Atlanta Indians to Propose Air India for Nonstop Flights from Atlanta to Major Indian Cities

Nonstop Air India flights to and from Atlanta seem to be the next headline for Indians in Georgia, USA since a group of leading Atlanta Indians came forward to approach Air India with a petition to make the capital of Georgia its gateway in the Southeast United States. The Consulate General of India in Atlanta has thumbed up the proposal. The Atlanta Indian community is all set to gather momentum for the petition to Air India.

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With increasing numbers of Indian population in Atlanta and neighboring cities, demand for nonstop flights from Atlanta to Delhi and other Indian cities is on the rise. Being a thriving economic hub in the Southeast, Atlanta has potential to be a promising destination among the US gateways of Air India. Atlanta Indians are looking to welcome the flag carrier of India for a base at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest air travel hub.

Air India is on an expansion spree in the United States for better connectivity with New Delhi and other major Indian cities. Undeniably, Atlanta is one of the next targets of the airline’s expansion plan. Air India has already announced to operate nonstop flights to Delhi from Dallas and Los Angeles later this year (2017). The Delhi-Washington DC nonstop service has been a success since its launch on July 7 this year. Currently, Air India has five US gateways.

If Georgia Indians get nonstop Air India flights from Atlanta to India, the airline will have to face stiff competition from other international carriers which made their way to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in 2016. Both Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines launched one-stop connecting flights between Atlanta and key Indian cities via their respective hubs in the Gulf region last year.

Air India’s other competitors are Lufthansa and Delta Airlines in the Southeast. Lufthansa operates some routes to India from Atlanta through its hub in Frankfurt. Delta Airlines operates flights from Atlanta to Mumbai, Delhi and other Indian cities via Amsterdam in codeshare partnership with Jet Airways. Notably, cheap fare deals for Atlanta to India flights by the rivals of Air India are available at Indian Eagle.

Nagesh Singh, the consul general of India in Atlanta, has long been a driving force behind the Atlanta Indian community’s proposal for nonstop flights to India for better connectivity and shorter travel time on popular long-haul routes. In addition, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is ready to welcome Air India.

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4 thoughts on “Atlanta Indians to Propose Air India for Nonstop Flights from Atlanta to Major Indian Cities

  1. Priya

    Not me and my family – we are never travelling Air India again after our first and last time a few years ago when a lot of expensive stuff from our checked-in luggage was stolen. Worst experience ever.

    • John R Naugle

      “THANKS” to Indian Eagle’s Travel Beats for covering this exciting story! Atlanta: City of Peace admires and is inspired by the leadership of Hon Nagesh Singh and the India-Atlanta Consulate. Propelling the development of a dynamic connection between India: The World’s Biggest Democracy & Atlanta: City of Peace will emphatically substantiate the economic & societal capital that can be discovered within “Tourism: The World’s Biggest Peace Industry” — especially when AIR INDIA secures flight-gates at “ATL: The World’s Busiest Airport” (with over 100 MILLION annual passengers). We encourage every individual, company and organization worldwide to consider the revenue windfall that will be discovered as we all find ways to promote & follow the inspiring examples of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King. They are two of the most globally-accomplished and referenced peace-builders of the 20th Century. The collective future of our extended family, our Global Family grows ever brighter in this new era, the Peace Millennium (Years 2000-3000).

  2. Bharat Limbasia

    It’s a very fantastic plan as everyone in US knows that huge amount of people are shifting to this city due to many reasons.So any airlines will be profitable here to all.operaters and customers. Hope it will be in air very soon.

  3. Barbad nation

    And as of 2020, neither has AI started a Dallas or LA flight and Atlanta, no one, including Delta wants any part between Atlanta and New Delhi. New York, NJ, DC, Chicago and SFO……thats all they want.


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