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Overstaying Visa: Here’s What to Do if You Overstay Your US Student Visa


Boarding flights to USA and living your American dream is truly a delightful experience, be it for studies, work or just a leisure trip. But it is important that you leave the country on time so that you do not face any issue in re-entering for another trip. Many students, including those from India, sometimes end up overstaying visa due to various reasons, such as cancellation of a flight. 

What can a student do when planning for Overstay
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Overstaying visa validity should be avoided but in case of unavoidable circumstances, you can inform the authorities and apply for a new visa type or extend your current visa. 

What is overstay in USA?

Overstay in USA is when you are still in the country even after your visa has expired. To avoid this, it is essential that you are aware of your visa expiry date. This is to enable you to book international flights prior to the end of your authorized stay. 

What happens when you overstay your visa?

  • Overstay in USA despite the expiration of your visa will bar you from returning to the country for 3 to 10 years. This is based on how long you have overstayed. 
  • Overstaying visa in the US may also restrict you from extending your stay or change of visa status. 
  • Overstaying a US visa can also revoke or cancel your existing visa.
  • Overstaying visa will also not allow you to get a new visa except in your home country. 
  • Overstaying a US visa might also not allow you to Adjust Status in the country even though you might be eligible. 

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What to do if you overstay your student visa? 

In case you end up overstaying visa due to unavoidable circumstances, here’s what you must do. 

Inform the Embassy and Seek Advice

In case you are unable to leave the US and your visa is about to expire, you must reach out to your concerned embassy or consulate and ask for assistance. The authorities might be able to guide you properly. Also, if you are unable to book an itinerary due to an increase in demand, someone might help you find cheap flight deals to return to your home country. 

Try Applying for an Extension

If you are already aware that you might have to overstay your visa validity, you can apply for an extension or seek to change the status. Although processing of your application might take some time, it will make it clear that you had intended to avoid overstaying your student visa

File Paperwork on Time

You must make sure that you file your paperwork on time if your student visa is expiring but you intend to come back to the US for work. Doing this will change your visa status to ‘pending’. And once your visa is accepted, you can lawfully stay in the country. If you are wondering how to find business class flight deals, you can visit Indian Eagle and book an affordable itinerary for your travel from USA to India. 

You can book cheap Indian Eagle flights from Washington Dulles Airport or anywhere in the US and travel on a budget to India. If you book prior to your visa expiry, you can avoid overstaying visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a 10 year ban for overstaying US?

Yes, if you overstay a US visa for up to 365 days, you might not be able to enter the country for 10 years. 

Can I extend my expired U.S. visa?

You must apply for an extension of your US visa prior to the expiration of your authorized stay. 

Will I be deported if I overstay?

Yes, overstaying visa validity might lead to your deportation from the US. 

How to book cheap summer flight tickets to leave the US before the visa expires? 

If you are traveling from the US to India, you can book cheap flight tickets through Indian Eagle. It is a trusted online ticket booking company that has been offering affordable flights for the past 15 years. 

Can I go back to U.S. if I was deported?

This depends on the reasons for your deportation. You might or might not be able to re-enter the US. But you must avoid getting deported and lawfully exit the country.

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