Emirates Offers to Cover Flyers’ Medical and Quarantine Costs if They Contract COVID19 on Board

What Emirates Airlines thinks today, other airlines think tomorrow. Several major international airlines that have resumed flying have brought in various policies to make travel safe amid the pandemic, but Emirates has gone the extra mile. Among the international carriers, United Airlines has made it mandatory for flight attendants to carry thermometers for their personal temperature check and self-health screening in adherence to the WHO and CDC guidelines. However, the way Emirates is trying to revive travelers’ confidence in flying before the pandemic subsides does simply stand out in aviation.

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Dubai-based Emirates has announced to insure passengers against COVID19. With immediate effect, the airline will cover travelers’ medical expenses and quarantine costs if they happen to contract the virus aboard a flight. One of the perks of traveling on Emirates flights, the special insurance will be available till October 30 this year regardless of flyers’ origin, destination and travel class. Emirates Airlines’ COVID19 insurance will be valid for 31 days from the time and place a flyer’s itinerary begins. Hence, we wish Emirates were operating US-India air bubble flights.

Emirates’ COVID19 insurance policy for flyers will cover medical bills up to $173,000 and 14-day quarantine costs up to $116. There are neither restrictions nor specific eligibility criteria with regards to availing the policy. There is no additional registration form to be filled out for the policy. The COVID19 will automatically apply to booking Emirates flights.

Qualifying for Emirates’ COVID19 insurance policy has only one condition. Passengers need to present a COVID19 negative certificate at the time of boarding ascertaining that they are not infected with the virus before they board Emirates flights. Emirates is the world’s first and only airline to have rolled out a first-of-its-kind initiative to woo travelers back to flying.

Both United Airlines and Air India are currently operating special flights between USA and India, but neither of them is insuring the lives of their passengers against COVID19. Emirates is offering not only COVID19 protection to mitigate travel risks, but also flexible booking policies for travelers. Emirates Airlines’ booking policies are allowing passengers to rebook their flights, without paying the airline’s rescheduling fee, within 24 months of their original travel date if their travel is affected due to flight suspension or the destination country’s entry restrictions.

“Emirates Airlines is proud to lead the way in boosting confidence for international travel. We know people are yearning to fly as boarders around the world are gradually re-opening, but they are seeking flexibility and protection if something unforeseen happens during their travel,” said Emirates Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive. “It is an investment on our part, but we are putting our customers first, and we believe they will welcome this initiative,” he added.

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3 thoughts on “Emirates Offers to Cover Flyers’ Medical and Quarantine Costs if They Contract COVID19 on Board

  1. Venkatram Vemula

    14 day quarantine costs up to $116 is very low if it is in USA so they should specifically mention is it per day or total 14 days

  2. IndianAmerican

    How about considering the option of PCR test at Dubai airport just like Germany in Munich and Frankfurt airports ?

    • indianeagle Post author

      Hello Srit! If Dubai is not the origin airport for you and you are transiting through Dubai, the PCR test result report from Dubai airport may not be entertained in India. The test taken within 96 hours of your departure from the port of origin is valid on arrival in India. The exemption form can be filled post going for the test up to 72 hours before departure. In case the report is not available in time, the form can be filled with proof of test and on arrival, you are required to show a covid negative certificate.


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