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5 Best Hiking and Trekking Spots in South India for the Adventurer in You

Hiking and Trekking Spots in South India
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Hiking is an ideal way to disconnect from the world and embark on a personal exploration trip. India is filled with a variety of landscapes catering to the needs of adventure enthusiasts. The best hiking and trekking spots in South India are far less challenging than the Himalayas in the North but just as thrilling.

Imagine moving through lush green rolling hills with winding trails as the sound of silence fills the unadulterated air. This is what awaits you as you undertake this enthralling experience to the best hiking and trekking spots in South India.

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Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu: Trek for the Sound of Silence

Escape the monotony of daily life and begin a thrilling expedition that promises scenic views. The 6-day Nilgiri trek is a perennial treasure trove with cascading waterfalls and emerald blue lakes. This trek requires advance permission from the Wildlife Warden. Not many take on this trek which is good for those seeking quiet isolation.

The unique landscape and gentle slopes are perfect for all kinds of abilities and is the answer to all your trekking needs. The forest you cross during this hike is home to exquisite wildlife like the Nilgiri Langurs, Bison, Lion-tailed Macaque and Tigers. If you are lucky and really quiet you might spot one of these magnificent creatures. This Nilgiri trek in South India is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous excursions you’d ever be on.

Coorg, Karnataka: The Adventure Awaits

Among the best hiking and trekking spots in South India, Coorg is a novice trekker’s paradise. Although the trail is rugged, the lack of dense forests makes the trek ideal for beginners. Tucked away in the Western Ghats, Coorg is filled with enthralling beauty and favorable weather conditions.

This non-demanding trek is an enchanting experience for nature lovers. Once you reach the summit, remember to take a minute to soak in that panoramic view and breathe in the fresh air. Coorg is known for its extensive coffee plantations that add to your unique adventure.

Peermade, Kerala: A Sensory Trek

This town in God’s Own Country is filled with challenging trekking trails to quench the adventurous thirst building inside you. Far from the polluted streets are grassy hills with wide forests. There are a number of trekking trails to embark on in Peermade to test your endurance. Climb uphill over mighty rocks and reach the summit to find it shrouded in clouds.

This is one of the best hiking and trekking spots in South India with a marvelous view and calm temperatures. Get ready for a sensory trek with the area engulfed in coffee and pepper plantations that spread the aroma all over. Doesn’t that sound like a fairy-tale enchantment? So get packed and book cheap flight tickets to India.

Ananthagiri Hills, Telangana: A Nocturnal Trek

Get away from the blistering summer and venture out to the Ananthagiri Hills in Telangana for an enchanting experience. Here you can opt for a nocturnal trek which is twice as exhilarating. The trek will be properly illuminated as you depend on your instincts to make your way through.

This is one of the best trekking places in India with hillocks covered in mist and sparkling streams that are a sight to behold. If you choose the night trek, remember it is no easy task and pay close attention during the briefing session to stay safe.

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Kodachadri, Karnataka: Venture through the Mysterious Woods

Kodachadri is one of the highest peaks in Karnataka enveloped in thick and bushy vegetation. The Kodachadri trek in South India is about 9 miles long but you can opt for a shorter trek which is just 3 miles. However, the full trek will leave you spellbound with its unique essence.

Hike through dense forests to find milky waterfalls gushing into the ravine as you hear the sounds of nature is an idyllic delight. Kodachadri stands as one of the best hiking and trekking spots in South India for its lush rolling ranges.

The peaks beckon you to climb them, so leave behind your downhill thoughts to make your way up. Take on a journey that doesn’t limit you but encourages you to move higher. These best hiking and trekking spots in South India are a dream come true for thrill seekers. So, what are you waiting for? Use Indian Eagle to hasten the process of last minute flight booking.

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