Mumbai to Get India’s Longest Ropeway over Sea for Thrill Rides to Elephanta Island Caves

India is gearing up for thrills of riding new heights for spectacular views at some popular tourist places. Traveling to India in 2017 is more joyous and adventurous than that in 2016. Visitors are going to have new tourist attractions awaiting them, including the latest Vistadome train coaches with glass ceiling in Araku Valley of Andhra Pradesh. What’s more awesome than this is the upcoming longest ropeway over sea in India.

India’s longest ropeway over sea will connect the coast of Mumbai with the Elephanta Island in the Arabian Sea. A ropeway ride will be shorter than the existing ferryboat ride between the Gateway of India and the Elephanta Island; both are popular tourist places among the things to see in Mumbai. A ride on India’s longest ropeway over sea will take 40 minutes to reach the Elephanta Island from Sewri in the eastern coast of Mumbai.

The proposed 8-km ropeway to the Elephanta Island in Raigad district will spellbind tourists with spectacular views of the sea from above. Also known as Pory Island or Gharapuri Island, it is home to historic rock temples in the Elephanta Caves, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in India. The island is currently accessible by ferryboat rides from the Gateway of India.

Proposed three years ago, India’s longest ropeway over sea in Mumbai will reportedly have a few stops en route. Technical details of this tourism project such as number and capacity of cable cars are underway. The ropeway will have a transit station midway too. It will be constructed by the Mumbai Port Trust.

India’s longest ropeway over sea to the Elephanta Caves is expected to increase the inflow of tourists during the Elephanta Dance Festival in March. An annual cultural extravaganza among the popular things to see in Mumbai, the Elephanta Dance Festival is held at the Lord Shiva temple in the Elephanta Island caves. Since the inception of the festival in 1989, the cave shrine of Lord Shiva on the Elephanta Island has been a seat of art and culture, celebrating folk dance forms from different parts of India.

A ride on India’s longest ropeway over sea to the Elephanta Island will interestingly culminate in a toy train ride from the main dock to the base of the rock caves on the island, which is better and more convenient than a steep climb to the main complex of caves.

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