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5 Best Indian Airport Lounges which are accessible via Credit Cards


Whether you’re on a layover or you might be just waiting for your flight, there aren’t enough places in airports where you can chill or have a tasty snack. If you’re a business traveller, you barely get a chance to relax. Things get even worse if your company doesn’t offer to pay for business class flight tickets. That’s where the premium lounges at the airport come into play – they are perfect for relaxing, drinking, or having a little snack. However, some of the Lounges at the airport are premium and are accessible only through premium memberships offered by various international big-name airlines. Let’s take a look at the best Indian airport lounges that can be easily accessed with a small fee paid with your credit card.

Best Indian Airport Lounges: Domestic Departure
American Express Lounge, Delhi Terminal-3

American Express Lounge

The best lounge in the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is the American Express Lounge located in Terminal-3. International travellers are not allowed into this amazing lounge as it is for domestic flyers only. The lounge is known for its tasty satays and the wide view of the Delhi Airport runway. The lounge is accessible through American Express’ various credit cards including the Centurion Card, Platinum Card, Platinum Reserve Credit Card, and the Jet Airways Platinum Credit Card. The food is delicious and complimentary. There is also a full paid bar with wide collection of beers, spirits, and other non-alcoholic drinks.

Travel Club Lounge by TFS, Mumbai

Travel Club Lounge by TFS, Mumbai

Known for its elegant design, Travel Club Lounge is one of the best airport lounges in India. It is located in the domestic departure Terminal-1 of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. Owned by Travel Food Services, this spacious lounge has a live kitchen, a business center and even a spa for travellers to relax and hangout. The seating here is comfortable with ample personal lighting and conveniently has device charging points. It is accessible freely with a Priority Pass but is also available for everyone for a fee which you can pay on arrival with a credit card.

Best Indian Airport Lounges: International Departures
Plaza Premium Lounge, Hyderabad

International Departures Plaza Premium Lounge, Hyderabad

Situated right next to each other in the Level E of the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, the twin Plaza Premium Lounges offer two different lounges for domestic and international fliers separately. The lounge in the picture above is located at the International Departures and is intended for international travellers. Among the best Indian airport lounges, Plaza Premium Lounge is spacious, elegantly furnished, and peaceful with calm and relaxing ambience. The amazing features at this lounge includes high-speed Wi-Fi, charging points, VIP rooms, a full bar, a spa, and even shower facilities. You must try the Hyderabadi Biryani here! Several Jet Airways/Jet Privilege co-branded cards give complimentary access but you can gain entry by paying a small fee with your credit card.

FYI, there many easy ways to gain lounge access at airports.

Plaza Premium Lounge B, Delhi

Plaza Premium Lounge B, Delhi
Located in the fourth level of the Delhi Airport Terminal-3 near the International Departures, Plaza Premium Lounge B is one of the best airport lounges in India as it offers everything one need for travellers on international flights to relax and wait in luxury. A wide range of facilities including showers, a spa, computers, free high-speed Wi-Fi, buffet counters, charging points, bar with all kinds of drinks, and even TVs and magazines. It is perfect for business travellers as it offers everything one need to unwind during a work trip.

Vistara Lounge, Delhi

Vistara Lounge, Delhi

With its aviation hub at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Vistara offers one of the most spacious and cozy airport lounges in India. The comfortable seating plus the excellent service sprinkled with a ton of facilities, cuisines and drinks make this lounge ideal for passengers travelling from all over the world flights to Delhi. The lavish facilities at this premium lounge include a full bar, computers, a reading room, and a VIP room. As one of the best Indian airport lounges, it can easily entertain 75 passengers at once. However, the access to this lounge is exclusive for Business class travellers and Club Vistara Gold members. It is also accessible with a Vistara Day Pass which you can buy with any credit card.

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