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Key Elements of TSA PreCheck You Must Know

Key Elements of TSA Pre Check
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To all the frequent travelers reading this, have you ever heard of TSA PreCheck? We bet you have. Like many travelers, do you also imagine what is this program and how can you get it? In simple words, TSA PreCheck is an expedited program that you can use to speed up the airport processes. The airport programs like TSA PreCheck are formulated for different types of travelers –who are frequent traveler or doesn’t even have a passport.  In this blog, you will find all information related to the TSA PreCheck Program to help you understand if it is a beneficial thing for you. Read on for the key elements of TSA PreCheck.

What do you get from TSA PreCheck?

TSA PreCheck offers you an expedited passage to get through the Transportation Security Administration at several airports in the United States and dozens of major airlines when flying domestically. With TSA, you can easily pass through the security without removing the shoes, taking off your jacket or belt, and taking out any liquids and electronics from your bag. According to reports, a passenger with TSA PreCheck needs to wait hardly 5 minutes to get through the airport security. Aren’t these TSA PreCheck benefits tempting?

How can you get TSA PreCheck?

If you are interested in getting TSA PreCheck, you have to apply online for the pre-approval. Once you are pre-approved, you will be asked to schedule a meeting for the back ground check and a necessary 10-minute interview. The background check involves in-person fingerprinting. You will also require some important documents like an unexpired U.S. photo identification card issued by the government and proof of citizenship (driver’s license or passport and birth certificate). Enrolling to the TSA PreCheck program will cost you around $85 (price may wary) for five years. After successful enrollment, you will receive a ‘known travel number’ which you must provide while booking cheap flight tickets to ensure you can use TSA PreCheck privileges.

Can you get your family through TSA PreCheck?

According to the rules of TSA PreCheck, children below the age of 13 years can have the privilege of expedited TSA PreCheck line, no matter they are enrolled in the program or not. However, travelers of age 13 years and above are not allowed to get through the TSA PreCheck lane. They will have to go towards the regular security check-in desk.

Does TSA PreCheck guarantee expedited passage through security?

No. According to a statement made by the TSA, any unpredictable security measure is noticed by it and every passenger without the ISA PreCheck will have to go through security scanning. The ones enrolled with TSA expedited program will have the benefit of expedited screening, provided it is offered at the airport and the airlines you are flying in.

When should I renew my TSA PreCheck?

Your TSA PreCheck Membership remains valid for five years post which you need to reapply for the program.

Are all airports and airlines participating in the TSA PreCheck program?

No. Currently, around 200 U.S. airports and 70 airlines are a part of the expedited program. It is essential to check the list or participating airports and airlines before enrolling in the program to ensure you can have maximum benefit from the purchase. Check if your home airport has a place in the list of airports. Like if you are from San Francisco, make sure there is TSA PreCheck at SFO airport.

Will my credit card or loyalty program cover the price of TSA PreCheck?

It is possible. Some credit cards, mainly the ones that charge a fee will cover or reimburse the charges you pay for TSA PreCheck. You can refer to the list of credit cards offering TSA PreCheck cover feature online.

Can I cover international travel by TSA PreCheck?

Not exactly. TSA is an acronym for ‘U.S. Transportation Security Administration’ and thus it exclusively applies to domestic departures at airports where TSA officers have complete jurisdiction and separate lanes for TSA PreCheck is set up. The reason behind saying ‘not exactly’ is that it applies to the departures from U.S. to foreign countries but not while returning to the United States from a country abroad. Another condition where the TSA PreCheck doesn’t apply is while you go through the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) screening.

To sum up, being a frequent traveler from the United States of America, you can get enrolled in the TSA PreCheck program and have the privilege of saving crucial time at the airport. No hassle of waiting in long queues at the security check lines. Just get through the security customs within a few minutes.

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