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No More Waiting for Connecting Flights – Air India to Resume San Francisco-Bengaluru Direct Flights from October-End


Air India to Resume San Francisco-BengaluruIsn’t waiting for connecting flights exhausting? Well, while some may take this time to explore the place during their layover, others are totally tired and bored. Most of the time, people look for ways to reach their destination faster; and this could be for an array of reasons, be it an emergency, a work meeting or just wanting to reunite with their loved ones soon. 

Millions of people travel from India to USA and vice versa every year and these flights are one of the longest as most cities in India do not have a direct flight to different American cities. As airlines work towards easing their customers’ travel; Air India has a piece of good news! 

Air India to Resume Bengaluru-San Francisco Flights from October-End

After suspending direct flight services from Bengaluru-San Francisco and back in March, Air India has announced that it will resume these from October-end this year. The carrier had previously suspended these flights because of the poor demand due to the COVID pandemic. But now as things are back to normal and there has been an increase in demand, the airline has decided to re-introduce the direct flights on this route. 


Why You Must Choose Air India for Travel Between San Francisco and Bengaluru?

Air India is not only the biggest flight operator in the country but it is also the largest carrier offering nonstop flights between India and USA. One of the key benefits is that it still flies in the Russian airspace, which gives a short route to these flights decreasing the travel time significantly. It was also announced that the budget airline plans to lease nearly five Boeing 777 long range aircrafts that are likely to join the airline’s massive fleet between December and March next year. 

How Many Direct Flights between San Francisco to Bengaluru will Air India Offer?

According to sources, Air India will operate two nonstop flights between San Francisco and Bengaluru every week from October-end. 

Plans to Start Nonstop Flights Between San Francisco and Mumbai 

Air India is also looking forward to start offering at least three nonstop flights between San Francisco and Mumbai every week. Although there hasn’t been any confirmation, sources believe this might begin from December 2022. 

Air India plans to operate at least 40 flights every week from USA to India, once these new flights on the said routes are operational. 

Indian Eagle Offers the Best Air India Flight Deals from San Francisco to India

According to Lao Tzu; “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

So, take your first step by booking your flight tickets. Whether you are planning to travel from San Francisco to Bengaluru or San Francisco to Mumbai, you can book the cheapest flights through Indian Eagle and save more on your itinerary. You can also make use of the reward program to earn reward points, which can be redeemed during your future purchases to help you avail the best discounts on flights from USA to India

Things to Do in San Francisco to Experience the City at its Best 


There is a lot to explore in the ‘Silicon Valley’, be it food, art or culture. If you are traveling to this vibrant city, you can make the most of your trip by checking out some of the popular tourist attractions in San Francisco. No matter if you are an introvert, extrovert or even an ambivert, this bustling town has something for everyone. 

Here are some of the best things to do in San Francisco that will help you have a great time in the city: 

  1. Enjoy a cable car ride at Fisherman’s Wharf.
  2. Explore the spectacular collection at the Palace of Fine Arts. 
  3. Watch the beautiful sunset from the Golden Gate Bridge. 
  4. Check out the Shakespeare Garden at the Golden Gate Park. 
  5. Hike to the Twin Peaks and admire mesmerizing views. 

You can book cheap flights from San Francisco to Bengaluru via Indian Eagle and save more during your budget trip. So, why wait? Plan your itinerary today and get ready for a new travel adventure.


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