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Know Your Rights Before Flying for a Hassle Free Travel Experience

Know Your Rights Before Flying
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Traveling has become the norm in our globalized society. Every day millions of people travel to distinct places to accomplish their business or leisure needs. As per the data collected by the International Air Transport Association, more than one lakh flights operate across the world daily. With US airlines carrying 674 million passengers in 2021, this is only expected to grow in the coming years. 

Every traveler must know the right ways of traveling via flights, as flying in an airplane can be unpredictable. Knowing your rights before flying can help you travel with confidence. 

Here are some flight rights that you must know before you fly with an airline.

Ticket Pricing


As a passenger of any airline, you have the right to know the full cost upfront. Before booking a flight, you must be aware of all the details related to the pricing of the flight. These details include the base airfare (including all charges payable to the airline), the government-imposed taxes, fees etc. 

After your ticket has been confirmed by the airline, keep track of any changes that happen to your flight charges. Airlines are not allowed to raise the cost of a ticket after you have made the booking. The only exception would be in case there is an increase in taxes, fees, or other charges levied by the government or the commission.

As an informed passenger, you must be aware of the process of how to book flight tickets to avoid any future hassles. From ticket prices to ongoing offers, you must have the knowledge of  discounts available on the latest flights. You can book your flights to USA and earn Indian Eagle rewards to save more on your future purchases.

Information Rights

You have the most important right to information. You are entitled to receive accurate and up-to-date information about your flight status, including any delays, cancellations, or changes to your flight schedule. If any airline does not provide you with the latest updates of your flight, then you are authorized to act in a way that suits you as a passenger.

Automatic Add-Ons

As a passenger, you must know your flight rights, and you are entitled to know what is going to be offered when you will be on board. Sometimes, the airlines may even add extra charges for add-on services. You must be aware of those charges beforehand. If you want those add-ons, then you can proceed with the charges. Otherwise, airlines can not compel you to take those without your permission.

Flight Delay and Cancellation

A flight delay happens when the airline is not going to operate on the stipulated time. The cancellation of the flight happens when an extreme incident occurs because of issues like bad weather. 

So it’s important for you to read every rule the airline has mentioned in its delay or cancellation policy. Keep yourself updated to claim your refund or compensation. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of your airline before you fly.

Claims and Compensation

There are certain circumstances where you can claim compensation. You must know your flight rights and available options in these conditions to make an informed decision. Let us get to know those circumstances one by one.

  • Flight Rebooking: If your flight is canceled or delayed because of unavoidable circumstances, the airline needs to rebook you on the next available flight. If you are not satisfied with the available options, you have the right to get compensation or a full refund.
  • Right to Refund: If a delay happens because of the airline, you may be entitled to a refund. However, this rule does not apply when you miss your flight due to your fault.
  • Lost or Damaged Baggage: The concerned airline is supposed to bring your luggage intact without any damage during flight. You might be entitled to compensation if your luggage is lost or damaged in transit.
  • Right to Request Accommodation: In some cases, you have the right to request accommodation from the airline. These may include special needs or personal disabilities. You must make a request in advance for special accommodations so that the airline can make arrangements accordingly.

There are some exceptional circumstances where you can not claim compensation or refund, including, security hazards, extreme weather conditions, and any inevitable situation that the airline could not have predicted.

It is crucial to remember that rights and regulations vary from airline to airline and country to country. Always keep yourself up-to-date with the latest developments regarding your flight. So, keep all your notifications on. 

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