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Check Out the Top 10 Tallest Buildings in USA

biggest building in the us
Source: TravelDiary

Most US cities are known for their breathtaking skylines dominated by several swanky high-rise buildings. And out of this sea of skyscrapers, one or two buildings stand out for standing taller than the others, as if they are reaching for the sky. All these architectural marvels, when lit up during the night, make for a breathtaking sight! Travelers often throng the tallest buildings in USA to behold the shimmering skyline of the city.

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Eight of the ten tallest buildings in the Unites States are situated in New York City and the remaining two are in Chicago. Here are the details of the top 10 tallest buildings in USA. 

Tallest Buildings in USA
Source: TravelDiary

Head to these buildings for sweeping views of the city you are planning to visit in USA. For maximum savings on airfare, book your flights to USA from India with Indian Eagle. You can also earn reward points for each of your bookings. Book more and save more! 


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