7 ways travelers can celebrate Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi is a symbol of love, affection, trust, care and promise between two or more humans. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to renew the bond of love, trust and care every year. This bond is not limited to a specific relationship; that of brothers and sisters. Travelers can observe this pious ceremony to celebrate their bond with nature, tourist destinations, different cultures, travel memories and their inner selves. Indian Eagle figures out 7 ways you can celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2014.

Celebrate your bond with Indian food

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If you travel to India in a festive month or during a festival, you can’t help falling in love with the festive Indian food. A culinary relationship builds up between the flavor of a place and the taste of a foodie in you. Develop a bond with the monsoon bites of India this Raksha Bandhan 2014.

Celebrate your bond with nature

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Raksha Bandhan symbolizes promise of protection which we make to our dear ones. At a greater level, we need to make promise to protect nature from manmade harms. It is because the bounty of nature is the bliss of life on earth. Revive and strengthen the umbilical cord with nature by tying a rakhi on a bough of a tree in the locality or the stem of a plant in your garden.

Celebrate your bond with the locals

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Many travelers spread the message of peace and love while traveling from place to place. Rakhi is a symbol of love and affection. Raksha Bandhan is the ceremony to deepen these abstract emotions for our dear ones. Being a traveler, you can tie a knot of love with the natives of tourist destinations and live some quality moments with them.

Celebrate your bond with rural art

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Raksha Bandhan also signifies care and trust between brothers and sisters. You can acquire these human qualities and get the best of them during travel to India. There are many struggling tribal artisans in rural India. You can show care for them by supporting and promoting their artwork. For example, you can build a bond of care and trust with the pata chitra painters of Raghurajpur, a handicraft village in Orissa, by working for their development.

Celebrate your bond with the native place

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Rakhi stands for the power of human bond. The bond between your native place and you is akin to your bond with siblings and friends. This bond is so powerful that your sense of belonging to the ancestral root in a native place can never die. If you are an NRI, you should travel to India to renew the bond and revive its power. Promise yourself a trip to India, at least once a year, this Raksha Bandhan 2014.

Celebrate your bond with the inner self 

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To delve deeper, a traveling selfie loves himself or herself the most. They click themselves in the backdrop of lush landscapes, sprawling meadows, soaring waves, hilltop temples, rolling valleys, tea gardens, mountain railways, luxury pools, etc. Travelers develop an invisible bond with their inner selves during travel in quest of beauty, serenity, solitude, bliss and peace. Make sure to connect with the traveler in you this Raksha Bandhan festival.

Celebrate the bond with your travel memories

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Raksha Bandhan signifies ceremonious celebration of sacred relationship with the person who you love the most. If you are a travel photographer or travel filmmaker, you love and cherish your travel videos and photographs more than other things under the sun. Make sure to tie a rakhi around your travel picture albums in order to keep the memories fresh.

You can travel to India and revive your bond with whoever or whatever is dear to you there. We promise, air travel cost will not hold you back. Log on to IndianEagle.com and get cheap flight tickets to India.

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