which enhances the taste of this dish with its floral aroma. Dried plums are also added to it along with spices, which gives it a tangy and sweet flavor. 

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The biryani at Kerala’s Thalassery is also a must-try. Also known as ‘Malabar biryani’, it is sweet, spicy and has a distinct flavor of south Indian ingredients such as coconut, curry leaves etc. It is made using the Jeerakasala or Kaima rice instead of basmati rice. Fennel seeds, meat, fried onions, sauteed cashews, raisins etc, are also added to make this dish. The rice is cooked separately and is only mixed with the meat at the time of serving. 

Different regions of India have their own style of cooking biryani. But no matter where you try it, you will love this lip-smacking delicacy. Have you tried biryani in any of the cities mentioned above? If yes, comment below and let us know more about it. 

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