10 Different Types of Travelers You Come Across while Traveling by Air or Road

Traveling is a great experience. It lets you make friends or brings you close to some annoying people on the way. We have categorized the trouble-making travelers as 10 different types below. Either you are one of them or you come across them while traveling.

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The sleeping traveler: Some travelers feel at home in trains or buses so much that they feel drowsy and lose control over their sleeping eyes the moment the travel begins. Their heads rest on the shoulders of the co-travelers sitting next to them, of course, to the irritation of the latter.

The peeping traveler: There is a peeping Tom everywhere, in planes, buses and trains as well. Even the traveler next to you is often a peeping Tom who takes a look at your phone or laptop, the book you read and your snacks box while on the move.

The probing traveler: The travelers of this type are curious, talkative and interrogating. They are more interesting in the family, profession and personal lives of co-travelers than in the journey itself. The silent journey is their pet hate. Disturbing the peace-loving co-travelers is their cup of tea.

The face-reading traveler: They keep quiet and look meditative. You might have come across some face-reading traveler sitting opposite you in trains and buses. Their fixed gaze on your face seems to read your mind. Even they minutely observe your facial expressions.

The spying traveler: This type of traveler has both – peeping Tom and face reader – in them. They don’t mind taking a peek into your wallet, handbag and backpack. They carefully notice the brand of your mobile phone and tab. They steal a glimpse of the book or magazine that you read during the journey.

The noisy traveler: What a great disturbance when the traveler sitting beside or behind or before you speaks loudly on phone! Perhaps, they think that co-travelers are deaf. If you are reading a book or doing some work on laptop does not matter to these travelers.

The foodie traveler: The food-loving travelers are not as serious troublemakers as those of the above categories. They keep chewing, munching and drinking throughout the journey. Who cares if hot coffee or tea spills over you from their cups?

The snoring traveler: Just think what will become of your overnight journey if the traveler next to you happens to be snoring in the night. High decibels of their snoring will keep you awake so that you may keep a watch on the luggage during train journeys.

The clicking traveler: They are not tired of shooting whatever comes to their notice, but you will surely feel sick. They keep clicking as if it is their first or last journey. Who knows if they aim the lens at you too and capture your bald head or twisted mustache or peculiar smile?

The family traveler: They are the greatest troublemakers. Family travelers carry a number of bags which they adjust under the seats pushing aside the bags of other travelers. Their chatter about family affairs and personal matters does not know “The End”. If they travel with kids, there is no limit of disturbance.

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