55-year-old Indian American Woman Fights Four Robbers to Save 7-Eleven Store Clerk

Indian Americans of different age groups are setting examples of humanity and righteousness by jumping into action against the wrong. They don’t step back fearing consequences of their taking risks in protest against the unjust. In April this year, an Indian American storeowner named Jay Singh caught a teen thief at his 7-Eleven store in Ohio and took a corrective measure instead of a punitive action to teach him a lesson.

In a latest incident of bravery, selflessness and humanity, a 55-year-old Indian American woman risked her own life to rescue a 7-Eleven store clerk from a physical attack by four young men who were trying to loot the store. In the face-off with the attackers, she herself suffered multiple facial injuries and ended up in a hospital.

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On May 2, the incident happened at the 7-Eleven store in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood in Washington. Indian American Baljinder Kaur, 55, was present at the store as a customer when the four robbers attempted to loot the store. When the store clerk saw two of the four men rushing towards the store, he sensed an impending danger and tried to pull down the shutter at the front door.

The two men rushing to the store pounced upon the male clerk before the clerk could block the entrance, and started beating him savagely. On hearing him calling for help, the lady came out of the store and saw the two men hitting him on the head. With a second thought, she jumped onto the scene to help the clerk.

The two other men who were sitting in a car outside the store rushed to the spot and took on the elderly lady. The situation turned worse within seconds as the clerk and the lady found it difficult to resist the men. They hit the store clerk on the head and punched the lady on the face. While the clerk fell unconscious and collapsed on the floor, Baljinder Kaur continued to fight the four men instead of stepping back.

The Fremont 7-Eleven clerk suffered a deep cut on his head, and several facial injuries were inflicted to the lady in the brawl. Her lips were swollen, and her right ear was hurt. The dislocation of the right shoulder was the severest injury that the lady succumbed to, according to her son. The four men fled the spot, and both the victims ended up being hospitalized in Seattle. Baljinder Kaur was discharged from the hospital after two days, but she was still down with pain in the injured shoulder.

The cops got footage of the entire incident captured on the surveillance video at the Fremont 7-Eleven in Seattle, Washington. Indian American Baljinder Kaur’s son is seeking justice for her. The Seattle Police has already arrested and booked the four robbers.

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