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End Your Confusion on Why Airfares Fluctuate in a Minute

Airfare Fluctuations
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There have been a lot of speculations regarding the constant price fluctuation by airlines lately as over the last few years, the rise in airfares have been more frequent than ever on all travel booking sites. So, why the airfares fluctuate in a minute? It is a question disturbing almost every other traveler searching for a good airfare deal.

Been in a similar situation? You are at the right place. In this blog, we have tried to bring into light the possible reasons and factors that airlines take into consideration while changing their fares and which flights get most affected by these fluctuations and why.

Why the constant fluctuation of airfares?

Well, technology is not just limited to online payment wallets and OTTs but has also helped airlines a great deal. With the advanced technology, airlines get to track the real-time information better. They get all the updates of a passenger’s action on their official or any major travel booking website.

Earlier, it was only thrice in a day that the airfares could be changed but not anymore. The reason was the limitation on the Airline Tariff Publishing Co. programming. Now with improved systems, airlines can change fares as they wish and that’s what they are doing!

As soon as the booking systems track a user checking airfares of a particular flight again and again, the demand and urgency is recorded and the airlines increases the fare assuming that the traveler is anyhow going to book that flight. To say the truth, in most cases, the airlines win.

What can you do to avoid being the target by airlines?

See, it is not quite in your hand to get away with the sudden price rise of flights as you look for a flight a frequent intervals, the data gets stored in the cookies and the moment you check it again, the prices are soaring. The factors affecting flight ticket prices vary from airline to airline. However, here are some smart tricks that might help you in some way:

Book flights for midweek: Generally, it is seen that flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday can be cheaper than other days of the week, especially weekends. So, once try booking for weekdays rather than weekends and see if it helps.

Keep checking the prices: Major U.S Airlines like United Airlines, American Airlines, etc. publish flight details almost 11-12 months in advance. As soon as you have finalized the travel dates, start looking for the best airfare deals and book early for the cheapest prices. IndianEagle can be your trusted partner in finding the best deals.

Know the right fares: There are fliers who do not have a clear idea about the reasonable fares. If you are such person who does not have a good sense of the right flight rates, you can depend on the fare alerts by airlines and various travel booking websites and have proper research before buying an air ticket.

Purchase now, check later: This might sound a little insane to you but it works. If you see a flight for a good price, book it right away. Don’t worry, you can make the research in the next 24 hours and cancel the booked flight in exchange of a better deal. Most airlines do not charge penalty when you cancel a flight within 24 hours of booking.

So, now that you know why airlines worry you with that instant rise in the airfares and how you can avoid this situation, we hope you will be able to book the best flight deal for your next trip.

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