Different Tastes and Types of Laddu Reflect Cultural Diversity of India

Indian sweets are so varied that they outnumber the sweets in any other part of the world. The diversity of Indian festive cultures across different language-speaking regions is reflected by different tastes of numerous sweets. Among the sweets available on ordinary days and made on festive occasions across the country, Laddu is a favorite of every Indian, both in urban areas and the countryside. It is one of the few sweets that the states of India have in common. Indian Eagle takes on the four most popular varieties of Laddu with different flavors.

Motichur ke Laddu

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The most popular variety is Motichur ke Laddu that tempts the taste buds of Indians of all age groups. The flavor of this Indian sweet defines the festive ambience of Jaipur on the occasion of Diwali. It is a favorite of the Marwari community. The women in every household of Rajasthan get busy making Motichur Laddu before two weeks of Diwali festival. Motichur ke Laddu is also known as Boondi Laddu. With the migration of businessmen in the Marwari communities from Rajasthan, the recipe of Motichur ke Laddu has been absorbed into the culinary cultures of different regions of India.

Besan ke Laddu

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Besan ke Laddu is a most common variety. The making of this type of Laddu is easier than that of Motichur ke Laddu. Though available round the year, Indians sweeten their mouths with bites of Besan ke Laddu during the Ganesh puja festival. It is one of the most delicious culinary offerings made to Lord Ganesh, and other gods on the festive occasions in India. The recipe of this Indian sweet is very simple.

Rava Laddu

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If Motichur ke Laddu is the mainstay of Rajasthan and Besan ke Laddu stands for the festivals of North India, Rava Laddu represents the taste of South India. Made from Semolina, sugar and milk, Rava Laddu is a must have for the sweet treatment of tongues after a meal, in Tamil Nadu. The making of this type of laddu is associated with the celebration of Janmashtami in the south.

Churma Laddu

Churma ke laddu, Indian sweets, Indian festival sweets

Churma Laddu is another popular variety in India. The making of Churma Laddu is associated with the festive culture of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is made from wheat flour, milk, sugar and ghee. Nuts and raisins are added to flavor it. It is cooked and eaten in the form of Prasad on religious occasions in the states of India where Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated.

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