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JFK Tops International Destinations while DFW for Nonstop US Ones


JFK Tops International DestinationsPost-COVID recovery of the aviation industry seems to be on track in the US. After the summer travel chaos, which brought to light issues plaguing the airlines, there seems to be at least no problems with flight connections (for now). JFK tops international destinations and still is able to offer good connectivity overall.

JFK Tops International Destinations

For September, New York City’s JFK Airport is at the top with 108 international destinations. The world’s major airlines fly to and from JFK on a daily basis. It is also the hub for Delta and American Airlines. Though surprisingly JFK is not the busiest airport in the USA, it is, however, the busiest international getaway for air passengers not only in the US but for the entire North American continent.

But when it comes to nonstop domestic connections, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW) tops the list. It offers nonstop flights to some 230 destinations; leaving behind the next airport in line by at least 7 connections. American Airline alone will have at least 795 departures on Thursday from DFW.

But DFW lags behind several airports when it comes to international destinations. As of now, it is serving 51 international destinations. Its connectivity is also poor. 18 of its 51 destinations are in Mexico. Airports that are ahead of the list are ATL, ORD, LAX, and IAH.

JFK tops international destinations as major airlines fly from here and for all inhabited continents. DFW offers limited connectivity to Asian countries. This is the major reason why despite topping the list for nonstop US flights, it lags way behind when it comes to international destinations. Even ORD, the airport at Chicago, cannot match this, even though it is the hub for both American and United Airlines. It offers some 232 nonstop destinations. Atlanta Airport is the hub for Delta Air Lines and offers 208 destinations. JFK, meanwhile, offers connectivity to not only Europe but also to Asia, Africa, and South America. In Asia alone, it covers destinations from all parts of the continent. For instance, it offers several direct and connecting flights to India via different airlines.

Once the post-COVID recovery in the aviation sector is complete, these numbers for different airports and airlines may change.

You can book flights to India from JFK via Indian Eagle. There is nonstop connectivity to Delhi via India’s major airline Air India. You will also have several other options for connecting and direct flights to India with one or more stopovers.


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