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12 Most Frequently Asked Air Travel Questions Answered for You

Frequently Asked Air Travel Questions
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Today, air travel has become the most popular mode of transport as foreign tour and travel has increased dramatically over the last decade. With millions of travelers flying across the globe, there have been more questions arising in minds of travelers about air travel and the airline industry.

To help such travelers get answers to their air travel questions, we have jot down answers to the most frequently asked air travel questions. Check out if we have covered yours.

Can I fly with my pet?

Yes, you need not leave your Ronny or Kitty back home when on a tour, but you need to follow certain rules. Airlines allow passengers to travel with their pets onboard. You need to have a special carrier for your cat or dog and follow the specific rules and regulations to fly with them.

How can I find the cheapest flight tickets?

With the steady increase in national and international travel, airlines and travel agencies are coming up with lucrative and exciting offers on airfare deals. You can book with reputable online travel booking sites such as IndianEagle for cheap flight tickets to India from USA.

What is the difference between TSA PreCheck and Global Entry?

Global Entry is a special program introduced by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection enabling U.S. citizens skip long lines on their return to the Unites States of America. By paying $100, passengers can skip the lines for the following five years. They need to go to an electronic kiosk to get their fingers and passport scanned, answer a couple of questions and have the printed receipt before picking their luggage and getting to a special line.

If you have Global Entry, you will automatically get enrolled in TSA PreCheck, a traveler program by Transportation Security Administration. TSA PreCheck allows you to leave shoes, light outerwear, laptop, phones, belt, and compliant gels/liquids bag in the carry-on through special screening lines.

Can I travel with a pregnant lady?

Many airlines allow pregnant flyers up to 28 weeks, post which they need to follow some list of requirements. The pregnant women should not cross the cut-off dates after which she will not be allowed to get onboard. For more details, you need to see the list of regulations by different airlines for pregnant flyers.

Is that possible for an aircraft to fly with one engine?

Well, that is an intelligent question! In today’s world of modern technology, jet aircrafts are built with such state-of-the-art elements that they can fly only with one engine safely. Moreover, in cases of emergency, an aircraft can even fly without an engine as it happened with the US Airways Flight 1549, the incident also known as the Miracle of the Hudson.

What should I do if my flight is delayed or canceled?

The most important thing you should remember is do not to panic. Delays or cancellations of flights are normally due to unfavorable weather conditions, traffic control issues, mechanical issues of the aircraft, and more. In case of a flight delay, you can spend time in the business class lounge or shop at the duty-free stores. If it’s a longer delay or the flight is canceled, you can ask for rebooking from customer service, request a food or hotel voucher, etc. You can also call your travel agent for immediate booking and call the airline’s customer support for the refund.

What if I lose my luggage?

Nothing could be worse than losing your luggage on a trip. When flying, there might be a situation of missing your luggage, consider a situation when your luggage flies without you. You need to contact the airlines customer support immediately and have an emergency kit in your carry-on luggage such as a dental kit, sanitizer, deodorant, etc. Do not worry, you will get back your luggage with the support of airlines. To avoid losing luggage, it is advised to get to the airport on time, with ample time in hand to check luggage and board the flight.

How can I get an upgrade to Business Class or First Class?

With airlines getting packed most of the times, chances of upgrades have reduced overall, mainly on international flights. However, a humble request can help you fly in a first class or business class flight by paying for economy class, if you have a higher frequent flyer status, a credit card branded by a major airline, you have bought an economy class ticket for full fare.

Note: None of these options guarantee you a bump up, but you can try your luck.

What if I am downgraded from business class or first class?

So, you booked a business class flight to India from USA and were bumped off to economy class while boarding? Well, the airlines owe you the fare difference, but only when you ask for it. Ask them to give you a front row seat and they might also serve you a special drink for free from the first class menu.

How can travel insurance help in cancellation?

Nowadays, travel booking websites and airlines offer travel insurance while booking flights and it can help you during cancellation of flights.

Consider this example – United Airlines has ties with Allianz Global Assistance for travel insurance. It covers unexpected flight cancellations and non-refundable and prepaid flight tickets, and travel and accommodation expenses. In some cases, it even covers medical assistance.

What if the pilot gets incapacitated?

This is not a reason to worry as the co-pilot is capable of flying the aircraft. There is an off-duty pilot as well who can help in such cases of emergency. So, you will be safe onboard no matter who is flying the aircraft.

Which is the shortest flight to India from USA?

The shortest non-stop flight from USA to India is from Chicago to New Delhi which is 14 hours 35 minutes. For best deals, you can rely on our exclusive deals and offers at IndianEagle.

If you have more questions about flying, check our FAQs page here.

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